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Breaking the Chain of Slavery

Breaking the Chain of Slavery!

 Recently there is so much speculation breeding apprehension for many people of all faiths as we enter into 2012; some expecting complete calamity of all manner, with others postulating it to be a new age of awakening, and even as much as a literal human DNA up-grade taking place. Of course, for any of you who may have spent hours and hours reading my Doctoral Thesis, you may remember how I proved through the many prophets that our Hebrew Scripture speaks clearly and only of "The End of Days", or "At that time", and what that actually means.  In more modern times the understanding concerns a period of great disaster to be followed by a great redemption. This period has become known in - "The Messianic Era" {Yemei HaMashiach}.  However, although I will get into the very specific scriptural details that exist about WHAT and more importantly WHEN these End of Days are to commence, that is not the main focus of this writing. The main focus concerns the extremely high probability that a certain sect of a religious order has long understood this End Time redemption timing & process, and has been working feverishly to hold it off, if not thwart it indefinitely.  

The term "End of Days" or Aharit HaYamim, has also been translated as “The Last Days” and “The Latter Days”.  In various English versions this has the more literal Hebrew meaning of "a long time from now", and as I prove in my book - “The Greater Exodus”, there is no such implication that our created world will have an actual end.  Quite the opposite, if we take just one of many examples - Isa 66:22 we clearly find that the heavens and our Eden-earth will, in fact, be renewed, and as well, that Agreement/Contract with the off-spring of Abrahim will continue in its fullness. "For as the renewed heavens and the renewed earth, which I create, stands before me, so will your seed and your name stand before me."

Thus, as we read in Isa 2:2-3; even after these worldly calamities’ which are most assuredly brought on by man’s inability to choose (Life & Good over Death & Evil), the promised aftermath will be a period of total obedience to the Eternal Ones true and uncompromised Torah of the 1st Law – The Everlasting Agreement.  

"And it will be in the end of days, the mountain of AHYH will be established at the head of the mountains, and higher than the hills, and all the nations will strive towards it. And many peoples will go and say, 'Let us go and ascend to the mountain of AHYH, to the God of Jacob, that He teach us from his ways and that we may go in his paths, for the Torah goes forth out of Zion and the word of AHYH His mountain.' And he will judge between many nations and strive with many peoples. And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. And nation will no longer lift up sword against nation and they will no longer learn war." 

We find this again spoken of through the prophet Yermeyahu, in 31:30-33.  

"Behold days are coming, says AHYH, and I will make with the House of Jacob and the House of Judah a renewed Agreement... And no longer will a person teach his fellow and a man his brother saying 'Know AHYH!' for they will all know me from the littlest one to the greatest” …

What most everyone misses regarding how the "End of Days" may begin?

Before we look at the how, I believe it is all-important for this discussion to return and remind ourselves what exactly our original and on-going mission mandate was for the Sons of Abrahim, Isaac, and Jacob.  Very simply, the angel of AHYH made it abundantly clear, that we were to Obey, Learn, Live = {be an example of}, and go forth to the NATIONS to teach EVERYONE His original Torah – The 1st Law.  If I am not mistaken, this ball was dropped very early on; but the real question I never hear asked is, why?  I have come to believe that this change in attitude is in fact of a far more sinister nature.  Chosen people?  Chosen for what?  To keep His Torah truth hidden within ourselves?

So far, we have touched on a very few of the many basic prophetic points concerning that which the Eternal One has told us through his many prophets, will take place as we circle back around to His original path of peace. Now we will look at when that could be, who may be responsible for bringing us to that point, and or possibly even purposely holding it off.

Before moving on I want to say that yes, I am referring to the book of Deuteronomy for some of this; however, the scriptural ideas that we find there did not, in fact, originate there. They originate as all Torah does, through His Prophets.  I will use it because it is also referred to there.

Please keep in mind as we move forward in this - The original commanded mandate for us to DO & Teach the nations. This is the all-important point that continues to remain disconnected from all non-Hebrew understanding.

We all know well how the book of Daniel describes many of the End of Days, prophecies with varying degrees of detail. However, we also see how Daniel himself does not understand the context or time-frame of these events. We even see Daniel asking the angel- Dan-12:9 "And I heard but did not understand and I said, 'Master, what is the End of all these things? - And we all know the answer – That these visions will remain locked from his understanding until the actual events of said End of Days.  Dan - 12:10

"And he replied, 'Go Daniel, for the things are closed up and sealed until the end time." 

Although we cannot discern the exact year of the End of Days from Daniel or any prophet, the fact is, the timing of the End of Days within the Hebrew Bible is not exactly a secret, it’s just missed by most outside of the culture. In truth, it’s been brought forward, but missed as such in {Duet- 28-30}.  The Eternal One through His Malakim/Messenger gives us the terms of the agreement with the Sons of Jacob. If the sons of Jacob keeps the mandated agreement – The 1st law - we will be blessed with abundance and protections; BUT – there it is, the 2nd biggest little word in the scriptures! Butif “they/we” violate said mandated Agreement, we would be punished – i.e. Foreclosed, evicted and exiled until a later date!  {Duet 29:25-27}, With of course {Duet 30} laying out the final redemption.  

Deut 29:22,23,24,25: “so that the generation to come, your sons who rise after you, and the foreigner who comes in from a distant land, will say when they see the plagues of that land, and its sicknesses which Yehovah sent into it, 23: the whole land will be burned with brimstone and salt; it will not be sown, nor will it sprout; nor will there be any herb in it. It will be like the overthrow of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim, which Yehovah overthrew in his anger and in his fury. 24: And all the nations will say, ‘why has God done this to this land? What is the heat of this great anger?’  25: - Then men will say; ‘Because they have forsaken the Everlasting Agreement of Aheeyeh, the Eternal, the God of their fathers, which He made with them when He brought them out of the land of Egypt”.

Deut-30: "And it will be when all these things come upon you, the blessing and the curse, and you will return with your heart in all the nations wherein Aheeyeh, your Creator, has driven you. And you will return to the Eternal One your God and obey his voice according to all that I command you, you and your sons, with all your heart and all your soul.  And the Eternal One will return your captivity and have mercy upon you and he will again gather you in from all the nations wherein He has driven you. If your dispersed ones be at the end of the heavens, from there will the Eternal your God gather you, and from there will He take you. And the Eternal, your God, will bring you to the land that your fathers inherited, and you will inherit it.  And He will do good to you and make you multiply more than your fathers, and will circumcise your heart and the heart of your seed to love the Eternal, your Creator, with all your heart and with all your soul in order that you will live." (This is also a direct prophetic picture of the Greater Exodus to come).

Ok, that’s all well and good, and easy to see within the prophets and here in Deuteronomy.  However, keep reminding yourself of the original mandate, which until this very day from then, has been totally disregarded!


So, we can clearly see here, as in the prophets, that after the Sons of Jacob repent, i.e.- Turn back from their HUGE collective sin of totally disregarding our original mandated Agreement; They will live His original Torah and TEACH ALL the Nations! It is at this point ONLY, that He will return our exile. The initial sign of which is the Greater Exodus as I put forth in my book by that title. (Also see – The Land of Meat & Honey, 2011 for 1st law detail)

 Now, another major point to grab hold of here in the above scripture from Deuteronomy, which I underlined, is the prophetic reference to the fact that the Eternal will have to make this happen by His MERCY! Why? Because the majority of my people will NEVER EVER repent of this carnal mind & heart of theirs in anyone’s lifetime!  Thus, we also see from many prophetic scriptures that at such point, HE will have to quite literally {Re-cut} his original Agreement into the hearts of all people.  Returning to Yirmeyahu 31:32 we see the End of Days described as the period in which the Agreement of the Eternal One is etched on the hearts of the people. (Which He does).

"For this is the Agreement which I will renew with the House of Jacob after those days, says Aheeyeh; I will place my Instruction in their inner parts and I will write it on their hearts and I will be to them God and they will be to me a people."

As I pointed out earlier, the End of Days as depicted by the prophets, specifically here in Yirmeyahu; and the eventual final redemption of the seed of Abrahim, as is given many times within the prophets, and further depicted here in Deuteronomy chapter 30, are in fact the exact same events. The fact that continues to be relevant, which is also the main focus of this writing, is that the initial start time for this worlds final release & redemption is in the hands of the very people who will never repent and Return via His 1st Law! We are explicitly shown that the End of Days will be initialized ONLY upon the widespread and total repentance of The Sons of Jacob! So then, now a case must be made to show how most of the people throughout all generations, except for the evil ones, have never truly known who or where these actual sons of Jacob lineages are, in our modern times. It is more than a bit difficult to apply all the prophecies when one hasn’t a clue where the actual bloodlines migrated and expanded into.

 IF this is the case, that the redemption of the world comes only after one specific small cult of people and religion decide to finally return to the original Agreement, and it absolutely is if the Christian misunderstanding of the prophets is any indication, then this world is in BIG, BIG trouble! Because the modern religious Judaic sect, be them the ancient Shelanite cult or remnants of the original Hebrew tribe, they have shown absolutely ZERO indication of repentance 2500 years ago, and even less today! If this were true, then the rest of us are quite literally trapped and bound in chains while the orthodoxy merrily forges ahead fabricating and following their own Law while dragging us into oblivion.

Additionally, and equally unfortunate, that all of the nations, other religions, are absent by default because of their collective defiance against The Creators original mandate for all life! This leaves so very few (Daniel’s) out in the cold to shoulder this massive burden, and most of them are not fired up and diligently working the mandate as they should be. This leaving yet even fewer small voices screaming for His mercy through the howling winds of this vast wilderness of the Greater-Egypt, wrapped in a Mystery Babylon! 

During a discussion on this topic with a Christian friend of ours, he was immensely shocked at what I was saying, however, he was taking me wrong. He asked, “Are you provoking some extreme offensive against your own people?” … In the greater context, he was asking me if I thought all of these Jews should be killed off in order to remove this obstacle. WHAT! God no! What I’m saying, is that those of us who come to see this path of the original Everlasting Agreement begin to open this dialog to all others and pray for His quick merciful release from this soul enslavement.

 Consider the prophet Daniel. So many well-meaning but totally misguided Christians have and continue to expend great amounts of time and treasure, not to mention their credibility, attempting to decipher the chronology of the prophecies of Daniel.  However, if someone was paying attention, they might see that Dan-12 tells us it cannot be done.

Dan 12:9-10 “And He said, Go, Daniel!  For the words are closed up and sealed until the end time.  10:  Many will become pure and made white and tested.  But the evil will continue evil.  And not one of the evil will understand, but the wise will understand”.

Now, I fully understand how provocative it is to embark on these end time rabbit trails, however, that’s no excuse for the pervasive practice of taking scriptures out of context the already misinterpreted English bibles in the hopes of proving something that just doesn’t exist. So is it with this text - but the wise will understand”. I have heard far too many Christian and Messianic practitioners using this text to prove that God is telling everyone with this text, that some certain few can, in fact, know these mysteries, fully. Their issue is this - the words are closed up and sealed – which is the main part of this particular subject that they work so hard to overlook.  The prophet is NOT telling us that we will be able to find the answers, in the exact same breath that he just told us they were closed and sealed until the END TIME!  The main issue with all this is everyone’s total disregard for HOW & WHEN those End Times CAN or WILL be initialized; which is as I already depicted clearly, and also as Daniel, himself proves out. 

If one pays very close attention, Daniel showed us how the End Timing can and will be delayed if the false ones – The Shelanite-Judah cult - continue in their Willful sin of disregarding His True original 1st law, and continue in their quest for self-rule and world dominance.....

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