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Core Elements of the Everlasting Agreement


Greetings all, 

It has recently more and more come to my attention that many people who finally come to the original Torah understanding of the Everlasting Agreement, even after reading its foundational work, are still not grasping its full meaning or application. 

The first thing I will advise is, check the ego! The ego somehow crept or was installed into this creation, and although it loves to lie and insist it is in control, it is not, your soul is in control. So, if your soul is in fact in control, why do we have to learn, and actively work to subdue the ego?  Well, I guess like any virus that requires some type of anti-viral application to subdue it, the application we have to use to fend off the ego is consciousness, and this works on the quantum level which I will not get into here or this will turn out to be yet another lengthy treaty. Maybe for this discussion “awareness” is a better word. 

A wise teacher once said something like, “you cannot say you love your Father in heaven and hate you’re your brother”.  Believe me, I am not casting any first or last stones here, I have been guilty of this myself on many occasions, not separating the actions of the man, from the man.  It has now, for at least the fourth time been inadvertently brought to my attention that some people, after coming into His Everlasting Agreement, become and remain aggressively negative towards those they judge as living and working “outside” of His agreement. 

  First off let me warn that The Eternal’s Everlasting Agreement is NOT a single ingredient recipe, and it is surely NOT about negative activism!  I have heard the Christian saying many times, “don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin”.  Although that is actually a decent premise, the main issue with it being applied correctly, and more importantly consistently, is the ego.  In my mind, there is a very thin line between hating the action, and hating the actor, and the ego is supremely adept at blurring that already impossibly thin line in most people, mainly because they are not consistently vigilant at subduing their ego yet.  Although it sounds sappy, if His soul is the Macro-soul, and our souls the Micro-soul given to us from His; and if He is pure love, then by default our souls MUST also be pure love, or they were when they were new. So, in a lifetime what acts against the soul to damage it, what works tirelessly to quell that love, obviously the ego. The ego in us works against us from the inside, and the ego in others works on us again from without if you let them. The Buddhists have that understanding of the ego locked down, however, they also lock themselves away from all other ego’s to practice on their theories while subtracting the real world experience. While we in the West have all the real world experience any mortal should endure, without any of their excellent understanding for subduing it.  Aren't we lucky that The Eternal One loves simplicity, even among His great complexities. His simplicity for the world is rooted in His main law –“Do not kill” – The Everlasting Agreement.   

Is a person truly “returned” to Him if they change their diet, even if they also change the way they think about the animals, along with the rest of all non-sentient life in His creation, but also harbors ill feelings for those still outside?  I think we can all agree that there are many Vegans who are horrible people, so the dietary aspect of this cannot be the sole ingredient.  Many change their diet for medical or health reasons, and still, find no issue will murdering our fellow man in wars, or for so-called justice. For some who are led to His Everlasting Agreement, the ego will, of course, allow those people to believe they, in fact, are returned, a dangerous ego driven lie for sure. The ego in that person stands in the way of their complete cleansing, they are not yet returned. 

I comment on this issue to you all because this is a dangerous condition to find yourself in, like stuck between two worlds and not knowing it, or because of the ego, absolutely convinced you are not. 

I finally decided to comment on this topic after someone made certain comments to me last week in answer to comments I recently made concerning my views on teaching new people, and how all the many side issues newcomers stress on like, the identity of a messiah; Sabbath timing; ritual specifics, etc., should be completely forgotten, at least until those people became fully versed and committed to His agreement. 

In most cases, if a person tells you that His Everlasting Agreement is not, or cannot be all that is required, we know this person is either one of two things, a dogmatic religious fanatic, or someone who found the Everlasting Agreement, but still does not fully understand it. Surely I did not teach you that the Everlasting Agreement is about activism or evangelism. Nor did its foundational book even begin teaching you about the agreement before teaching you that you had to change yourself, by searching yourself, and what and why you believe the things you believed to that point, before moving on.  I did, however, teach in that book, that His Everlasting Agreement terms of service required two things, and in these two things, you would automatically fulfill the 1st and greatest command. 

The first thing one must do to “Teshuvah”, is to commit oneself to His foundational and perpetual rule which is, do not murder anything in which He gave His Living-Soul, and, do not consume flesh! In this, there will be a period of physical and spiritual cleansing that will vary from person to person. The second part is not unlike the first.  In fact, it is the first part that is most responsible for the greater and greater success of the second part, which is – “Treat all living souls as you would have them treat you”.  In fact, one might even say that ALL of the original Instructions hang on this one right here. Or did someone already mention that?     The fact is, doing one of these in total truth, forces one to also do the other, and visa-versa into perpetuity. It all again falls under the adage that you cannot say you love your Eternal Father in heaven, which is the first and greatest command, while you also hate your brother, and as we should know, all are one from the first man and woman. 

So, that’s it in a nutshell if you or others you may be aware of somehow missed it within the many reiterations I made in the LMH book.  It’s not about hating their actions, or beating people into submission, or lighting fires under the guise of righteous anger, that’s all ego driven.  Some souls are ready to come back to this in your lifetime, and most are not, that’s the system. Anything we do outside the very limited boundaries of His system is again, all ego driven and a waste of energy. 

When pushed for answers or stressing yourself on any of the many non-issue side topics, just reinforce the two parts of His Everlasting Agreement, and know that they work in perfect circular symmetry.  It also allows Him to work in that person or you, at their pace. Which in time will allow them, or you, to release all those nonessential former beliefs one by one. It is much better to let Him dissolve the lies and misconceptions slowly, one by one, rather than us ripping them out before their internal structure is strong enough to safely allow their loss.  Especially since their temporary, or even long-term grip on those former dogmas or superstitions will not be the cause of their soul’s demise. 

And to quote another wise man – “all else if vanity”.

Subtraction is often more!

Dr. S. Asher                                                                                       ©2014



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