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Perception Is How DNA is Really Made


 The Soul Perceives and Projects our Beliefs Outward to Create!


That DNA is formed and created by the human body and adjusted for GOOD or EVIL by the Soul's INTENTION!  

Dr. Bruce Lipton shows how DNA is made at the cellular level and is constantly being manufactured based on our PERCEPTIONS. This new cutting edge discovery and research WILL completely change the belief system in the medical field as it understands DNA to be simply genetically inherited from our ancestors, static and unchangeable.

Perception is a great word, but it does not truly explain the complete process - The real questions should revolve around - Where these "perceptions" are being stored, then formed into a conscious belief that will quickly be "projected" both inward into our bodies and outward into this Holographic creation space to then establish our own minor conscious creation event / events in every waken moment. Our personalized "creational" effect on the world as well as on those people around us for better or worse. As it was written - "This day I present Good & Life and Evil & Death before you." YOU CHOOSE!

Unfortunately, our "perceptions" have been mostly steered and driven by methodically fabricated and accurately aimed False-Control-Narratives. I have shown many subdivisions of these Control-Narratives in the Soul Revolution book, the big three are religion, race-ethnicity, and government controls. And, as the modern sciences are now finally proving beyond doubt by repeatable tests - Our DNA is also the main component that records and transmits most of our life experiences to the Soul for eternal storage and re-use in a later life/lives. With these proven scientific revelations, one can really see the severity of the Fallen angels/Archons demonic narrative-program and actions to control all souls through negative narrative reinforcement from life cycle to life cycle. Or, as they also like to call it - Life-Everlasting!  Moreover, to see how such a system of CONSENT control through the passive augmentation of beliefs in order to passively control and steer each generation of men/souls closer to the evil ones' final solution plan. Their system created to provide the belief systems wherein our souls stand by to PERCEIVE and ASSIMILATE "their" truth, and then by those emotionally tied beliefs, we, our soul's, innate creative ability which was designed by the true Eternal Creator to "create", are then able to slightly augment, this "creation-space" reality by PROJECTING this creative force outward. Hard to wrap your head around? Because it all works through Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Correlation, among others. 

The Soul Revolution book appears to be a useful companion to this mans work and revelations. I believe everyone should try to understand the science involved in all this, at least at a rudimentary level. And this video is great for that, but, to also understand it at the spiritual level is fully the other half of this knowledge stream. People need to understand WHY it is important to redirect their Intentions, and WHERE those intentions come from - the Living-Soul - and the power that the Soul-Intentions truly have as we Project them out into this world. It is also important for them to know where that power is originally derived from. 

His "Perception Filters" idea is nearly identical to how I described this same phenomenon in my Land of Meat & Honey book, calling them "Limit Filters." Another very important topic to understand so the filters can be changed with new, corrected data on the affected topics so that when asked - Why do you believe what you believe? - You can finally have a fully vetted and truthful, useful answer.  

I would suggest that everyone who can please paste this SR book link into the comments area on this video and also on any other related videos found. It is complementary information. And based on all the comments I just read after watching this video, there are more than a few people who need the other half of this understanding.  




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