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The Animal Narrative

The Animal Narrative

At first glance and by the manipulated text narratives many people may get the idea that the animals may have been the Prime Eternal Creators original narrative provided to test the impetus of all “young” souls within this creation level! However, how can be true based on how the general religious dogmas present it to be? If we can plainly ascertain that our souls original form was and remains as a plasma-based light-body, and meant to exist as such requiring no physicality in any form to sustain us, then why are we to believe that any animals were created in their current physical form at all, also to be infused with the same living-souls; much less to sustain us or work for us, etc., as incorrect exegesis and myth would have it. Obviously, a disconnect derived from later false narratives exists here, and anyone who has read my first book already knows most of this is due to blatant text manipulation. The obvious logical argument based on the texts we have dictates that no “animals” were created by the Prime Creator for this place or any other, but only living-souls!  (See both: The Land of Meat & Honey, and Soul Revolution)

Then who created them, when and why?

As I continue to posit by our deeper understanding of those ancient texts, and as you will see much later proven via our modern sciences, if we can ascertain with substantial accuracy that these physical human bodies were specifically fabricated by the Archon – (Fallen ones) leadership in order to house and firewall the great power, capacity and generational memories of our living-souls; in conjunction with their great need for as many souls as possible living negatively influenced lives, and thus creating negative frequencies for the Fallen ones to be sustained through the souls eternal power which is directly connected to and received from the souls tether to the Prime Creator; as well, they continue to create the generational karmic disaster brought on by their false-control-narratives of death which keep us consenting against the Prime Creator’s 1st law of Free Will. Especially so through our now institutionalized and culturally entrenched reign of terror on most animals and the unborn. 

In the reformatted, reversed image and character of this current creation, man is not cognizant of, that where the Archon’s are concerned mankind assumes the role of the lower animal to be manipulated as they see fit. Remaining ever vigilant to their original rebellious momentum, these higher evil souls acted on impulse instead of their direct knowledge of our shared Creators all-encompassing love and mercy. From the first hearing of that horrific news of them being cut off from His eternally sustaining force, rather than falling down further into a deeper contrite heart condition, even unto their near critical state of complete demise, they turned more fearsome and malevolent! Had they just remained aware that their own soul-impetus was being tested further on that spot! Had they just fell down and accepted that fate of death for their actions against Him, to die forever. The Eternal One would have reached down in His awesome mercy and plucked them all out.  And the perfect order would never have been disturbed.

Although I am certainly no Christian scholar, I tend to believe that when the prophet Jesus taught the concept of giving up one’s life in order to save it, it was an expression of exactly what I just described above concerning the initial reactions of those rebel souls. Had they only been humble enough to lay down and consign themselves to die for their treason against life & peace, rather than being separated from their creator and all those they knew and loved, He would have saved them!

Even now they continue to be judged by how they treat those less developed below them. Thus, even though the evil Archon souls believe all they have done and continue to do to the souls below them to be within their own omnipotence, this is inaccurate and unfortunate. The greater truth is, the Prime Eternal One who creates all things has been allowing them, as He allows all souls at all levels to exert the true impetus of their individual living-souls INTENTION!

His 1st Law, Freewill system, demands nothing short of this action-reaction process. The main difference between them and us is, that they knew better and took advantage of our perception of their superior ranking. No souls above them manipulated them or dumbed down their understanding generationally to force their non-compliance to that immutable 1st law. Their rebellion and willingness to usurp ours was premeditated!

 As most are aware there are many ancient texts outside of what was canonized as the accepted “authoritative”, “holy”, or “word of god” scriptures. These are classified as “Apocryphal” or other writings and many refuse to view them as valid, or trustworthy.

 Most often the issue is that these contained conflicting information from what the controlling Judaic and Papacy cults required to gain worldwide control. After that, their final codex compilations have been taught as truth within their religious doctrines, most of which demand us to believe in the infallibility of these texts for the same reasons. This is especially true in regard to their “religious” ritual, dietary, and sacrificial narratives. Where western religions are concerned, this perception of their alleged God-given domination – i.e. allowing them to kill anything under any condition perceived to be socially acceptable or legitimate is met with great opposition! Many do not know that this is also true within religions that Christians would deem to be “pagan”. There is a much-heated debate being waged within the Wiccan community concerning the practice of animal sacrifice by some of their members. It would truly shock many in Jewish and Christian circles to discover that the justifications for the “humane” slaughtering practices of the intended sacrifice is very much the same, if not identical to those they present or believe to be acceptable to “god” via our ancient Levitical laws. Wicca is an earth-based religious practice that believes their mandate is to “Harm none”. Many within their practices have not only dedicated themselves to the vegetarian/vegan dietary lifestyle but practice holistic natural medicine as well. There are also sects of the Hindu, Buddhist, and other Eastern religions that deal with this same internal conflict of not harming the non-human sentient beings while others still participate in ritualistic animal sacrifice. In several places within the Jewish Tanak/Old Testament, there is an instruction to not consume the blood. Unfortunately, it is mistranslated, edited and mingled with the lie that the blood itself and only the blood is the issue being commanded against, yet they allow themselves to be fooled by this false narrative even though it has been proven that this is not what those Hebrew texts are saying. As we see throughout history, once man believes the deception that he is over the animal kingdom, domination over other men ensues. Try to remember Stanley Kubrick’s movie depiction in 2000-Space-Odyssey where he cleverly depicted the rise by intuition within the first man’s soul-impetus, and as influenced by that false-god, god-monolith in the movie, to influence that first man (Cain) to use his new, animal bone tool to first murder an animal, then to consume its flesh! At which point Kubrick’s film progressed to show that first man’s ascension to murdering his own kind and subsequent domination of the tribes through force ensued directly. (See: Soul Revolution, 2016)

“Live by the sword, die by the sword”

So why were any souls placed within the creation space of this Earthly environment?

The “Force” is not only in you, you are the Force!

It may be apropos to use the Star Wars analogy here since most everyone is familiar with it and simple to visualize.

I will attempt to keep this short, as I do go into the science and metaphysical aspects of it more deeply in Soul Revolution. The short of it is, all creation levels have been created to exists and function at pre-determined speeds. Our current creation space has been designed to allow physical matter based objects to be created by our souls and to work or travel at no more than 186,000 miles per second, or so science has believed to confirm.

However, although there must be some validity to their findings concerning the speed limit of matter-based objects in our creation-space, I see a more sublime order to it that some scientists are just now coming to understand, but they are still not willing to accept that what they are seeing is the sole function and direct influence of the human, living-soul.

Yes, the created speed limiting governor is present, however, I do not believe this limit was established to restrain our physical movement within this creation space. If you read Soul Revolution, I believe you will see how both the ancient data and the newly emerging scientific findings, correlated, will show that this and all creation levels are designed with governing limitations provided to both allow and restrain the literal, physical manifestations of the living-souls emotional conscious and subconscious intentionsto be created, and more importantly not created into our literal, physical, super matter-based reality.

Meaning; all souls, being the microcosm soul portions created directly from the Prime Eternal’s Macro-soul, harness a powerful force to create anything into their/our shared literal, present reality. However, young souls and possibly other souls for various reasons cannot yet be trusted with an instant or near instant creational force ability, they must first learn its great depth, breadth, and dangers. A soul must first learn another law of truth. Simply stated they all must learn and abide by this driving constant – Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!  They must Return to, abide by, and completely inhabit the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement before they can be RE-trusted to inhabit any higher realms again.

Therefore, within this highly dialed back creation space, the internal soul-impetus and its powerful ability to project creational data into being, is provided a slow creation, manifestation process in which to exist and coexists with all other souls. Without limiting the process speed in which our souls' creational force projects, and based on man’s current soul condition, we would have destroyed this entire creation space long ago.

In summation of this idea for now; as it stands, and for lack of a simpler explanation, this 3rd grade creation space arena was designed to allow souls a practice area, and the time required to fully assimilate the Prime Creators syllabus, and to prove our willingness and ability to integrate and embody those 1st Law restrictions before being allowed into higher levels which are governed less and less. Unfortunately, our path to this end has been retarded by those evil souls whose misery requires our company. 


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