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The Gates Cannibalism Initiative


A chicken in every pot, and a Condo for every pig! 

 Here comes the human-cell, lab grown, cannibal steaks!

Unfortunately, the title is not hyperbole. Anyone who has followed my work, and specifically on this topic in my podcasts, knows that I called this several years ago when the very first blurbs arrived on scene about the new, laboratory, cell-grown, animal meats. I also have other blog articles on the topic here in this blog site. 

I won't again belabor the point since this article (Link below) does a great job, only to reiterate that I advised everyone in my circle to avoid these products, and all other vegan products that any of these globalists may be connected with, which unfortunately is a growing list as they take over many such companies. I advised avoiding them altogether even though the Orthodox Jewish associations wasted no time at all in waving their flag of approval by being the first to board that train to hell, and by publicly announcing that the new, "Clean Meat" was 100% "Kosher", which is an added, man-made biblical standard anyway. The main reason behind my advising this was based my long experience with mankind, coupled with my extensive knowledge of biblical and other related world history. Understanding full that the Satanic drive which has always been verifiably, time and again, a push to get the souls or people to CONSENT to certain, biblically illegal practices one corporate step at a time. The first step was getting the generations of world populations to believe all of their false religious narratives which all revolve around the murder and consumption of both animals and humans depending on the culture and time frame in history. I have spent nearly a lifetime now proving how they manipulated both the Tanak texts, and also the teachings of those texts in order to subvert the original, 1st law of the Eternal Creator. All done in this silent war on humanity's souls. A war in which the satanic forces objective is the capture and eternal internment of as many Living-Souls as satanically possible. And, as I have proven through various biblical, and extra biblical texts, the one sure fire way to separate a soul from its Creator, forever, and without question, is by somehow getting that soul to CONSENT, whether knowingly or tacitly, into making the jump from murdering and consuming animals, to cannibalism. 

YES!  I also agree, there is some gray area in there as far as the Father's Free Will system is concerned. How can one CONSENT in any fashion when they have no idea that these satanic globules are adding human parts into their, "Clean Meat." 

Of course, some believed that idea may be over the top. They said, 'why would any of these new companies even have or think to do that?' Well, my answer is as it always has been, because man is evil as fk, and none of those companies exist without being directed by one or more of these satanic drones. WHO KNEW that Gates co-founded the "Impossible Foods" company? Which also means, by that companies name alone, that he is also partly responsible for the "Impossible Burger", which has allegedly already been found at times to have human flesh mixed in it more than once!

But in the end, all we had to di was wait until about year 3 into all this Lab-grown meat BS to know, without any doubt that my original suspicions were correct, which happened in 202 when we first began seeing actual commercials on social media for "Celebrity Meats!"   Yes! Of course! Now anyone can order cuts of meat grown from the human cells of their favorite celebrity! 

You see! It's a sickness in the soul that always bleeds out all over the ground wherever these people go. They just cannot help from vomiting their vile, satanic goo all over this creation, and into the UN-discerning mouths of the masses. Soon, even if your belief, faith, and direct relationship with the Eternal One is lackluster, and weak, and not enough to cause Him to carry you through the times directly ahead of all mankind, then it would be better to stop eating and die to save your soul, than to trust one morsel coming from the blood stained, four fingered paws of these hell-bound drones. 

Excerpt from the article by Dr. Mercola below:

"As explained in the Ice Age Farmer video below, above, Initiative Petition 1310 (IP13) would turn Oregon into a “sanctuary state for animals” by removing exemptions for good animal husbandry practices, criminalizing the raising and slaughtering of food animals in the state and reclassifying traditional animal husbandry practices such as artificial insemination and castration as “sexual assault.”

The only type of natural meat that would be allowed to be processed and eaten would be an animal that has lived out at least one-quarter of its natural lifespan or died of natural causes, which typically means the meat is inedible due to age or disease. Killing of an animal would only be legal in cases of “human self-defense.” As reported by Farm Progress:"



Gates isn’t suggesting the U.S. cut down on meat consumption by a little bit. He wants Americans and other Western nations to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef. Mid-February, 2021, he told Technology Review:"

The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Google Want You to Eat Lab-Grown ‘Meat’

By Dr. Joseph Mercola



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