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Soul-Net is SkyNet!

Re-posting this blog article that was sent to me. This is a good reminder for the initiated, and wake-up for this not.

 If you have not read my book, SOUL REVOLUTION yet, then read this short article, and then read the book, because THIS is all of what is behind every single thing in life, throughout history, which we are meant to believe to be merely terrestrial events, and having no connection to the spiritual.

They are not merely terrestrial events! They are absolutely the evil ones path to their Final-Soul-Solution, plan. Everything that the dark side has done, and will do, is all centered around the final capture of as many living-souls as possible. And it is very clear that they have stepped up the implementation time-table for that plan in a huge way over the last few years. The Great Reset has nothing to do with money or the control of society to that end alone. In my books I have hypothesized that when living-souls, throughout various generations, over great spans of time become "awoken" or close to it by a greater percentage, that the evil ones (Archons to some), create some cataclysmic event to kill off the entire worlds population just before those souls create that final awareness tipping point via Quantum Correlation between all soul entities which would , at a certain tipping point, create a wave that will ultimately destroy the evil ones. Thus, it appears their Great-Reset is to kill off and recycle as many souls as possible, or allowable with the Eternal Creators Free Will system, so that later they can again begin to cycle in those "Reset" souls with their (Akashik soul memories wiped). This then allows the evil ones to also tweak the history and religious records that may better serve them to begin again with a new crop of energetic soul entities to pirate their fuel from.

As I explain in my books, all Living-Souls are the Micro-souls of the Eternal Creators, Macro-soul. And, that the Creator supplies all souls, accept for the evil ones whom have long been cut off from Him, i.e. His Eternal Tether of energy which keeps our souls, eternal. After the fallen lost their eternal tether they became mortal, and thus, required a way to re-establish that connection. They found a way, most surely via some insane technology, to Pirate the Creator's energy which flows through each soul. Historic records from many civilizations who have been historically disconnected, have this exact same folklore of energy vampires. 

Everyone needs to start wrapping their heads around this provable concept, the same way they are now trying to wrap their heads around the idea that everything we are seeing today surrounding DT and the Bidonians is only a big, orchestrated show. Of which, the outcome for either GOOD & LIFE or EVIL & DEATH worldwide has yet to be determined.

Knowing and BELIEVING what I am showing you here in this short article, and in my book Soul Revolution -  https://www.amazon.com/Dr-Shmuel-Asher/e/B007GE7SY4/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1  will at the very least help you make better decisions going forward. 

 Remember, the dark side is always showing us what things are, but, they are NEVER telling us what they mean, specifically.  And everyone thought SKYNET was just a Terminator movie concept.... ;)




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