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Soul Wars!


As I have touched on before, Dr. Corrado Malangais the scientist who believes, via the data recovered in his experiments that only 25% of the world’s population are SOULED people. Thus, the rest are said to be soulless drones as we also have suspected.

The links (below) will provide additional understanding. This scientist’s website below - Dr. Corrado Malanga, an Italian scientist (biochemist) who says that his research into thousands of people via hypnotically regressed [by a professional hypnotist] of thousands of people who believed themselves to have been abducted by "Aliens", turns out to be exactly as I have been hypothesizing them to be and what they are doing here; that these alleged “aliens” are here to capture souls!

Dr. Malanga describes via the data collected that these created entities who have no souls, want to put our souls in human-grey hybrids. And that these hybrids have been created by the 1st and or 2nd creator [consciousness] above them for various and sundry reasons. Several of which I am not sure I agree with yet because certain parts of this and his perceptions of the data that he received tends to push up against negating free will.

Malanga says he has devised a procedure [Dynamic Triad Color Flash Test], and is said to be useful to integrate a person with their soul. In other words, I believe he says it helps to firewall your soul from all other entities who are trying to acquire them for themselves. (However, I also know that living squarely within the 1st law from the Prime Creator - aka - The Everlasting Agreement does exactly that.) So, it may be something I will have to look into more, but for now, there are defiantly segments of his research that also appear to be confirming what I have always known to be our reality. 

This week 5/6/19, I am about to do a new Podcast show on certain related points which have just come to my attention. This show will be dealing with the question of those entities that the Archon's use as go-betweens (aliens) and as I pointed out on Freemans show with Randy and myself recently, that they are the evil souls of those ancient giants, sired by the sons of the fallen ones. However, I am going to get more specific as to what they know, how they know it and how they have always been using that detailed personal data through "mediums." I will also be touching on the one interesting point that has just this week come to me through a close family member who has been seeing such a medium type of person. 

The website homepage: http://corradomalangaexperience.com/english%20index.htm 

The documents: https://alienabductionsblog.wordpress.com/calendario/english-2/

The method is the PDF called: TCTDF – Flash Dynamic Triad Color Test 

AHLC Podcast show related to this topic: https://www.ahlcglobal.com/pages/members-area


Dr. Asher, 

I have noticed your reference to Dr. Corrado Malanga's work a few times, so I wanted to add in a link to the Updated Triad Color Test (in English) method for "liberation" of alien parasites and integration of the triad of consciousness that Malanga assures is a means to liberation. 


I have worked with abductees, milabs and others using a combination of these methods and also including forms of quantum healing and spirit releasement, depending on the clients' ability to resolve their own traumas. For this to really work, one has to be really willing to release whatever is binding them, truly connect to their Spirit, and find causes of the true origin of these "parasites", agreements of entrapment and true realization of Original Consciousness. That is not really as easy as it sounds for most people. Programming and trauma, memory swiping is really thick in this reality. Plus, not all are really "souled" as you may suspect. 

I have an earlier interview with Dorica Manu, a colleague of Dr. Malanga, who I corresponded with for several years, with specific questions relating to the "soul" thing. I also have several interviews with abductees and milabs who have used Malanga's technique who discovered some fascinating things.

This is an ongoing process of self-discovery and realization on many levels. Complex and not a simple matter as we would hope for an easy solution. 

Interview with Malanga colleague, Dorica Manu: (Alien Hierarchies and the Work of Dr. Corrado Malaga) 


This one is the Milab Abductee interview that was on the Avalon forum as a thread for several years:  


I found this article really good and it relates to Malanga's final Evideon Theory and the Matrix Light Dots of Consciousness: 


Feel free to share this with your group.

Warm Regards, 




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