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Is The CV Word Actually, Hebrew?


Re-Formatting Man, & Creation in our Image!

The way that the Satanim took adverse possession  

"Once we understand that the final goal of secret societies and their initiates is to replace God and that the method employed in order to achieve that goal is the alchemical solve et coagula – the decomposition of the world created by God and its reconstruction according to the will of man – a series of current trends and historical events start getting a whole new meaning...."

"M.P. Hall openly stated the primarily target of the alchemists’ work is at a social level. Why is that? Because, according to Genesis 1:26, humankind is the crown of creation, being made in God’s image. Symbols, who are supposed to address directly our subconscious are being used in order to process our minds, without us even being aware of the process. This is why Hoffman explicitly states:

“ The alchemical processing of humans is performed with the props of time and space: what happens ritually in a series of significant places can “bend” reality (…) How is reality bent? By the placing of ritual props in ceremonial places. These places exist both in the mind and in physical space [5] . ” 

Article excerpts from link below. Article by by Bogdan Herzog, Timișoara, May 2020

 So, this question popping into my inbox so far this week, all accompanied  by loose evidence, is - "Is the "scientific" word (Covid) a literal transliteration of sorts, from some original Hebrew, or Jewish word?" 

Another obvious issue with this whole, backwards CV19 thing is, that the ancient Hebrew has no letter (V). The Vee was again, a German Ashkenazi replacement of the original Hebrew letter (Waw), so again, there is no W in CV19. 

The much more modern, Germanized "Jewish", or more accurately, "Yiddish" word in question is - ( דיבוק ) - Phonetically spelled - (Dibek, or Dibuk). It was bastardized at around 1900 CE, or so, by the Euro-Jews who are admittedly, NOT of any original Hebrew lineage. There is NO letter "V" in this word, in either the original, ancient Hebrew word, or the later Babylonian-Jewish modifications of it. Therefore there is no exact transliteration of it as I have been seeing from what people are sending me.

That said, for arguments sake, if we change the Jewish letter (Vav), which in this case is acting as the vowel (U) in most spellings of this word, and make it the only other vowel is can be, which is an (O), then yes, if you then read the Jewish word version backward, it can look like c-o-b-ee-d, or if the Hebrew letter (Yode) represents a short (E), it may look like c-o-b-ed. But never Co-Vid. 

Additionally, this modernized Jewish bastardization of the original ancient Hebrew word - (Dabak), was then provided a greatly expanded, and specific meaning based on their Kabbalah magic =  DIBUK - The soul of a dead malevolent person which has attached to a living person. So, basically, demon possession. BUT, remember, their version is only according to their magic, and thus, this can only come to pass during their rituals for it. 

Therefore, if we phonetically reverse this word - DIBEK - (Dy-bek), we get - KEB-IDE; No,Vee, and no Oh! 

AND, if we use the DIBUK version, we get KU-BIDE, like, KOO-BIDE. Still no (V). So, no Covid. 

If we go with the original ancient Hebrew word - (Dabak) which is spoken exactly as I spelled it phonically here, the word literally means, grab hold of, or cling to - which is kind of important in its more basic and original context use, because we do find this word used in the Torah in two spelling versions:

1. (Debekut) - (De-be-choot) = "cleaving to God." And always having an awareness of Him, constantly; In that vein. 

2. (Dabak), root word, meaning, "We will cling or cleave to GODS laws, etc."  STILL, NO (V) & NO (O) - So, NO BACKWARDS COVID!   

Should we also break down the modernized Jewish spelling of the bastardized word? 

( דיבוק ) - (Dye-buk):

Modern letters = Dalet, Yod, Bet, Vav, & Quf: Obviously we read these from left to right in Hebrew. 

So then, by the Hebrew spelling, and their letter pronunciations as consonants and vowels, again, we have - D - I - B - U - K


Ok, enough of that. This video below which yet someone else sent yesterday on this topic, tends to prove that even though people may be stretching a bit with this Yiddish word salad, that the concept they are attaching to this topic appears to be playing out in real time, as Steven ben Nun shows in this video. HIGHLY disturbing stuff! And only more and more reason why we need to stay FAR away from anyone who got this poison, soul-catcher. 

FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS: This video directly below is an intro to another longer version he has. THAT link is below this YouTube vid. ALONG w/another link to an older interview on this Goo. So, if you are not yet aware of what this is, watch them all.

Additionally, there is an article link below these videos which is also well worth reading on the subject. 


Black Goo -  is it in You?


For additional info on this sentient, malevolent oil/goo, here is his original interview with German scientist, Harold Kautz Villa - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roBC3F_-dpQ&ab_channel=IsraeliNewsLive

And here below is actually an outstanding article on exactly what is happening now to humanity, at the base level: 

On The Occult Meaning Of The Term “COVID” , a succinct incursion into pattern recognition .



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