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Whole-Foods Supporting Left-Pedo's?


And the hits keep coming!

Article Excerpt from Natural News:

"If you shop at Whole Foods you are supporting the destruction of all religion, human rights, child safety, and everything organic. If you think the Left has not gone completely insane, you may find out later the hard way, and in a way you can’t reverse. The Left is coming for your children. They’re coming for your land and your guns. Are you riding on the “Lolita Express” straight to Hell? If you vote for Democrats in 2020 you just might be.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, sums it all up best right here:

Rampant child abuse and sexual exploitation has now been normalized by “progressives” on the left, who claim they are doing all this for “love.” They claim sex with children is “loving” and normal, and that if you oppose it, you are full of hatred and intolerance. Pedophilia, according to the deranged Left, is now “diversity” and “inclusiveness.” And you’ve got powerful corporations, mayors and politicians all supporting it."


AHLC opinion:

I believe that I fully addressed the (false-control-narrative) issue in my Soul Revolution book, and the many reasons why these control-narrative streams have been designed and implemented since far ancient times. 

Most people have a bad tendency to read or consider ancient, or even more modern points of data, only in the "now"; seeing them as only being used or effective to one end or another in their specific ancient or more modern times, and no longer. This is a major misunderstanding which the evil, fallen Archon-types rely on, among other traits.

The fact is, and as I lined out in Soul Revolution, and in more recent Pod-casts, that virtually all of the ancient religious, cultural, and social narrative programs were designed to "always" work together and in sequence; one after the other and all at the same time, interwoven. Each emerging narrative stream or sub-narrative having another new or amended feature, all working together to one end that the Archon's planned long ago to converge at some far, future date. 

Amazingly, another point that most do not consider to be an issue (for the Archons) within the their plan and sphere, is, that they have always been dependent on the use of other, lesser humanoid beings, both "dark souled" and "UN-souled" beings to implement their plans in this physical realm.  Of course, evil people being, well, "evil", sociopathic, and also psychopathic by their very nature, and fully narcissistic, don't make for good, much less dependable employees when one wishes to implement, in a certain time frame, such lofty plans and goals.

See, problem for them is, these evil, mega-narcissistic people tend to veer off course, wanting to implement their own, personal plans and agendas. I have, in many conversations on this topic likened them to a giant pack of wild dogs; all running in one general direction - yes! BUT, at the same time having their own agendas, which at times may converge again with the grande agenda of their Archonian overlord's, but as these dogs run, they are all racing each other to be the lone wolf that reaches the magic ring before any other. Biting each others faces and necks viciously as they run in close formation. They only seek to win and win only for themselves at all times, and thus, as they run they constantly plot against all the other dogs in close formation with them, to seek their demise as they run. Biting, tearing at each other, hoping to force yet another dog to stumble, fall and be crushed under the unrelenting paws of the others, never to be seen again. One less competitor to deal with. Meanwhile, and in most cases, their overlords plan is a distant 3rd in their minds.

And THAT, is what the Archon's have been forced to deal with all this time, because they cannot deal directly with the NON-consenting souled people who would, in most cases make much better and more reliable employees. And when I say "non-consenting" souled people, I mean the majority of souled people through all time who are obviously enslaved here like all the rest for now, and for the same reason - Breaking the Everlasting Agreement - but who are not aware of the Fallen ones directly, nor have they ever "knowingly" received or accepted a direct offer to aid them as others have through all time.

When the ancient texts speak of a "lake of fire" or other damning place that had to be created for those fallen, angelic beings, and later states that also some other souls as well, will join them there, THOSE are the souls being referred to in those texts. The actual, souled people who are approached with deals and accept, usually a deal to regain and keep all of their lives memories through all subsequent life-cycles, which is of course is a feature required anyway in order for those people to be of any use at all to the Archon long term plan. I believe Christians have such a story of Yehshua being offered the ruler-ship of this entire world by the chief fallen one, if memory serves. So, there you go, an ancient and well known precedent for what I just described. 

So, what am I rambling about here, and what does any of that have to do with this article? 

I wanted to show why, what most identify only in political terms as the "left" or socialist, etc., have taken so long to get any of these evil plans fulfilled for themselves and their unseen overlords. Now you know better why it always appears three steps forward and four back with them, but at the same time, unceasing. The "unceasing" element comes directly from their Archon overlords because, even though they are not able or allowed to deal with the majority of souls here directly, as that would be an obvious, overt and lopsided overreach within the boundaries of the 1st law of free will, they don't grow old, get stupid and eventually die off. Not yet anyway.

As for this article specifically, which is about the LBGT'XYZLMNOV issue, and what "appears" to be a constant and growing onslaught by this "quickly" growing segment of the world societies, my issue with the entirety of the question is, that no one that I have seen is asking WHY this "appears" to be growing at some accelerated rate, and WHO is doing it, and WHY? 

My simple break down is this:

1. The Archon plan from ancient times was to flood the world with Levitical "type" theocracies which controlled everything and ruled with an iron fist by a set of 613 laws. Most of these laws, in one fashion or another, have been implemented across oceans from culture to culture in varying ways. 

2. The "Levitical" legal system, for lack of a better description, and among its other various laws, carried the death penalty for homosexuality, and over thousands of years has cemented the stigma and even hatred of such in most people of any "Abrahamic" religious affiliation. Societies may have become more "enlightened" as it were, and no longer outright murder Homosexuals on the spot, but you will see that my overall point herein is, that this is about to return.

3. With this Levitical law cemented in the minds and hearts of 99% of all people who to this day lie their asses off about being "sympathetic" to the "condition" and plight of homosexuals, while secretly still having literal hate for them and their so-called "condition", are a majority of people worldwide which most includes - Jews, Christians and Muslims among various other, less known tribal religions and cultures, who have now for some time been specifically targeted and inundated by these misguided and misused homosexual people within all of the media and entertainment complexes. But why? 

4. Always remember, EVERYTHING is ALWAYS about the soul! First they lay in thousands of years of anti-homosexual laws and fully have them assimilated into this crop of souls life after life, generation upon generation; THEN they begin to cycle and recycle more souls out of their gender order into the opposite physical bodies, which then lays the fertile soil of eventual, NAZI style rebellion against all such people. INVENT & IMPLEMENT the Law narratives; THEN give the soul and unsouled populations, as they grow, time to assimilate these negative law narratives deeply; THEN, towards the end, drop in all manner of Re-gendered souls to force-create the tensions to their manipulated end result, which is....

5. Why, the Homo-Holocaust! Of course. Everything that the evil fallen have and ever will do always revolves around the eventual and FINAL capture of as many Living-Souls as they can muster. And to do so, they must manipulate all situations, cultures, societies, all systems from top to bottom in many ways that all tend to appear disconnected to the casual onlooker, but actually work to strengthen the whole of their final solution, which is, to capture souls. But how?

6. By usurping the freewill of others, of course. First, they have to manipulate this situation so far in order to make it be - The peoples choice! The situation will grow unabated, in full view and in the faces of all these Levitisized peoples hoping to take them to their natural breaking point. And THEN, the Archon plan will most certain be to double down and have their minions create a false problem that will be overblown by miles through the mainstream media - (Call it weaponized AIDS that only kills children under 21 for the sake of conversation). The media will press this new problem diligently and using all the perfect trigger words that will quickly cause the majority of peoples to agree with the plan to come. THAT "plan to come" will be one which they will make appear to be the only way out of this new situation, and in doing so, cause the majority of people to CONSENT and AGREE. Remember how it says that the majority of the people all cheered when the two witnesses were killed? This is identical to that. 

7. In doing so, the aftermath will have scapegoated certain specific people and many others who may even be "perceived" as homosexual, along with any others that the governments do not want around and use the situation to list them, by hacking, on to homosexual porn sites and such, giving them the opportunity to have the local police consent to murdering more innocents. They will now have cajoled, by some false, but perceived threat to their children, a majority of souled people, and UN-souled humanoids to tacitly, and even in many cases directly CONSENT to murdering innocent people on the age old altars of hate and fear. 

And in doing so, they will have manipulated the situation which could be the final reason, by their own CONSENT, that a majority of souls are lost for good and captured by the Fallen ones, forever.

Or, it could all be nothing and everything will eventually work itself out and all will be fine. Why don't we peer back into history for the probability on that one... :-) 

What are Re-gendered souls?

The Re-gendering of souls is a term I devised to describe parts in my Soul Revolution book. Think of it this way. The soul is like Tofu; And as Tofu absorbs the flavors of the other foods in which it is cooked, so does a living-soul entity, over time, absorb all of the strongest characteristics of the lives it has experienced in the physical state. Thus, if you have been recycled many times as a physical male person, then your soul has most assimilated a male type persona, and vice-versa. The problem, as you can easily imagine, is when those who have control of the technology used to recycle souls then decide to insert your male persona soul into a female body, or vice-versa. You have now been inserted and literally trapped inside of a totally foreign entity. This is Regendering of the soul.




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