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Terra-forming & Decarbonizing Souls


For a New Race of Evil

The Culling Has Begun!

I have already commented on this topic in regards to the Mike Adams report on this, but someone also sent me this great article laying it out. (Below)

However, I do have another idea on this whole "carbon" thing as it pertains to "human" life in this "reformatted" realm.

As most here know, I have shown via the early Genesis account that the fallen came and reformatted this place to suit their needs, "in their image." I also proved through those same texts how the human, physical body was also created in reaction to an action by all souls against the 1st law. "Covering our light, with skin.."

  We have also come to know now, by the Essene and other ancient texts and stories, as well, we have been shown this in many movies and TV series which of course are controlled and created by the fallen and their earthly drones; that the original earth was NOT a carbon based creation, but a Silica, living crystal creation which the Nefilim - (cut-outs controlled by the fallen), eventually harvested and refined here before carting it off.

  What I believe I have found since then, which is also eluded to in the Essene text that I recently re-translated, is that the souls here either helped them do it, or were forced. I have also recently hypothesized that all of the carbon found on earth now, most of which is locked up in the Antarctic ice, and in the oceans, was actually created as the by-product, or "Slag" of the process that the Nefilim used to refine the silica. Virtually all of the sand, all of the massive deserts in this realm now, are nothing more than additional, left over silica run off. Not one single thing in all of life, religion, history or science is true. Every single thing we have been told is a lie, and anyone who has read my work knows that I have been saying that for a very long time.

 Why was the world flooded by the waters "above" via the "gates" of heaven which Enoch tells us so much about?

 Why does the Pacific coast (Ring of Fire) have over 450 active and semi-active, so-called, volcanoes, both under ocean and on land?

 Why is their literally thousands of active and semi-active, or so-called, "dormant" volcanoes around the world, many of them becoming active right now?

 Where did they all come from?  Surely we now have to know that everything "science" has told us about them is a total lie. That no goes without even saying. So, if the volcanoes are NOT some naturally occurring earth feature, then what are they other than extremely dangerous anomalies that now no one has any good, verifiable explanation for?

 So, let me paint another hypothetical picture that may at least hold the same amount of verifiable truth as any of the pseudo science that preceded it.

 1. Silica (crystal) is the most prominent element on earth, period.

 2. Carbon (slag/garbage) is the second most prominent element on earth.

 3. All of the so-called "volcanoes" which self-ignite periodically, are the left over piles of highly combustible, run-off slag created by whatever horrific process the Nefilim used to refine, or change the ground-up crystal they harvested from all the trees. Also leaving continent size deserts of remnant crystal dust, both above and below the oceans, and lakes.

 4. Never forget in your imagery of this, that this was all being done inside of a close cell system - Encapsulated, "domed," earth; where such massive, toxic gasses and heat from many thousands of burning slag piles cannot escape. And if allowed to go to far, would obliterate this entire creation.

 Was their final product called - ZOHAR?

 Now imagine what it would have looked like with so many volcano slag-piles burning. More than likely even the largest volcanoes found on earth today are nothing more in size than mere 10 to 20% remnant piles compared to their original size before being put out.

 Also consider that some good science has shown us that most of the lands we inhabit today were fully under water, and also that much of what we know as the bottom of our major oceans were once dry land. In fact, before the flood of Noah, most of the earth was not covered by water. And a strange coincidence to that is, that most of the worst volcanoes today are actually found submerged under oceans.

 A One Thousand Alarm Fire!

 My working hypothesis is, that some time during the harvesting and refining process of the crystal by the Nefilim horde, and, as the utter destruction of this realm approached irreversible levels, the Eternal Creator stopped it all, as Enoch tells us, by opening the "windows" of the heaven (dome), both from above and below, (since the "dome" is NOT a dome, but an encapsulating sphere holding back the above & below waters), thus, putting all the fires out by dropping the flood waters on them, and the burning slag piles. Thus, adding far more water to this realm than previous, and filling in all of the lower lands, which made the oceans. And most likely killing off allot of the Nefilim.

 This however left a world of corrupted light beings (souls), and massive areas of dead, silica deserts, most of which are under our oceans, and a horrifically corrupted realm which could only be repopulated with CARBON based life forms. Therefore, by turning lemons into lemon-aid, and as we have seen from the Genesis 2 account, the Eternal Creator, based on our free will choice to abandon the 1st law and follow another voice, and while ignoring the fine print to know what came next from our new god, our creation space was utterly raped for its crystal resources, leaving no other choice than to allow Satan and his men to give all the corrupted souls here their willful choice - Allowing the reformatting of this creation, and all the being in it into a carbon based system - "and our light was covered in skins..."

 Literally, an entire system based on shit, slag, carbon, the near empty by-product of what is arguably the most perfect element to be created in, a living crystal realm animated by His eternal energy!

Why did they take it? Maybe because crystal holds the memory of what was put into it. As well, it also holds and can amplify energy. Is it difficult to believe that all of the crystal trees and their extensive root systems, all of which were also ground out of the earth, all held the vast memory of their creator, and how He created?  In a war against the Creator, would it not be beneficial for the enemy to have all that potential information, and also its potential stored energy?

 I bet this hypothesis is 95% closer to the truth than all of their alleged scientific explanations.

Decarbonization Terraforming of Planet Earth Is Now under Way… Giant Machines to Be Installed in Iowa to Suck “Life Molecules” Out of the Atmosphere and Cause Global Crops to Fail:


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