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The False, "Plant" Sentience Argument of the Blind and Unwise


 They say: "I just absolutely don’t appreciate this false dichotomy that when I take the life of a carrot, the carrot doesn’t scream."

Here is another of only a few articles in recent years conjured by those whose grip of their paradigm is slipping of the edge of the cliff.

Let me begin by adding, that if someone lives their life as some Vegan or Vegetarian, militant bigmouth who carries more disdain in their heart and mind for those who are not like them yet, compared to the alleged love they have for the animals they won't eat, know this; The CREATOR who provided all sentient life, animals too, with the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, does NOT yet know you! Nor, based on His known character, which you do not reflect, can the Eternal Creator differentiate you from them. 

As for this article, like all the rest I have read along with hearing the associated arguments from those using outdated science, which in most cases can now be found to have been purposely skewed in the first place; this article went a long way to continue driving in circles. However, it actually helps to prove the fact that this place was created, by a creator. 

As for all those Drones and Souls alike on either side of this topic, I would bet anything that if we asked them before broaching this topic, 'which religious order they felt akin to', the majority would say Christian in some form or another and by varying degrees. When I read the comments and see how some go out of their way to say they are NOT religious, I believe they are lying. And someday soon they will get a chance to see just how UN-religious they are. On the other hand, If they do admit to coalescing with Christianity or Judaism in some way, then I win the argument hands down because I have already done all the hard work proving what the "infallible word of god" actually says where the souls of man, the animals on land and sea, and the plants of all kinds are concerned; and specifically, the food chain for all things living.

The bottom line in all this is as it has always been since the creation of this place and many others like it; that just because a person is ignorant of the 1st law of life, or by his or her free will decides to believe it is wrong or does not exist, changes nothing since they are NOT the ones who created this place or that eternal law.  It will, however, guarantee your soul, if you have one, more trips around this wheel - or, as they like to call it euphemistically.  - "Eternal life!" 

With that, I will comment on the one quote used in the article that I find to be the usual detritus: You can then go read the rest of this article on its home site.

"The animal farmer Joel Salatin was a case in point during last year’s Intelligence Squared debate about the ethics of eating animals:

"And, you know, I find it fascinating that all of the attributes given to animals plants have too. The DNA structure of grasses, for example, when you introduce a species, it nativizes its DNA structure to become more climatically nativized to a certain place. That’s memory. That’s genetic memory and adaptation to a certain place. If that isn’t responding to things, I don’t know what is. And I just absolutely don’t appreciate this false dichotomy that when I take the life of a carrot, the carrot doesn’t scream."

 1. All of the attributes "given" to animals, plants have too?

Farmer Jo needs to stop talking! Which "attributes" might he be referring to? Maybe the "attribute" of critical planning as we see in wild wolves and other animals, or the same in police and or military trained dogs?  Then I find his use of the word "given", curious. Given by whom? A "creator source" possibly? But for farmer Jo, this must be a creator without rules! Sounds Christian to me so far! The farmer may be correct though because so far he has convinced me that the vegetable plants in my greenhouse possess a higher ability for critical thinking than he does.

Jo says that grass is fully sentient because it has the ability to acclimate itself to a new environment. Farmer Jo says that's genetic memory. Of course, he stated that directly after implying that this "grass" was "adapted" to a new area. Which then logically begs the question of how this grass received said genetic MEMORY of a place it had never been before. OR! And I'm just spitballing here, could it be that the CREATOR of that grass DNA quietly helped its acclimation along while Jo wasn't paying attention? Just sayin...

2. "And I just absolutely don’t appreciate this false dichotomy that when I take the life of a carrot, the carrot doesn’t scream."

Nope! I just cannot leave that one alone! He had me at Screaming Carrots!  Sounds like a good name for a Death-Metal band! But, simple response to an environment or change thereof does not constitute, sentience! It merely proves that the plants' genetic design is such that it is able to involuntarily "react" to certain, exterior physical modulations.

  • All life, as good science has proven, has the same DNA structure. THIS IS AN ATTRIBUTE OF PHYSICALITY! 

  • Great Scientists, some of which I depict in Soul Revolution, have proven that "sentience", i.e. awareness of self, emanates from the Soul force energy, and not from the physical parts. Although equally proven is that the physical parts can hinder the souls' ability to function at higher levels in both animals and people.

  • Natural laws are just that, laws, and bound by rules. If DNA and sentience of certain physical bodies prove a Creator force, which they do, then by extension that creator implies rules.

  • One cannot say in the same breath that all plants and animals are the same and equally considered as a food source, without being forced to also consider people on that list to the same end. Farmer Jo and the rest of the brain-trust cannot have it both ways. 

Much as the following quote states it in more detail:

"Meat eaters who use this argument are typically attacking vegans on two contradictory fronts. On the one hand, they say that humans and animals are different, and these differences explain why meat eating is okay. Then with “what about plants?” they do the opposite, linking all of creation together — "All-One!” as Dr. Bronner would say. Unfortunately, by dismissing the distinction between killing plants and killing non-human animals for food by linking them together through aliveness, they also erase the distinction between killing plants and killing humans. 

If you think that “what about plants?” means there is no difference between exploiting animals and plants for food, then you’d have to say the same about exploiting humans for food, because you’re denying that there are different levels of aliveness, or at least denying that these different levels could justify different treatments or considerations. To turn around and admit that there’s a difference between killing plants and killing humans in light of this is to grant that there could also be a difference between killing plants and killing non-human animals. The whole argument just renders itself moot."

The original, 1st Law path of the Eternal Creator is not a religion, it is, however, a LAW-CONSTANT, and with very simple rules which suggest, NOT dictate, that souled people do not usurp the free will of any other souled/sentient entity for our own gain, need or want. And, as with any other law, Creator supplied or manmade, they are codified somewhere, Just that most have been unable or unwilling to find it. More important to understand is that the usurpation of an entities free will is the one law that breaks your back and guarantees an extended stay at Club-slave. Moreover, finding ways to ensure that the majority of sleeping souls here continue to feed their physical body's Soul-Firewall with the fuel of death - "blood", by the direct, or indirect usurpation of another sentient beings free will to live, is the controllers of this usurped, fallen worlds main and constant prime directive. 

In the end, this article takes the very long way around explaining a very uncomplicated matter, and, at the end of it all, only proves that both sides are working with highly skewed information coupled with a narrow bandwidth of wisdom. Not to say that they are stupid since we all know that both sides tend to have landfill pile of data that they equally skew to prove their personal paradigms. I am saying that knowledge without wisdom usually leads to destruction in one form or another. Just one look at our modern world from when the Tomahawk and Sword were invented and then coupled to the invention of the axle and wheel, to nearly 100% of the inventions conjured through to this very day, all first directed towards the venture of death and destruction of life on land, sea and, air. How many of these inventions have been used to truly elevate all life, both sentient and non-sentient compared to killing them? How many advanced technologies have been long-hidden to actively thwart the advancement and well-being of mankind? As many as the original and truthful law instructions through the manipulation of ancient texts citing laws by the Eternal Creator that have been long hidden from humanity in order to keep the souls of this place enslaved. As always, in the end, most people only gain sporadically aquired pieces of the greater puzzle that are then colored way outside of the lines to enhance their personal story needs. 

In the end, it all comes back to this single, simple question asked of me so many years ago by my mentor- "Why do you believe what you believe?" 


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