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The Satanic Shelanite Surge!

The Satanic Shelanite Surge!

In order to “save lives,” many will die!

We have seen this pattern before, perhaps most recently with World War II and the infamous concentration camps where the “unclean” were sent to be “sanitized.”

"The (CDC) has introduced a “Green Zone” plan that involves “shielding” certain people in “humanitarian settings” in order to protect against Chinese Virus infection. This involves relocating and isolating individuals to supposedly “stop the spread” of the Fauci Flu. This sounds eerily similar to the Nazi propaganda back in the 1930s."

"This time around, a scary virus from China (or Fort Detrick?) is the excuse for hauling off the “dangerous” to internment facilities where they can be “cleansed” of the virus and released back into society – or will they?

"The way the CDC will know who to capture and take away to one of the “green zones” is by using contact tracing apps, the operating platforms for which have already been installed on people’s “smart” phones.

The government will determine who is “clean” and who is “unclean” and act accordingly. With this will come the infamous “Great Reset” as planned by World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab.

Think one-world currency, one-world government, and one-world religion, just like the Bible foretold would happen. It will be like World War II on steroids, with the targets being not just Jews but the entirety of humanity – a global genocide utilizing all of the technology that was developed after the war."

“Between Klaus’ Great Reset, the roll-out of the CDC Green Zone plan, the coordinated virus tracking, and world leaders who are all stating we need a one-world solution, we seem to be headed down a very slippery slope of not only repeating history, but repeating it on an unprecedented scale.”


I won't keep beating that dead horse, but suffices to say, this is all about exterminating the Beacon-Seed which has long been spread out far and wide, and exactly as prophesied we would be in Gen 22: "in blessing, I bless you, and multiplying, I multiply your seed as stars of the heavens, and as sand which [is] on the seashore; and your Seed will possess the gates of His enemies;  And the fallens time being so, and knowing this fact, they evidently decided on the global, shot-gun effect to just kill everyone if possible. Killing everyone other than the many tens of thousands that they know are NOT the Fathers seed-souls, but who will be housed through all these coming and greatly prophesied events, down deep in all of their many bunkers which they have been building, worldwide, since the 1950's. Of course, our great Hebrew prophet Jeremiah clearly tells us that it will be them, all of them who will be destroyed in the worst possible ways, down in those rocks. "and your Seed will possess the gates of His enemies;"


UK government seeks contract for “excess body storage” in preparation for mass extermination event....

This John Moore interview video below is well worth watching. My only issue with this man, as intelligent as he has always appeared to be, at the same time, on certain points that do matter, like the actual shape and orientation of the earth, and things like the theory of gravity, etc., he sticks to the mainstream propaganda versions. His age most definitely has allot to do with that lower level of enlightenment. That said, and just as I found out to be the case many yrs ago, there are major, long prophesied earth changes coming soon, and mass flooding will be a huge part of that. So, on all that and more, Mr. Moore is totally correct. He is also correct in saying that they are trying to exterminate as many people as possible before this comes, so that they have far less people to deal with when they come out of their safe zones. Just that, they won't be coming out. And personally, I get ALLOT of satisfaction out of that tid-bit of information. As well, I also get allot of satisfaction knowing that all of these satanic globalists actually believe that they are the safe ones...  ;)

John Moore reveals military knowledge of civilization-ending global event, while....

What the Blk Goo Will Do to People....

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON: The World Economic Forum’s Totally Not Creepy New Idea To Track You...


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