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The Holy Bible and the culmination of sacred proclamations

by lawyers and clerks taking "captive" the "sheep"

The concept of Jegar Sahadutha

"Understanding (Genesis 31) "Jegar Sahadutha" would instantly put an end to Abrahamic cults...."

The following is an article that someone sent me while doing the Tri-Unity series with Randy. I cannot recall if it was sent in rebuttal of what I teach, which is NOT "Abrahamic" as the writer and the world establishment understand that to mean, and also NOT a religion as the writer and world establishment misunderstand the original path of Abrahim to have been, or, if it was sent under a more positive guise and in agreement with what I teach, overall. It's actually a good article, and does convey many truths concerning the Shelanite cult's pervasive ways and means to overtake the living souls of this place in aid of their evil overlords and the texts they used to do it, although the writer, being admittingly Christian, is still missing much of the key information needed for him to fully understand and explain the breadth and depth of our spiritually abducted reality. As seen from his direct quote above, he too sees the need to dismantle the many cults preying on the souls of man. What remains unclear to me is, does he also believe that of the entire Christian cult as well, while at the same time stating that he considers himself a Christian on his ABOUT page? It appears to me he is a bit confused, which is to be expected when so much pertinent data is missing from your lexicon. I will say that his new's website is well laid out and flush with horrific, current news stories on many topics. If you like filling your head with all things Masonic, this site is for you. Link below. 

I added some notes, although they are few because the overall concept of man-made laws and the tyrannical application of them is true, easily provable and already known to most who come to this site. 

As always, I will continue to state that by adhering to the Eternal One's original 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, we may be, in life, protected and even somewhat quarantined from most of their widespread, false narrative treachery; but certainly after this life they have and will continue to lose all control of those living-souls who have made themselves opposite in life via the Eternal's return path of Everlasting Agreement.

Following is the article as I received it w/my added notations: 

Understanding (Genesis 31) "Jegar Sahadutha" would instantly put an end to Abrahamic cults. 

The problem is sheep think these verses speak about animals ~ They speak of genocide, cannibalism, enslavement, ritual rape and the dividing up of human slave cattle between Jacob and Laban after enslaving and interbreeding with African nations. 

Ringstraked = Circumcised

Speckled = Freckled

Grissled = Dark-skinned 

The concept of "Jegar" is shrouded in allegorical prose' and hidden behind language changes through the centuries, however, simply put "Jegar" means "to cut" or "to mark" by circumcision which is a "circle cut" or "jag cut". This is the same root meaning as "klx" or Klux" from the term "Ku Klux" meaning "cattle bell" - "cowbell" - "cattle mark" or "cattle brand" which is the mark of ownership of domesticated cattle. 

The concept of "Sahadutha" is also shrouded in allegorical prose' but basically means "to declare" or "to proclaim" a "sacred oath" or "solemn script written in stone" which makes the writing absolutely unchallengeable and "blasphemy" for anyone who dares challenge it. So, combined together - "Jegar Sahadutha" means to "enslave and take as cattle by solemn unchallengeable writing" which is what was done in the mysterious story of "Jacob's Letters" (not ladder) 

Now, apply this concept to the "Holy Bible" which is essentially the culmination of generations of "sacred proclamations" by "lawyers and clerks" taking "captive" the "sheep" and you should begin to catch my drift ~ 

Unfortunately, I have offended the indoctrinated so much that they have concluded in the first paragraph, that I am "blasphemous" by challenging the "gospel truth." It's critical to "hold no stone unturned" leaving "no thing sacred" if we are ever to arrive at the truth. This applies to the Bible more than any other book in history. 

Why? Because to challenge the Bible is "blasphemy" and unless you're willing to "blaspheme" what is rendered holy and unchallengeable, nothing will ever change ~ 


I've pieced this together from language and literature studies, to learn the application of allegorical prose' then applied the disciplines across language barriers ~ 

It's a work in progress but basically boils down to this ~ 

In the beginning was language, and writing was with (exclusive to) Elohim (plural wealthy/powerful men) and writing was (became) god. AND 

The LORD(s) (plural) said, "Behold, they are one people (organized and unified) and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which THEY PURPOSE TO DO will be impossible for them. "Come, let US (plural wealthy men) go down (mingle among as priest-lawyer spies) and confuse their language so that they will not understand one another's speech." 

Who are the LORDS ELOHYM (plural)? [SA Note: Please refer back to my teaching on the ancient and greater/expanded meaning of the (im - eem) suffix that most do not understand and only depict as being added or used to depict plurality of words and names, etc. 

The Judah Priests of old, later manifesting as Catholic Priests and today manifesting as the Bar (sons') Association ~ 


IBA - The global voice of the legal profession

The International Bar Association (IBA), established in...


Agreed, however, since the manifestation of the priest-class (lawyer-class) "sin" has been defined in terms of man-made imaginary violations rather than natural law transgressions ~ and this trend has absolutely exploded with the modern Uniform Commercial Code

The International Bar Association IS the core of this rotten priest-class, and also the secret society John Kennedy was trying to expose before his brutal public assassination ~


President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2

Search and listen to this incredible audio recording of a speech on YOUTUBE 

I do not view Judeo-Christianity as religion, but as a political cult with a Judah-icial stranglehold on the throat of all nations 

Genesis 49:8-12 

Judah, your brothers shall praise (fear) you; your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies- (your brothers); your father's sons (your brothers) shall bow down (prostrate themselves) before you

Judah is a lion's cub (last born); from the prey (your brothers), my son, you have gone up (overtaken). He stooped down (hid himself); (as) he crouched (stalked slowly) as a lion and as a lioness; who dares rouse him (cause him to pounce)?

The scepter (law and finance) shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff (threat of violence) from between his feet (firmly entrenched), until tribute (fines, fees, and taxation) comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience (via tyrannical oppression) of the peoples

Binding his foal (mixed black-white offspring) to the vine (Judaic lineage) and his donkey's colt (inbred tertiary lineage) to the choice (best) vine (most inbred lineage), he has washed (soaked) his garments (clothes) in wine (blood) and his vesture (judgement robes) in the blood of grapes (his brothers offspring). His eyes (sight) are (is fixed) darker than wine (upon blood), and his teeth (smile) whiter (more innocent) than milk. 

It's not languages that were confused but writing! Remember, until the last century writing was exclusive only to the 1% priest class (Lying Scribes) working for the rulers of commerce and trade (Aramaic and Hebrew) "Elohim" plural - mighty ones, strong ones, ruling class, wealthy elite, powerful ones, etc. [SA NOTE: By WW2 they openly used their Babylonian-Judaic title via the Hebrew word Nazi.] 

Prior to "Jacob's Letters" (not ladder), oral language was the primary means of cultural structure, but then alphabetical "writing" was introduced by Jacob (a pagan Phoenician cannibal priest from UR) then the writing was repeatedly translated and mistranslated into multiple languages to confound illiterate populations even more. [SA NOTE: Although the evidence of this “language/writing” issue and the evil it has been used to propagate is easily seen and proven throughout history, there is no Hebraic language or text evidence of this specific thing in any ancient Hebrew writing that I have found. And may only be a figment fabricated in reverse to uphold the writers original, overall idea. Of which I do not have much argument overall.] [The main word he is keying on here derives from sulam סולם = ladder or stairs, and amazingly it is used only one time in the entire Tanak. The Hebrew term sullam, as in these texts rendered as "stairway", as I said, is only found once, and although its etymology is uncertain, it may come from the Akkadian [simmiltu] which means "ramp or steps." What I cannot find any of this to mean or translate to, is, letter. That understood I don’t believe the writer needs this skewed word translation of a letter to make his overall point.] 

Today, the most duplicitous and difficult language on earth is English, which is why English language education is so heavily exported to all nations. 

It is the innocent populations or "lost tribes" who attempted to break away from the ‘Judah-icial’ [Judicial] stranglehold caused by the priest-class who through twisted deceptive script of covenant codex or duplicitous "solemn" unchallengeable writing [Legalese] that caused the lost (breakaway) tribes to be overtaken and repressed from building their own independent "cities" or self-governing jurisdictions. (absolute blasphemy to the ruling class) 

The most significant maneuver of Judah [Shelanite-Judah] was establishing "Jegar Sahadutha" today known as Clerk of Court system (solemn or holy) proclamations, legislation and official filings, which are absolutely unchallenged without going through the priest-class (Bar Attorney Temples) 

Basically, Torah and Testimony are both "sacred script" that for centuries was blasphemous to challenge, punishable by death. This is the exact same thing going on with modern Courts. It is impossible to challenge forged documents and unconstitutional uniform commercial code in any other venue but "Bar" (sons) Temples (corporate franchises sold to Bar Judges). 

Every Bar Attorney on earth knows this crap, and they all play a Hegelian Dialectic (one big act) for profit. All of them are on the same side, against the common man. 

Basically, we are being "farmed and harvested by shepherds" at the peak of the baby boom generations when retirement and social security scams must be paid out. 

"Jerusalem" in ancient Sanskrit (image-based writing) is "UR SHA LEM" meaning "DEATH PRIEST CITY.” A perfect modern example of the ancient Jacob-Laban declaration of tyrannical genocide "written in stone" is the Georgia Guide-stones. 

This is the link to the author's site and About page: VIGILANTCITIZEN.COM 

[SA Note: The reader can connect this writers hypothesis with my BYTE Show interviews on the topic of the Khazarian/Shelanite cult, their movements and inner workings through history. You can also see the same via my Asher Codex book where I printed the 1992 law passed by Bush #1 for the Shelanite-Lubavitch cult regarding their version of the “Noahide” laws – Sharia law – which they fully plan to implement upon all people/Christians inside the USA.]

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