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Soul Separation via Vyroos Vax

Soul Separation via Vyroos Vax

They told us it was coming long ago!

Soul Separation Anxiety

Well, first we had the two cases in the USA where two women in the hospital, as reported by nurses AND the MSM, after receiving the first test rounds of the vax only scant weeks before its release, totally wigged out after being jabbed, and began screaming, continually, without ceasing, that their soul DIED

While one of them also added, that "she could not feel her soul anymore.."   I don't give a shit who you are or what you believe, that should scare the crap right out of you. 

I have warned people for many yrs now that the evil side had only one end game, and that was the capture and relocation of as many "Living-Souls" as they could get separated out, and by any means.  And their documents, and statements made publicly for generations, as you will see below,  continue to uphold that exact premise. 

Just as I depicted in the Soul Revolution book, that every single thing in this world, everything that runs it, or runs us, is all geared towards controlling the physical person, all of their thoughts, and ultimately our deeds, for their final solution of capturing souls.

As many people who have been tied to me and my work, we have all seen evidence from the evil cult showing that they have set up an alternate "earth" via quantum computer systems, meaning, a virtual copy, where they plan to transport all of the disconnected souls that they can. Some of us have even been taken there more than once before figuring out how to stop them.  Most people won't believe a word of any of this until it's tool late, but the evidence of what they have been doing for a very long time towards this end, is available. 

 Now, below, we seem to have yet another report confirming what this vax was truly meant to do. Which now answered the questions about why the govt's of the world, and their minions, are trying so desperately to get as many as possible, jabbed as quickly as possible. All in the face of the actual reality we all see going on, which is, there is no real virus threat at all. Certainly not enough to warrant their insane behavior which does, in fact, appear to be utterly, desperate.  Desperate, why?  Is it because as the Hebrew prophets clearly show us, that their time is very short now? 

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