Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

The Arch of Ba'al


A portal-gate from where the minions of HaSatan may enter!

They went out of their way to reconstruct a copy of the satanic, entry-gate, arch of Ba'al where thousands of infants were sacrificed to the fallen ones.

They made it a point to display it in London first, then NYC, and finally DC. Although who knows where it's final resting place is. 

This is an older story from 2018-19, but someone sent one of these pictures to me today, and I though it might be a good idea, given the times we are now entering into, to resurrect the story and remind everyone what this fight has always been about. The SOULS of mankind! They sacrificed thousands of children to these false gods, but America has eclipsed their evil by many times by sacrificing, (Aborting), over 60 Million children to those very same false gods! 

 And the American Christians of today are actually saying, and believing that a little bit of crying over their CV-19 stay-at-home time, and a little praying has now turned the tide of the Eternal Ones anger, and that sunny skies and good times are directly ahead.....  Not likely. At least that is not the story I have been told. 

This Ba'al bullshit will NOT stand. They want the Jinn to come through that gateway, then they will reap that whirlwind. But HIS people will eat, while they will starve, and HIS people will drink, but theirs will thirst...

They tempted the HAMMER with this final act, and the HAMMER is coming.


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