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Measles vaccines create market demand for more vaccines by causing measles outbreaks followed by media hysteria...

NEW SCIENCE breakthrough that all governments and big pharma don't want us to know about now proves that most, if not all of the outbreaks, in this case measles, were found to be “vaccine reactions” caused by measles vaccines directly. 

If you have been following this "destructive-health" topic as I have for over 25 years now, you would have also seen that when these alleged "outbreaks" occur in our schools or other, that the trend the media work hard to downplay, is that most, if not all of the people being infected by something, are usually the ones who have already been inoculated for it in the past. Making matters even worse, the media and government hoaxers then blame the UN-vaccinated kids for the outbreaks! We JUST recently watched this exact scenario play out against the Jewish population in New York. 

Let is break down that utterly ridiculous and false argument right here as I did in the face of more than one doctor in my day:

1. UN-inoculated people carry the disease, and pass it on; of course we know this is a lie because UN-inoculated people don't get these diseases because they never allowed anyone to stick the disease inside of them. 

2. Previously inoculated people are said, by all proponents of vaccines, that those people are now safe; THIS IS HOW THEY HAVE ALWAYS SOLD IT, and on that point there can be no argument! 

So then, if said inoculated children or adults are safe, then someone please explain how the UN-inoculated children/adults can be of any threat to those already inoculated, and thus, by their own rederick, protected against said disease?  Oh yes, I have heard their meager, off the cuff answers to that question. All of them back-paddle like the dickens, suddenly telling us all how those vaccines "do help" BUT....BUT....that nothing is 100% foolproof.

Well, the only people who believe their first lines of BS, or their later follow-up redirects which they were forced to make up on the fly not too long ago after anti-vaxers began finding and promoting ACTUAL proof against their lies, are the real fools. 

There is no doubt in my mind that all of these alleged outbreaks have been purposely caused for two major reasons; #1 - To cast seriously negative attention, and a shadow of fear against everyone who has the good sense not to trust the govt or big pharma with their lives, and lives of their children; and, #2 - To provide both govt and big pharma the excuse, through more fear, that more vaccines are required. 

This is, and always has been nothing less, or more than their long-term, final solution program for the hidden, Beacon-Seed people. What recently occurred against those - Anti-Zio, "Hebrew" Jewish people in NY should have been your wake-up call.

It appears, their long-term plan was to institute this inoculation program slowly after causing specific outbreaks. This fear tactic is easy to see and follow through just America history. I realize that many people may attempt an argument saying that such disease outbreaks have happened throughout history, and that this is proof that these outbreaks had occurred organically. To that argument I say, those people are seriously underestimating the enemy. The enemy has been here for a long, long time, and they have the know how, the access, and the fortitude to work out all plans over extremely long periods of time - generationally. They Cause the problem and present the solution! Nothing new.

It's all about control - SOUL CONTROL! 

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However, in order to control the souls in their final phase, they first must control the physical over many soul recycling generations. Everything they do works in phases, in parts, and this vaccine plan must be their slow implementation to a new final solution program. To cause planned and controlled hysteria in ever increasing events which collapse in on themselves, happening closer and closer together until the big one! And the big one WILL NOT be optional. That vaccine will be mandatory under martial law, and rule. And all who oppose that vaccination will be either killed on site, depending on their reaction to those forces set against them; or, they will be abducted and transported like cattle to one of the many FEMA farms where they will be eradicated their in gas chambers and burned for being the carriers of the hoaxed disease. 


In my opinion, everyone, everywhere they believe the Beacon-Seed carriers to be; this will also account for those who they believe may even have the slightest chance of carrying it. Which then, (if they don't already have their means of detection dialed in by that time), means pretty much everyone in the USA for sure, and most likely Canada as well. And, if you read my Beacon-Seed book, you will see that the evidence against their being able, through DNA science, to accurately identify that Beacon-Seed marker, is strongly against it. Which is why, in the end, and exactly as they have always done, they will resort to the WAG method of identification, and begin mass-genocide once again. Personally, I believe they have already come to that conclusion years ago, and I believe we have the physical evidence for that plan when we see them buying and storing multi-millions of huge plastic Bio-hazard coffins that can hold a family of 4 or 5; along with the evidence found only a few years back of them also buying large cement coffins. Some of those are also stockpiled in various locations around the country, and most likely the world over, but they also buried thousands of them in giant areas and covered them up with only a couple of feet of dirt for quick and easy access later, when required. Governments don't do those kinds of things without knowing why. They do them because they know what's coming. And they know what's coming because they are the ones doing it.





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