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Essene Law - The Everlasting Agreement


Since shortly after the first Essene teachings were published in the early 1970’s, students have been coming to me asking for my criticism of the texts, usually after hearing the many baseless accusations and superstitious warnings by their clergy to ignore the writings. Those seeking my criticism of these texts were not only Christians, but also Muslims and Jews.

This corrected, commentary version is being presented as a deeply revised, reverse translation – Meaning, it was brought backward from the original English translation, into the simplest Hebrew form as it would have been spoken, and then back into its simpler, more literal, and more accurate, English form. Along the way it has been corrected and accurized with context additions based on my in-depth knowledge of the long-hidden 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement. Other major points of correction are: Correction of deity identities, their names, and roles; Identification of the two laws; Accurized Hebrew to English word usage; Major and minor corrections and additions to specific contexts; Corrections to errant capitalization's, and punctuation.

As it happens, my life course has made me uniquely qualified, culturally, by experience, and academically to point out the biblical misunderstandings and hidden points of immense import from within our own Hebrew texts where no other Karaite Hebrew or Talmudic Jew has been willing to go. In this corrected, commentary version of the Essene gospels, the opaque language has been cleared away to expose a fuller and simpler understanding of what many people around the world know to be the most important, life-giving understanding – The law of Peace – Known biblically as; The Everlasting Agreement.

These texts have undoubtedly remained hidden from the masses by those same protagonists who plagued the Essene's, the KaraitesYehshua, the early Christians, and the world at large to this very day. Certainly, these texts, as with others like Enoch, Yasher and Jubilees, etc., were removed from view and eventually from all cultures by the unseen priest class, because these older writings, when correctly rendered, will always point the searching soul back to that 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement  The one and same law that Moshe, our prophet Isaiah, Yehshua – aka - Jesus, and others attempted to point us back to.