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Soul Revolution -  Trinity of Humanity - Is the key proof for why they do this work generationally.

Surely, for the thinking person who watches all their Kabal-istic movements for most of ones lifetime, at some point asks, WHY?

Why would anyone be so absolutely dedicated from nearly birth to death that they work endlessly, and with 100% focus towards such a world "Reformatting" event that they themselves will never see, or experience? 

If the prevailing religious cults of Islam, Christianity and or other religions through time are so correct to believe that all people are only born to die one time, and never again, then why would anyone, especially those in their later years of life, consistently appear so single-minded towards these trans-humanistic endeavors, to the point of spending even a lifetime of family and personal fortunes against the prevailing collective beliefs of mankind, yet also believe that they themselves will never experience it?

Openly, they collectively seem to express a disbelief in the Eternally-Created, Living-Soul, which on it's face appears to tell the rest of us that none of them believe they have a living-Soul; thus, making them soulless drones! Which so far, and by their stated context is the only part of this making sense. 

Problem is, if they do not believe they have a "created" soul which lives eternally regardless of locality, then I ask this same question again - WHY would they work towards an end that they themselves, one-and-all, will never get to experience in any way, shape, or form, on any level?


Logically, then, the truth behind all of their semantic arguments and slight of hand, is, that of course, they DO believe an eternal soul-consciousness exists, they just do not believe that the Eternal ONE who created it should have any say, or hold over it in any way, whatsoever. And, as you will see in the video below, they openly say exactly that, although smartly, not in so many exacting words. The bottom line is, they got the idea from their new father who is lying to them through his chapped ass, and at the same time laughing that ass off all the way to the Meta soul bank.


The MetaVerse - Soul Consent & Capture System


Moreover, in the mean time, throughout all known, or "believed to be known" history, the fallen ones, by the use of their fallen technology, continue to recycle these horrifically contaminated souls, complete with the memories of their previous lives, back into this world to manipulate every level of human systems. All to keep these demon-worshipers in positions of earthly power in order to have physical entities on earth able to build their New-Babylon plan, stone on stone, and in lockstep, goose-stepping through so many generations; all the while giving the macro appearance that this earthly planning and building is happening organically, and only via a few people in positions of power.

Of course, we all know by now that this Babylonian, Trans-human, soul reduction plan is not at all the only sideshow they have streaming across the marque. The false control narratives are constant and ubiquitous. All we have to do is watch the news on all levels, daily, to have a good indication of what may be coming next on their agenda, and where. Here below is a prime example of exactly that, and I am reasonably certain that most people missed this tidbit, completely. Or, they saw it reported on, and didn't even begin to register it as a potentially life-changing Intel. 

Orthodox Community Prepares for False Flag in New York



Not to self promote here, but I now see that the Soul Revolution book answered this question even before we saw these Babylonian Shelanite cultists openly expressing the details of their plans in public.


Operation Soul Snatcher


In this one below, you will clearly hear how they used manipulated, ancient religion to create and control the collective from afar. You should also take away from that, that only by the 1st law of His Everlasting Agreement, can that mass control be broken!




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