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The A.I City of the all Seeing Eye


The all seeing eye under the Mountain of GOD...

Mount Horeb!

Well, they may as well have named it (Ai), the same as the topic of one of my last podcasts about the biblical city - Ai.  Although this one will never get built for various reasons.

I heard about this city plan in 2018, and the only thing I found and still find interesting, is that the land they chose must encompass both, Mt Horeb, and Mt Sinai; But I’m sure that was totally coincidental.

What I did find interesting, and even funny in this article, is how they played off the Saudi, King like he just happened to notice, on Google maps, that this area of his entire god forsaken sand pit of a country was totally open for development. Now THAT is amusing; Open for development just like the other 90% of his silica desert country. 

And in case you all forgot, or missed it during and after the big-D's presidential campaign; this is the home of their new AI. I believe they called it Palantir or something like that. Anyone recall that picture taken of the Saudi King standing with DT and the Egyptian president, all with their hands on that glowing glass ball? Alleged to be the opening of some anti "extremism" center?  Anti-extremism??? That's a bit vague, no? Why not just name it - (The AI controlled, World, Anti-Dislike Center."  And if there is anything you "dislike" I guess your F$#@ed. 

I love what someone did with this picture in Photoshop, found on this USA Today website: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/07/12/orb-photo-white-house-trump/473978001/

This next link is to the main AI-City story related to this blog article. Please read all of these short articles AFTER finishing this AHLC blog article.



In my opinion, all of the following stories - (below), which can be found at other news sites, are all directly related:

  1. Here in the Rockies we had a near 100% chem-trail clear sky from fall of 2018 up to this March. THEN they went CT crazy every few days. And every single time they did, that day, and for days after it rained like mad. Good for my greenhouse water barrel storage, but bad for open air crops.

  2. Last month I met a woman who runs a combine harvesting company, they travel the Western states. She said that these Rocky mountain states and all of the mid-states are totally screwed. She said that it's almost a complete bust for all crops. Did you hear that on the news yet?

  3. Have you noticed the food pricing going up quickly already? HERE food is up by 1/3 or more compared to 2 months ago.

  4. The previous Saudi dream-city article made it clear that they will use cloud seeding tech to make it rain there. So, we are beyond any disbelief that this is what we are witnessing this year, and for the years before.

  5. Did they – “The controllers” miscalculate their seeding in 2019? No, this is the beginning of organized and controlled mass scarcity. You can’t “take” their guns to exterminate many, and control the rest until you starve most of them out. 

There’s a major fight coming people. And know this, they will use controlled, “natural” disasters and crisis going forward in order to limit their direct exposure to both - the cause of said “crisis” and to the backlash from it by those who know who may actually be responsible for them. However, all of those "special" Drones will be hiding in their plush bunkers, waiting it out. Unaware of the validity of our prophets, and their messages of doom to come down there. 

Do the math here: 

And, these few are not nearly all of the articles about events and changing, world-leader attitudes out there which also uphold this narrative theme. It ALL contrived, staged and being played out for appearances, only.






I highly suggest, as I always, that, if you remain one who continues to live part in, and part outside of the 1st law – Everlasting Agreement; Or, one of the multitudes who do not know of its dire importance yet, or worse, you are aware but do not believe it to be true or relevant; then you had better change these conditions, and quickly.

WHY? Because, their days are short, and they are coming for all of you. And they will be coming, heavy!  ALL YOU CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS and OTHER who believe in one superstitious way or another that you have and wear the “Armor of some god”…, While the blood of innocents continues to course through your veins? PREPARE TO BE RAVAGED BY THE HORDES! YOU; YOUR CHILDREN, THEIR  CHILDREN, AND YOUR ELDERS….ALL! 




Who will you be?




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