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Yehshua (Jesus) Led Them Out of Egypt!


New Testament Proof confirming my teaching that both Yehovah, and Yehshua, are the same entity!

Following, is in part a conversation between one of the AHLC members and myself concerning this proof of who it was that actually led my ancestors out of Egypt. For some time I have taught using TaNaK texts to prove that the entity known as Yehovah, who is NOT the Eternal Creator, but who is the exact same persona as the one the world knows as Yehshua - aka - (Jezues). Some time back I did a two part podcast showing the proof of these two entities being the same Soul. Those show links are below here.

However, and I cannot believe none of the many thousands of people, most former Christians, connected with me all these years never brought this up to me concerning this New Testament proof which clearly confirms that I was 100% correct in my teaching concerning who both Yehovah and Yehshua are.

In the Greater Exodus, I also pointed out that I believed it to have been Yehshua who the rebellious Hebrews got handed off to in Exodus 25, and were then taken away to a 2nd mountain to receive the 2nd law. However, and unlike my original assumption on this, it now appears by this New Testament text, it may have also been Yehshua from the start with the Burning Bush.

Yehshua brings them out of Egypt!

 The bunny trail showing their continued obfuscation of all texts: PLEASE remember what I pointed out in my Land of Meat & Honey book, the question; HOW MANY TIMES will it take for you seeing text edits, redactions and insertions before you finally come to the understanding that not one word of these books are as they claimed for so long - GOD Breathed and infallible? AND THAT IS NOT TO SAY that some truth does not exist within them, there is much truth in them all, but now most cannot just take it all at face values, and you must be able to discern that truth within all the lies. 

Jud 1:5  I will therefore remind you, though you once knew all this, that Jesus, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, did afterwards destroy them that believed not. 

 The verse above, and all the others I have looked at tend to translate it the same way. I find it extremely interesting how he begins by "reminding" them about this important point which they have already known. So, evidently, Yehshua himself taught the 12 this, that it was him, as Yehovah, who led their ancestors out of Egypt and for that 40-year period.

  1. Jude 1:5 says with direct Greek translation "To remind you I want having known you at one time that IESOUS (Jesus #2424) a people out of the land of Egypt having saved afterward those not having believed He destroyed.

    OR, in normal people English:
    "I want to remind you, you having known all this, that Jesus, having saved at one time a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward He destroyed those not having believed. (Berean Study Bible).
  2. Attaching a screen shot of four versions that use the word IESOUS/JESUS here.
  3. KJV and some other translations do NOT use the name JESUS/Joshua Yehoshua but rather use "the LORD" or "LORD" (see screenshot of KJV LORD version)
  4. When you look at the GRK button at the top of the Bible Hub site the number of IESOUS is 2962 which is connected to the word KYRIOS or Lord for sure.  NOT 2424 for IESOUS. (see screenshot with typo - the greek letters clearly say iesous although the number is 2962)
  5. However, when you cut and paste the GREEK letters from Bible Hub and put them into the Septuagint (LXX) on BlueLetterBible.org it will pull up verses starting in Exodus 17:10 where clearly those same GREEK letters are for Joshua. ( and clearly back to 2424)
  6. AND when you press on the INT tab for Jude 1:5 the same Greek letters are identified CORRECTLY as the same 2424 Iesous/Yehoshua/Joshua word.
  7. I am positive when they were translating the KJV they were like well now that is super confusing because obviously (to them) Jesus was not in Egypt leading the people out, that was Moshe. So to avoid confusion they just used KYRIOS there rather than IESOUS. But when you copy Kyrios greek lettering and put it back into the Septuagint (for LORD) you get it in the following verses (and more...this is a sample): Gen 2:8; Gen 2:15; Gen 2:16; Gen 2:18; Gen 2:22; Gen 3:1; Gen 3:9; Gen 3:13. and so on.
  8. WHEN tested it in the Blue Letter Bible the GREEK letters from Bible Hub Interlinear it absolutely matched Strongs Greek 2424.  However when you pull up Jude 1:5 on BlueLetterBible.org and go to their Greek Interlinear on that verse they use the kyrios word.
This is just name obfuscation. Just like they did with YHWH & AHYH in the old testament. Cant have those two things bridging the gap and having any continuum or the common peoples knowing who did what, or what their names actually are. Otherwise the people might call on the real names and be saved....

These are my Podcasts (below) on this topic of who Yehovah actually is. For those people uninitiated with my periodic Brooklynese teaching style, complete with some minor, colorful language at times, please accept my apology in advance if you are easily offended. 


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