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Following is a video sent to me. This video, as are many such vids is using the A.I voice, which generally means they used it to read an article. There is obviously a (Q) Question and Answer section in the original article which gets a little tedious about half way through for a minute, but worth hearing.

I am sending this out because of the emails I have received on this exact topic which will become much more apparent towards the last 25% of the video. It does lay out a simple and fairly solid framework for the Soulless Drone issue and their use and affect on the ensouled people; and also does kind of give a parallel picture and story for the original fall. 


Obviously, the original article writer still believes that the other "reptile" or "alien" beings are actually that and not stating that they are actually cut-out drone entities created exactly like the soulless drone humans are created by the fallen.

Additionally, they do correctly touch on the fact of Free Will being an actual system and that no one can breach it or else. They also depict that CONSENT is the first and final key to it all, and exactly why we are here. Which, if one recalls, is exactly what I have stated for some time throughout my books. 

It also clearly depicts what I had previously hypothesized in Soul Revolution concerning the souls "Tether" back to the original Creator source being "cut" in some and "blocked off" in others. And the LMH book was my more in-depth explanation for the many depictions in the Hebrew prophets about "His people" being able to make (Teshuvah - Returning). THUS, as I have always stated, this is NOT a racial thing, it is a SOUL thing. Meaning - MY PEOPLE, means - MY SOULS and nothing more.

17:30 mark - Pay extra attention at this point! THEY are saying that the Soulless and Ensouled people are evenly distributed around 50/50%, and that most Ensoulled people never come into contact with that many of them. BUT, then she mentions that when the Ensoulled are ascending out of their false narrative induced stupor, that this is when the "system" sends in the Soulless Drone troops to interact and divert that ensouled person from awakening. 

I know for certain, that like me, many people reading this have experienced this onslaught at various times in their lives and only as of late they are beginning to see why. I have been under such attack pretty much since I was born. I can write five books filled with the accounts of these psychos inserting themselves into my life on many levels and of varying degree. And every time they have worked diligently and craftily against me; and the main reason why I had to be sequestered where few humanoids roam in preparation for this work. I do NOT however believe their number of approx. 50%. My personal estimation is far higher.

That said, I will also concede that there is a possibility that my estimation of soulless drone population figure, which is around 90% by now, may be over estimated because it is, in fact, based on my personal experience with them never leaving me alone. I have had more than one friend or family member in my life comment that they noticed how I seem to be a maniac magnet. So, it could also be argued that I have encountered more than anyone's fair share due to my life's specific purpose. Which is most obviously against their system, and then some.

This video article very clearly, in my estimation, and based on my personal experience does agree that any ensouled person who awakens is then considered a direct threat to the system and thus targeted directly. They also point out that those who remain asleep, along with the soulless drone entities are or can be rewarded by the system with full material lives. I believe most here reading this stuff have observed and experienced this, and can attest to it.

Strangely, towards the end they say in the same breath that mankind in general has no free will although believes he does, BUT, then they state, that when one of the ensouled becomes awake and attempts to escape what they are calling (The General Law), then as I already stated, they send in the Soulless Droids to attack and ridicule that ensouled person back down. Again, I know via the many correspondences over the years that most of you have received this adverse attention from those directly within your personal sphere's many times. MY POINT here is that one cannot make a FREE WILL choice to be attentive to new data which changes their status and level of awareness, and then make another Free Will choice to ESCAPE the matrix as they are saying, if we don't have Freewill! This is exactly the kind of double minded banter that I continue to hear from all of these people, well meaning or not. They still have too much data missing to be able to teach a full and coherent process. 

THE ESOTERIC: Again, here is where I depart. They are saying that the only protection that newly "awakened" ensouled person has are these unnamed, "esoteric" precepts which I am sure are connected to some nebulous kata of finger movements, chanting and centering our chakras. Not saying here that there isn't a place for some meditation. However, like virtually every single teacher or guru that I have ever heard or read on those topics, they never, ever provide all of the nuts and bolts on how to make it work, or why it works.

Point of fact: Had I gone the chanting Buddhist route early on, and spent my life working on myself and on my personal inner-self, etc., then I have some serious doubt that anyone would have learned of the Everlasting Agreement and all that came with it. Going on 40-yrs teaching this same truth and to date only one highly academic man in this field has come and admitted that he fully agreed with what I have written. And he is still identified as a Christian scholar and never had anywhere near the required upbringing and background to teach this. ONE guy! Good thing I always hated chanting ;-) 

Additionally, it has always been obvious to me that all of those so-called esoteric precepts and rituals were fully introverted and centered fully around ones self. By comparison, not only is the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement universally accepted as being the original "natural law" for creation, but unlike all the other ideas, precepts of spirit developing or conjuring BS, the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement does work on the individual, BUT, in its essence and at its core it has always been 100% about creating peace and love with the PHYSICAL and spiritual world around us. It is NOT an introverted concept.

IN THE END: It is only the concept which is clearly defined and proven by the ancient data, some of which I have compiled as proof in my books, that the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement is, in fact, the law that all souls broke, and CONSENTED to rebel against. Thus, RETURNING through that door as they said we came through initially, and reestablishing contact with that Higher power, (IS) the actual and literal protection force needed to sustain those RETURNEES while they still live within this fallen system. If you wish to add chanting to that, feel free. Smoke'em-if-ya-got'em!

AGAIN: And, as I have said so many times now. IF we had no freewill here, then there would certainly be absolutely NO reason for all of their thousands and thousands of false control narratives which they created and implemented to mold the thoughts and actions of all ensouled people. I do NOT have to prove this, as the proof has always been all around us since Adam. There is absolutely no reason to create such a massive system of thought control for and within a controlled system which does not afford free will. End of story! The proof of the one, is also the proof of the other!  


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