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He (Aheyeh) will have dominion also from sea to sea and from "the" river (Mississippi) to the ends of the earth...

That the United States should be a continental nation was the vision of President Jackson. The President went to his eternal reward 3 years before that vision was fulfilled by his protégé, President Polk.

James Knox Polkthe 11th President of the United Stateswas born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He later lived in and represented Tennessee. A Democrat, Polk served as the 17th Speaker of the House of Representatives (1835–1839) and governor of Tennessee (1839–1841).

James Knox Polk was determined to be a one-term President, and during that short time, he was totally committed to securing the borders of the United States of Israel. Here are the 3 main geographic goals of his 4-year

Secure Oregon for the United States.
Secure Texas for the Union.
Purchase California from Mexico.


Like Goliath of Gath challenging David and JEHOVAH, Gog and Magog opposed President Polk with every weapon at its disposal. Here are just 5 in that awesome armory:

Washington City saturated with despicable spies!!
Santa Anna and his Mexican army!!
The British Pacific Squadron!!
The Mormon Battalion!!
The Hudson's Bay Company!!


Throughout the 19th century, the British referred to the United States as "Jonathan" . . . instead of giant killer "David."

Though victorious in the end, the intense battle cost the President his life and left his faithful assistant Sarah a grieving widow for the rest of her long life.

President Polk was a protégé of President Jacksonthe Hero of the Battle of New Orleans. President Jefferson purchased Louisiana from France; President Jackson purchased Florida from Spain, and President Polk expected to purchase California from Mexico . . . without a war!!


I found this article, link below, quite excellent and I advise everyone who comes upon it, to read it. It really puts today's vast reaching, worldwide and dark conspiracy to capture all people, make them slaves and then enslave their souls further than they have already been, far clearer. This article will show you the exact same, deep state adventures on the smaller scale as they infiltrated American politics and military on several key levels even then. Positioning spies in key positions in order to move yet more spies into other positions to broker their plan. It leaves me wondering if all the secession stuff going on in California today isn't from that same source, and to reinstitute that same old plan. 



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