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Vampires by Science - Eternal Life


Harvesting blood of the young so elites can live, and rule forever!

Life is in the blood! As Big Tech pours billions into, "being as god!" 

They should have begun this article with the following excerpt from it, so that everyone would know exactly who was behind all this evil, as they have always been! THE SHELANITE Yudahites! The Babylonian horde of death!

“You have no idea how many people are interested to investing money in longevity,” Nir Barzilai, founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, as well as the founder of one of the biotech firms, told Newsweek. “There are billions of dollars.”....... (Emphasis added)

"(Natural News) It’s something straight out of a science fiction movie, and a bad one at that, but it’s absolutely true: Big Tech oligarchs in the U.S. and abroad are pouring billions into research that will enable them to live and govern eternally by literally discovering the once-fictional “fountain of youth,” even if they have to harvest the blood of the young to achieve it.

In fact, the elite aren’t even hiding what they’re trying to do: No less than Newsweek recently published an expose regarding this ghoulish research....."

I guess most would not think this stuff "ghoulish" if they understood that the Fallen ones, the Satanim, were only trying to preserve their own, former, eternal lives. 

 Anyone who follows my work will know that I have taught in this topic extensively, and shown the proof of it, when, and why it happened to them from the pages of the great prophet, Enoch.  Since that time, long, long ago, they have been using the soul energy of all "ensoulled" people, tapping, or pirating a portion of our soul energies in order for them to continue to remain alive long enough to win their unwinnable war.  Over time, more and more energy has been siphoned which has lessened our life spans as well, but that is NOT the life-span that Genesis 6 speaks of - (I will only contend with man for 120 years....)    The following Genesis text, which has been thoroughly destroyed through manipulation and subsequent translations, I believe was meant, originally, to depict a different story to what most have believed any of this to be speaking about. FIRST, we have to decide which CONTEXT we will be going with. Is it "Man" the entities are referring to? Or, is it the Fallen ones being referred to? Or both with some context missing, as usual. Either way, I believe, as always, once we sort out who is speaking, and when, which only comes after defining which entity is which, and who they all are in the grand hierarchy, and what their jobs are, can we ever understand what the hell is going on through all the Tanak texts. I will add some pointers without totally re-translating the entire chapter. 

GEN: 6 > The sons of AHYH - (The Fallen), saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they impregnated whomever they chose. So, Yehovah (the warden) said,'“my soul will not contend with man?? No!-(the fallen ones), forever, for they are mortal; their days will be 120 years.'

  OK, So by this, then,  the entire context is speaking to the fallen ones and their actions in raping, and impregnating the 3rd dimensional, human women here. It is NOT speaking about the physical, mankind, in general at all. Suffices to say, because of their early actions, the Father - (AHYH), totally disconnected from them, which made them UN-eternal beings - aka-Human. And Yehovah/Yehshua stepped in and somehow greatly limited their life spans even further.  THUS, since that time they have single mindedly striven to lengthen their life spans again, back to eternal if possible.  

I have shown in detail how the Eternal Creator, who created all of the Eternally living entities called - "Living-Souls", continues to keep all of our living-souls viable, or eternal, via His direct connection to the souls of those who are RETURNED to Him via "Teshuvah" back to His 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement; and, the larger majority of souls who have NOT "Returned" to Him yet. The larger majority souls are kept viable through His "Elect one", who may or may not be the one known as Yehshua/Jesus. Either way, this "Elect one" as we know him to be via the texts of Enoch, is all righteous, and his main job is the "covering" or "Sustained viability" of those non-returned souls until a later time known in prophecy as, the Greater Exodus. 

  Either way, in more general terms, all of the created, Living-Souls are connected to the Father's eternal energy, either directly, or indirectly, which is the energy that all of the fallen ones were "cut-off" from, as the Enochian texts depict.  Additionally, since then, and just as many of this worlds cultures, and sub-cultures have shown in their writings in various ways, those fallen ones, aka - the energy vampires - have been pirating that Eternal signal for themselves, all this time. 

  PLAN B? 

 Well, I personally believe their Plan-B to be somewhat extensive, and covers several major field narratives; however, what I have long taught everyone, without exception, or change, is that all of their plans revolve around one single orbit, which is the ultimate separation of as many Living-Souls as possible from their physical bodies after death, and their capture for later useYou see, it is my belief, based on the evidence that I have come to understand in my field of study over most of my conscious life now, that, at the very least, the fallen ones must believe that the Eternal Creator will NOT detach Himself from any good, or asleep souls, if those souls/people were captured by the fallen after being totally, spiritually, hoodwinked in life. And, that, based on all of the obvious plans and activities of the fallen ones, as we see played out by their many evil, human, and, or, humanoid-drone sycophants, as they work their generational evil here in this earthly realm, we can reliably conclude that the fallen ones do, in fact, believe that they can capture, and utilize souls, and their energy Believing, that by default, those captured souls energies will remain connected to the Eternal Creator's tether of eternal power. Thus, by this they believe that they can remain sustained eternally by those souls/people, whom they have captured after death by use of their evil technologies. Just as many authoritative scientific doctors, trial test patients, and also those in the general public who have since CONSENTED to taking the Cee-Vee-19-capture-devise poison, have been reporting, that after taking it, that persons literal soul is somehow pushed out of the body, but still tethered to it. Also reporting that the soul, in this condition, appears to be in a state of confusion as to why it cannot re-inhabit its body.  With at least two other CONSENTING victims that we have heard of via the mainstream media early on during test trials, with test patients becoming inconsolable, and screaming that they could no longer FEEL their SOULS, and or, "My soul is dead!"  NOT dead of course! But now removed to an outside location where undoubtedly, by some technology we are all still unaware of, can be attached to, and abducted to some new location after the physical body of that person, dies in this realm. 

New, Short Lived Physicality

    The proof will be in the pudding soon enough. With all manner of bio-experts in various fields, world renown virologists, etc., coming out publicly, and not mincing any words to warn everyone who has NOT yet taken their DNA, and soul manipulating witches brew, that for certain everyone who has taken the first round will most likely be dead within one year, but most within six months, AND, now telling us that everyone who took it to be highly contagious. That whatever is ultimately spawning within those people, is absolutely, transmittable to those who have not CONSENTED!  SO! Not only have they evidently found a way to DE-couple the souls from the bodies, and then to relocate them somewhere else upon the bodies demise for those who have CONSENTED, WILLINGLY!  BUT! They have made it contagious so that even more souls can be captured! UNWILLINGLY I would add!

   "And if those days were not shortened, all souls would be lost......" 

  So, maybe by this time we may have a better idea of what that short biblical text may have been referring to... 

Wrong Dimension? 

   How does this all work if the fallen are stuck, allegedly, in the 4th dimension, and people are here in the lower, physical matrix of the 3rd dimension? 

   Well, I have shown many times now, how, all of the so-called, mislabeled, "Alien creatures" from Zondar, are NOT aliens from other, far-flung galaxies at all, but quite literally the physical creations of the fallen ones, created to work, (as Cut-Outs) on their behalf, and against all the souls of people here, in this 3rd dimension. WHY? Because the fallen, themselves, have not yet been able to inhabit this lower dimension. 

   However, with that understood, also understand that all of the fallen's human sycophants, whether alive or dead at any given time, all have been "promised", by the fallen, their version of "eternal life."  I have also touched on this specific topic in my books as well.  So, it would appear, by the attached article herein, as well as many others I have pointed to in the past, that the earth-bound acolytes of  the fallen, may, or may not, given that they are liars, receive their version of eternal life in physical form.

  NOW, remember, they are liars, so even if these special "chosen people" do get to live longer, physically, which may or may not be eternal life via constant, and immediate reincarnation with full memories, then, what those acolytes of the fallen do not yet understand, is that they will also have whatever soul energy they still have connected to them, siphoned off during their new lifetimes.  And that is only if they still have a soul in them at all, which is somewhat unlikely under those conditions, and given what I know, and believe about all the Hebrew prophecies. Additionally, and for arguments sake, it could be that all of the souls they captured and imprisoned, will be the memory wiped souls used in slave bodies on some other physical earth, or in some digital creation-space they set up in order to continue feeding these fallen entities. 

  Either way, there appears to be several conditions that may have to be met in order for the fallen ones to even tap in, and be able to pirate any soul energies, from any physical bodied person.  Moreover, as I have come to know how the Father moves and works, I have come to find many physical world, and major Quantum-world proofs which depict how HE created this place.  And for me, there is no question, all creation-spaces (earths or otherwise) that are made for souls to inhibit, have been created in such a way as to limit anyone, any soul, or other entity in or outside of this realm, from being able to go deep enough into the building blocks of the Creation-Space, thus, limiting mans, and the fallens ability to make lasting and consequential changes. One such point which I depicted in great depth in my Soul Revolution book, was to show how all matter reacts to change itself from its original form when any living-soul (projected-intention), even approaches that molecule of matter.  In other words, the Eternal Creator, created all matter in such a way, that all souls can, and do interact with it through their "soul intentions", which causes all matter to change. Meaning, our world around us changes, albeit somewhat slowly, as our souls energetic "intention" projects itself on all matter.  While at the same time, we are never able, or allowed to SEE, or KNOW what any point of matter is, or looks like within its original, natural, state.  WHY? Because most men are evil and who can know them, or trust their utterly dark intentions. 

  Of course, this is the age old question that I continue to get from people - Will their loved ones be held spiritually responsible for NOT "hearing" and believing said data on the Creator, and His laws, etc..  And changing their lives to follow said laws?   Will my family be held accountable for not listening to the few authoritative, academic voices out there who explain all this about the souls, and their eventual capture by the fallen ones?, And or ignore the original remedy that will resist all capture?  I can go around this topic for as long as anyone can stay awake, and although some of the biblical evidence for the Creator's Free-Will system tends to make me believe that many people will not be saved from the fallen, the bigger picture shown to me and detailed out in my Greater Exodus prophecy book, does appear to say that yes, most all will get one last chance to SEE, HEAR & DO. And that this is the greater reason for the resurrection of all bones. After, however, a whole lot of gnashing of teeth and renting of clothing as the great prophets have clearly written. 

  "Over the past six years, Alkahest has found more than 8,000 proteins in blood that show some potential in terms of slowing or reversing signs of aging. (Related: Biden regime now working with big tech to stifle all dissent to COVID-19 vaccine.).....

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.dcclothesline.com/2021/04/14/big-tech-pouring-billions-into-harvesting-blood-of-the-young-so-elites-can-live-and-rule-forever/



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