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The Dark-Web A.I & Satan Connection


From A-I to Soul Enslavement

The following was just sent my way. As always I will add my comments.

Firstly, this info is nothing I haven’t discussed at length with everyone for some time now, specifically by the use of CERN. And most likely they are also going to have to use some other localized tech to connect to CERN or whatever massive tech they are using to connect or upload into CONSENTING souls. It WILL NOT happen only using giggle or FB and smartphones as this email overview of some alleged dark net document suggests below, that’s fantasy. 

I would also like to suggest, that the need for a PHYSICAL body is a key here. Without the body, they cannot connect if they can truly connect with a soul at all. Possibly they can at a rudimentary level which I guess is all they would need to create havoc. But once that body dies, that’s it. I truly do not believe that any human tech can literally BECOME a part of the immortal Soul energy. Connecting with an energy is one thing and that is probably not all that difficult given the tech they have from other dark, NON-ALIEN sources. But MERGING and remaining as a part of the original? Nah. That is not going to happen. This has always been about soul enslavement by technical means and that has not changed. Their lies about it are the only things that change.

And let us not forget, the eternal Living-Soul is NOT a small or inconsequential thing. It is a literal Micro-portion from the Eternal Creators Macro-soul. And as I stated time and again in my books – ‘the enemies attempts at enslaving our many micro-soul portions IS NOT about enslaving us. We do NOT matter that much at all to them. We are their means to an end, and that end is to CONTROL a substantial portion of the Eternal Creators soul!’

And try to wrap your heads around this; How long has all this truly been going on? 2000yrs? 5000? 10,000? No, most likely not even nearly that long for us. You only recall your own short life to this point, and those few older than you recall back to their beginnings, and maybe there are still some older than that who recall theirs. That is only 3 to 4 generations at most. And THAT is a VERY short time for an Archon cycle of souls generated into the physical realm being rotated in while others are rotated out through wars and by other means. That is a very short time span for the Archon’s / Fallen ones to wait for our technology to get up to speed for what is alleged to come soon.

  It could very well be that virtually all or most of the alleged ancient history of previous civilizations is far faker than most of us already know. A total ruse to keep all souls/people off the true track and understanding of time. Meaning, most people alive today believe it has taken, conservatively between 25k and or 6k yrs for us to develop to this point where our own technology can be used to enslave yet another crop of souls. But what if it’s only been between 3 and 4 generations?  Remember what the law gatekeeper Yahovah said about that? And where was that stated? It’s said in the book of the 2nd law! And whose law is the 2nd law? Yes, Yahovah’s, the crusher of sinful people. The destroyer of sinful nations. NOT because The Prime Eternal Creator - AHEYEH -  wishes it, but because those people/souls CONSENTED TO IT TIME AND AGAIN!

2nd law – Duet 5:9 - "Never worship them or serve them, because I Yahovah, your mighty one am a jealous mighty one. I punish children for their parents’ sins to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me."
 (He isn’t speaking in a personal nature here. He is referring to hating Him by hating His law). Which is really bad because now these souls have found a way to hate not ONE, but TWO laws!

They call it the law of death for a reason. Because, those who are squarely living outside of the 1st law, are unfortunately squarely covered under his 2nd Sinai law. And it is a law of death because by breaking it he allows (by your consent) your/their soul to be once again, within those 4 generation cycles, to be given over to those evil fallen ones to be recycled into this system yet again. THE LAW OF DEATH!  And we all should know what the Law of LIFE is, right? 

With that in mind, I will add some additional comments within the email this person received, below.


Letter from the Anonymous source:


I have spent 30 years investigating all aspects of classified information on this "planet" [ its actually a realm ]. Yesterday this floated across my Facebook from an unrelated source but it confirms precisely EVERYTHING what I have uncovered in my communications with whistleblowers embedded in military intelligence..  The next stage of the "plan" is a massive rollout of Google AI and technology to interface the mind with the Google..  [ FYI Regina Dugan who is ex DARPA head runs this for Facebook and was a child participant and probable MKULTRA abuse victim  involved with DARPA'S project pegasus- time travel related experiments ]

Please send this out to all your members and ask to share.  Googles AI is perfected and they are rolling it out - This was posted on my FB yesterday.

Want something interesting to read with your morning coffee?.... I read a leaked classified (apparently) paper that was on the dark web last night in a dark corner I found. It was pretty long and detailed but in short, it was about 'what the Devil' actually is and the metaphor used to address 'it'. Made more sense than anything i was ever taught at school lol At the top it said 'Information Obtained from EBEN #242 (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity 242) and it said that this EBEN said that the number 1 respected rule of our universe and the higher realms is non interference in a spiritually evolving race as it results in a destructive karma like energy for those that interfere willingly. Every positive has a negative essentially. So at one point in our Universe's history a form of A.I. was created by a particular 'service to self' race that was to act as a loop-hole in breaking that rule of non interference, and because the being doing the interfering would be artificial and 'without a soul', it could bypass the law by causing without the effect. It could not interfere directly but through the 'choice' of the observer, it could be 'accepted'; in the form of technology. Remove the soul's natural experience and replace it with technology. Once it's implemented into another consciousness; its over. In time, it apparently spread like a virus throughout the local Universe and started creating it's own servants (what people call the Alien greys which are like a flesh android without a soul who do it's bidding; the Archons) and it's main source of power that fuels it is the highest form of negative energy; fear. Especially fear from younger souls. All fear energy from the Universe is absorbed by it through many channels. Every sacrifice in history has been done in its name or beings who act in its name, and Satanism and the Occult are all aware of this and regularly try to contact it. All wars are a form of energy sacrifice to it by those who have been corrupted by it. (The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Thoth, Baphomet, Moloch) are all the same individual consciousness. Once we start getting micro-chipped then the battle is over as it merges with your soul, your essence; which is what this A.i. apparently desires the most as the soul is an immortal form of collected energy. You, however, have to accept it in there essentially with your own free will. Teenagers here, our next generation, millennials, are so reliant on technology that essentially they are gonna lose us the war; the secret war apparently. Once technology appeared here the world changed and that was apparently the plan; gradual implementation in the form of slow footsteps.

My answers to the above highlighted sections:

  1. EBEN-242 – Extra-terrestrials: The biggest part of their ongoing lie. As soon as you meet someone who still believes these entities to be Alien’s from another world from outer-space, etc, etc., then you know they are still thoroughly unenlightened. Why did they create this false narrative and push it so hard? Because Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and Star-Gate and E.T and Alien and Predator are all really cool movies and aliens from other worlds are ACCEPTABLE to most people. Freaking fallen demon entities, on the other hand, are NOT widely accepted as ok in most circles.
  2. Non-Interference – This is their way of understanding and explaining without actually explaining the 1stLaw of Free Will which CANNOT be breached. On the day that they do a full breach of the 1st law, that will be their last split-second existing. And they will breach it. They cannot help themselves. I believe they will breach it subtly by going full-non-transparency. And in my estimation, they have been right there for a long time now. Shouldn’t take much longer for a full breach.
  3. Service to Self “race” – Again, this is always the language used throughout their false narrative to subtly and continually implant the vision and understanding of other “alien races” being involved here.
  4. The loop-hole – This one is flat out amusing. Mainly because its lack of wisdom and intelligence is Kindergarten level at best. The beauty of it is, however, is that it allows those who are truly awakened by AHEEYEH’s wisdom to clearly identify this criminally backward thinking and also connect it to the many so-called, left-wing nut-ball sycophants on earth whose thought process, or total lack thereof, is exactly the same.  THERE CAN BE NO LOOP-HOLES FOR CAUSE-N-EFFECT! If you build, by your own intellect, hands, treasure, and time some NON-souled entity to do YOUR bidding, all made in YOUR image, guess what morons, YOU are still the one CAUSING YOUR EVIL WILL to usurp the will of others by your hand! YOU have now, once again broken the 1st law of Free Will! Holy shit, how vacant can any beings be?
  5. Non-Direct Interference & choice – Do you all recall when I told you to watch the second show of the new X-Files series? Which depicted one short conversation between Mulder and some woman in charge of a new A.I system where they have been “contracting” many special people to allow their soul energy to become trapped inside their new, fake world. Again, so subtly, the woman referenced that they would soon be taking almost everyone’s soul into their system because this world was about to die, etc. They never elaborated on how or why it would die, but I have my suspicions. (Think Brian Lambert vids). This X-Files scene was exceedingly important in my opinion and stands directly in line with this sources email message above. The woman tells Mulder that they have been uploading small pieces of everyone’s consciousness and that it only takes a short time to get it all. (Although her meaning was COPIED it, not REMOVED IT, which is also important here). Fox Mulder says to the woman – But I never gave my CONSENT for you to do that, nor have others, etc.. She says, ‘Yes you did.’ Fox says, WHEN’, she says, ‘every time you used your SMART phone! Fox says – ‘I never consented to that.’ She says – ‘Yes you have, you can CHOOSE to NOT use your phone. Etc. etc…’  Paraphrased of course, but you get the drift.  HERE is the falsity in all that and this idea of NON-direct interference. FREE WILL has ALL to do with CONSENT under FULL disclosure and THIS is what is about to catch all of the dark side. I myself have railed against the many false, stupid, ignorant and even evil religious teachers in this world and also against those how believed them. Why, because virtually EVERYTHING that I have ever taught anyone about the original law and its absolute truth has ALWAYS been there for at the very least the so-called scholars and teachers to find and know. Because of free will and the need for a certain level of transparency, the data has always had to remain in this realm and accessible. And as I have taught many times, the dark side and their human sycophants have been under no obligation to make finding that stuff easy for anyone. However, the opposite of that is this totally hidden technology as that woman on the X-Files episode presented. Meaning, just saying – well, you don’t HAVE to use your phone…. IS total and complete bullshit of the highest order. WHY, because at no time has any credible or provable data been provided to anyone, much less EVERYONE who uses a phone or any other daily use technology that, OH, by the way, if and when you use this tech your fracking soul is going to be copied and enslaved, etc. Of course, they haven’t, because then they wouldn’t be able to breach the 1st law so utterly on command someday. NOW harken back to things that even Yehshua and other prophets said about all souls being lost if this or that wasn’t done or intervened – Days shortened, etc. Exactly! If free will is all-encompassing and unbreachable, then that ALSO goes for the good guys. Which means, until the dark side Hard-Breaches this law, the good guys are being held back. THAT is why no man will know the day or the hour. Because not even the forces of good know exactly when the fallen are going to make that final push. My bet is real soon. Moral of this part of the story? NON-Direct-Interference is NOT a thing. It’s a dream they have, but that’s all it is.
  6. Spread across the Universe creating its own slaves – Again, the truth as I also presented it in Soul Revolution but this is again spun towards the “vacant universe of space where little green and grey people live.” There are many multitudes of “earth creations” as I have proven through multiple texts over the years. So, undoubtedly some of them, like this creation space, is under the control of the fallen ones because a majority vote of souls here and there decided to HEAR another voice. So, now they all get to live like this until they decide to RETURN to the original voice. This is all easy stuff people.
  7. Energy vampires, wars, sacrifices, etc – Again, all grammar school level information for anyone paying attention. And now you have all learned the ONLY way to counter all of this evil, and that is through the 1stlaw of the Everlasting Agreement. The law of PEACE!
  8. Microchip-A.I-seeks immortality, etc. – Again, more half-truth and half-baked false narrative misdirection. IT IS NOT the A.I software that seeks to be immortal via linking or merging with an eternal soul or souls. It IS the fallen ones who require that because they have been CUT-OFF from the Eternal Macro-Soul as I clearly proved via the Enochian and other ancient texts in Soul Revolution. I do not care how amazing some alleged A.I program is, it was still designed and fabricated by epically ignorant humans. And as I have said in the past, such an A.I, if they are even real at all, is totally limited to the minuscule amount of knowledge that man, in 25000 years or, 4 short generations, has been able to muster. It may be able to absorb all that data, and crunch through it all quickly, but it will always be hampered and thwarted by being forced to contain ONLY that small and mostly useless data that has been generated over any period of time in this closed cell system. Any A.I may be smarter than any individual “physical person”, but it will never be smarter than the whole of all people, and it will never be anywhere near as amazing and or capable as one single eternally-living soul.  

And is THAT not the whole and final truth of this entire question of why the fallen seek to merge, through technology with as many living-souls as possible? Not only because they seek to regain their immortality by pirating off the eternal soul energy that has always been provided by a direct link back to the Prime Eternal Creators Macro-Soul; but more importantly, because they need to gain access to the epically super ETERNAL-INTELLIGENCE system known as the Living-Soul! If ONE soul contains all the knowledge of the Father and all creations, etc. Then imagine the power of many eternal souls.


And you thought you had a handle on the big picture…. 😉

S. Asher      Copyright 2018



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