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Soulless Drone People?


Great thoughts from one of you!

The following is from one of our newer Yehshurun additions, Dominique in France. I thought she had some great thoughts and to be a good refresher on this topic. 

"If you don't know about Corrado Malanga, I would like to mention him. He is a renown Italian (retired) scientist and ufologist. He hypnotized thousands of people regarding alien abductions and went as far as questioning their souls (apparently only souled humans are abducted) about their abductions and related metaphysical subjects. This led him to claim that only 20% of humans do have a soul! I think that only one book of C. Malanga was translated and published in English. However, he has a website where all of his work is available for free, and some of it was translated in English (even though the translation often seems to be done by a computer, and thus sometimes reads awkwardly). 

Another comment regarding your article: It seems that getting a Ph.D. often goes along being brainwashed into ludicrous materialistic dogma. I remember watching a TV documentary where a team of scientists discovered and were flabbergasted to discover (!), that apes (orangutangs in this case) actually had feelings, could recognize some of them after a few years spent in the jungle, etc. What a discovery! You indeed need a Ph.D. to make such a discovery! If these people had a life outside the laboratory, if they didn't have their mind cluttered with garbage ideas about life, and if they had a dog at home and took care of it, they would need no PhD to know that animals have feelings, memory, can understand some human words, can be jealous, can lie, can feel guilt, etc. In short that animals are so much more than a biological machine with only an instinct programming."


Great thoughts Dominique, And thanks for that. Everyone will hear about Malanga from this post. And maybe his work is where my friend Randy Maugans got the idea that most of the "people" in this place were SOULLESS "drones" as he put it. At first, I completely disbelieved this possibility as my evidence, as written within the Soul Revolution book tends to prove that without a Living-Soul installed in these "Trinity-6" bodies, that the physical body could NOT be animated. And much of my understanding and ancient text proof still moves me in that direction.

However, after some thought, I had to concede to their being a high probability of this soulless drone idea being a real thing. I cannot know what technology the fallen ones have come upon over whatever span of time that they have been feeding/living off of our soul connection to the Creator. So, I guess we should not rule out the possibility of that.

Another point on this topic that I made without actually bringing up the idea of [Soulless drones on earth] in my book Soul Revolution is, how the majority of NDE and Past life regression subjects all stated that they saw the OTHER 2/3rds of their souls remaining captured "in heaven", which I point out and prove to be a malevolent, false-heaven-matrix that most souls get recycled through and returned back here again and again - i.e. Eternal Life! And that SOME in ALL generations (Crop cycles), Wheat vs. Tares, do NOT get recycled back here, but RETURNED to the Creator's heaven space for us. This, of course, diminishes the fallen's energy source overall and has caused them to redouble their efforts throughout time. As also proven by our known, human history. 

So, it very well could be that, after a time, they were forced to find a way to create new physical [Cylon] style bodies that they could somehow animate without INSTALLING one of the other 2/3rd parts of our captured souls-parts INTO those new drone bodies. No doubt with the slow but consistent loss of actual souls to feed on - "Soul-Batteries" - and unable to literally create more living-souls themselves, they would be forced to get MORE power from those they have access to. So, by creating new drone bodies while someone utilizing the power from the other 2/3rd parts of the captured soul parts in their heaven matrix station, the idea is that they have been able to create 2 more sentient humanoid-drones per ACTUAL Souled-person. And of course, these beings remain under their full control;

THUS, they found a way to USE the power from those 2/3rd soul portions of all other souls - [i.e the 20% that Malanga believed to exist] - and thus, create a much larger population. But why?

I posited this scenario in that book in a slightly different way, but to show two major points as found in the book of Enoch and still being played out on earth.

1. That they required more and more "creator life force power" as pirated from our souls through the use of hundreds or thousands of created, False-Control-Narratives that are all based on FEAR. And thus, by that Fear narrative system they glean our life-force - (i.e. I will not contend with "man" for more than 120 years...etc) They can dial it up or down at will evidently.

2a. Soul Revolution goes a long way to prove this world [Creation Space] as being some kind of "Super-Matter-based-Hologram" that was originally created by THE Prime, Eternal Creator, but later allowed to be usurped by these fallen ones (Archons) by the CONSENT of the stupid souls that possessed it in perfection, originally. That would be us. They RE-Formatted this place IN THEIR IMAGE!

2b. I also hypothesized that after some time they were forced to create more physical bodies and somehow animate them as posited previously.

  WHY? Well, think of this place like a modern computer GAME SPACE. YOU are the PLAYER inside the game. BUT, if the GAME "creator" did not "create" more computerized "drone" players inside that game, then how long would you actually remain there playing it against only yourself. OR, even if there were others inside that game who were just like you, the fallen controllers would still need to control the game perception of all the souled beings in the game. See, the problem for them is two-fold.
A. They have to keep the souled people playing, and;
B. The souled people CANNOT ever know that they are actually playing.

IF, they left only you and others just like you, how long would it be before you, I and the other Yehshurun accidentally killed off all of the fallen ones? Quickly I bet.  Because without all of their drone populations who are actively working constantly and without direct knowledge of what they are even doing against us in the game, there would be NO false FEAR and anti-LIFE narratives around to force all of us into those patterns of death. And without all that the fallen's Pirate Energy scheme would quickly feed them nothing, and then they would cease to exist. Mainly because there would be nothing overly negative for us to CONSENT to. We are NOT naturally like them. We must be consistently provoked to ACT in THEIR IMAGE!

"I give you this day Good & Life and Evil & Death" - FREE WILL - YOU CHOOSE!

And, every day THEY give you the ability of TACIT CONSENT! Consenting through ignorance of a thing. Ignorance of THEIR LAW is NO Excuse...Right? And round and round the wheel of eternal life, we go.

So then, how do we STOP consenting to their EVIL & DEATH narratives and choose LIFE and PEACE? There is only one way that is absolutely natural to all of us and absolutely provable to exist and always existed...

THE 1st LAW OF THE EVERLASTING AGREEMENT! There is nothing else written or spoken under this sun that can or will defy the fallen ones so completely and utterly, as this ONE.

And yes, you are 100% correct about the 99.9% of overly educated people. They have been by far the hardest ones to teach the simplest truth to.

S. Asher                                                                               Copyright:2018



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