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The Repto Man Eaters!


Under the Hu-Man Farm

 In 1994, Alex Collier, an alleged alien contactee and whistle-blower revealed the Reptilian and "other" alien race types agenda for the SOULS of mankind, as well as for many of our physical bodies. Amazingly, he described, way back then, what many today believe to be happening on various levels, and in various ways. 

Before those of you who have read my work, or heard my podcasts, or interviews on some of these topics watch this video, allow me to make some minor points, correlations and observations between my work and what he is saying in order to pre-clear some possible confusion: 

  1. He begins by saying that all that he is about to describe is for the SOULS of humanity. At which point the video appears to be edited to stop his point on that. It may be accidental or just from age, but do not miss the fact that he begins all this stating that it concerns SOULS, directly.

  2. My observation of the man as he speaks lends me to believe he is very stressed, and understandably at times agitated. I have seen this exact spectacle before years ago in the early 90's while speaking to those in this State who were learning such things and becoming adversely effected by the knowledge, as well as those who were blowing the whistle on government corruption with few people listening to them. So, their frustration was palpable and rightly so. With such people one needs to really spend time listening and observing them, because many times I have believed that they exhibit signs of previous mind control, thus, they may be agent provocateurs sent to distribute dis-information long in advance of expected mass-control operations. Like say a hoax alien invasion and Jesus in the sky, etc. And surely, as we see here with Collier, one who admits to being taught all this by yet another "alien" race, could easily be such a victim, especially in the 90's.  THAT said, the other option is to believe that he is telling (his) truth after being advised by some benevolent "alien" race. However, to me, it is quite evident that the man was still under the spell of the false, sphere-earth & space model, therefore, most of what he is saying, even if 100% true, MUST be re-calibrated by us in order for us to have the most accurate understanding, and, for use to be able to correlate the story points with the warnings given to us by the Hebrew prophets, and, also based on our updated understanding of this Domed, flat creation-space. 

  3. It is far easier to understand what he is saying concerning these "aliens" when one understands that they are not from some distant, sphere shaped planet in far-flung OUTER space, but from some landmass as described in the flat-earth proof video at the end of this page. Massive continents that reside among many such places within the OUTER-rings of this far larger creation-plain. (See my older full flat-earth blog article below) As I have described in my podcasts and blogs on these topics, these other ocean-rings and land-rings reside outside of our "actual" Antarctic-Ice-Containment-Ring. Which is exactly why all of Antarctica has been cut off from land, or air travel, all this time. I have taught for many years that people need to start thinking far more critically, and would do well to start with the understanding that everything any government speaks of, does so by semantics. They always tell us most of the truth as forced by the Creators Free-Will system which they cannot blatantly breech; but, at the same time, they always "allow"us to "interpret" their speech based on all of the false-control-narratives they have previously rolled out for humans to assimilate by their own free will CONSENT.  Case in point: "Outer Space" contrary to the popular, assimilated tradition, is NOT, by their understanding, referring to the alleged, vast vacuum of space where their rocket engines somehow breach the known and accepted laws of physics and thermal dynamics by operating within a vacuum! And, that is but one of many such examples of how ridiculous their pseudo scientific assertions to us are, and also of how absolutely dumbed-down the vast populations of earth are; as well as how equally corrupt most of our scientists are. For a far better explanation of OUTER SPACE by semantic manipulation, understand that when they refer to this, that they are literally referring to the OUTER-SPACE which resides beyond our Antarctic-Ice-Containment-Ring, which is contained by the impenetrable DOME that NASA was forced, in 2016, to confess knowing about. However, I believe they have found a way through, or past the dome-shield. I believe they have been using the ancient Star-Gate system that may have been previously disabled to keep all the false gods of our ancient past, out, and all of the evil children of the fallen gods, in! 

  4. Children of the gods -  I have also agreed with the understanding that none of these reptile, gray or other aliens are "aliens" from distant planets at all, but physical creations to be used by the ancient, "fallen" ones as "cut-outs"- beings who can work within this three dimensional space for the fallen, who cannot. Do they have "home worlds?" Yes of course. They are of the many, massive land masses outside of our Antarctic-Ice-Containment-Ring. Do these places have names? Yes, one is named Mars, another Draco, another Sirius, another is Saturn, and etc... NASA this week just told the world that their new explorer Helicopter was working perfectly on MARS!!! Really? How can that be when, since the beginning of modern times they have been telling us that Mars HAS NO ATMOSPHERE!  And even if they back peddle and say, well, it has a little atmosphere, that dog wont hunt ether, because helicopter design dictates that a "little atmosphere" will not cut it.  Again, no one is ever truly listening to anything.  ALSO: If you have not yet seen the true, and video documented account of Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler, made into a movie in 2009, you should watch it closely. There are several points depicted in this movie regarding the alleged "aliens" that I believe went mostly misunderstood by most. Bottom line of it all, was, the "aliens" openly told her, in the Sumerian language, that they were our god. And, in the end, isn't that the point of the entire matter ?

  5. So,  this man Collier clearly does believe in a Prime, Eternal and all powerful Creator source, and that this source resides in all of us; but, at the same time he was still under the influence of the false, sphere earth model, which then allows that person to be easily led astray causing the more detailed facts to be missed. There are many points of his story that ring perfectly true to me, although he miss understands their true origin, which does matter. 

  6. Reps and Grays - He speaks more about the Reptoids than the others, and I would say to pay close attention to the one picture they show at the very end credits of the US Mil and a captured Rep. If that is a real pic, then surely these creatures, using very high technology, coming out of the mountains swiftly as our prophets warn us they will, can very easily be the ones the prophets speak of. The grays, by all accounts, including Collier's account in this interview, are the "Soul-Energy-vampires" which are so often documented through ancient history.  So, the Reps are eating the people, children mostly, and the grays are pirating the Eternal Creation energy which comes from the Creator and into all Living-souls, to live on, and most likely, for their betters, the original fallen ones, to survive on. 

ALSO: If you have not yet read the book - SOUL REVOLUTION - I would highly advise doing so, ASAP.  


 The best, scientific flat-earth proof available yet! 


 Here is my much earlier blog article on Flat earth, Star-gates and the dome, with NASA article links at the end proving they know about the dome:




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