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Proof of the Soulless Drone Parade


They are 50 to 70% of the worlds population


We have to thank Randy Maugan of Off-Planet Radio for outing the soulless drone people hypothesis to us a few years ago, and ever since I believe so many more of the fully awakened remnant populations have become aware of their literal existence, some more than others, but even those not fully convinced of them yet, appear at least to "listen" when I and others bring up the topic. Why are they even listening?   I believe it is because the SOUL is already fully aware of all the facts, all the knowledge, and all the wisdom that is true, and useful to it, but, as I depicted throughout my work, the soul has been fire-walled in most people for a very long time. Not allowing it to gain a more full control over the "body-hardware" in the majority of people who have them, with the greater talent of the Living-Soul being the power of critical thinking, and then the ability to "intuit" the truth without even contemplating any facts.

However, I can still see by the many people I am in contact with daily, that most people who may be aware of the soulless drone population, still either do not know why they have been installed here in this Creation-Space-Matrix, and or, if they have learned why they are here, those people, on a daily basis when taking in the "New-Normal-News", seem to momentarily forget about the drone population and their mission, entirely. This article below is 100% indicative of just that. Either the writers do not know, or they keep forgetting. 

 Forgetting what? 

Well, anyone acquainted with my work already knows, or should know my hypothesis for why the soulless exist, and also, HOW they exist, physically functional without having their own, created, living-soul. You can find most of this in my Soul Revolution book.

You see, upon my own revelation through Randy Maugan concerning these demonically controlled, drone Hu-mans, I was not content with just knowing of their existence, I needed to have the more probable, accurate reason for WHY...

 Going back, I can tell you that when Randy first told me of them I completely dismissed the possibility of them out of hand, which truthfully, is very unlike me. That alone, bothered me. I then found myself days later completely infused with the drive to know more about this possibility even though my academic training was telling me it was impossible. That no physical body can be animated at all without having a Living-Soul within it to energize it. Again, my Soul Revolution book goes into great detail on this topic of the soul. 

After weeks of being thoroughly plagued in my consciousness on this topic, the answer which I had already long had, finally popped right up. 

Enoch and the ancient, New Age culture!  

Yes, decades before that point I had been shown the answer concerning the details of what actually happened, physically, to the fallen ones, which then led me to how they continue to exist, and hope to exist eternally into the future after having been CUT OFF from their "eternal tether" by the Eternal Creator. Enoch clearly explains all that. As do most of the worlds ancient pagan cultures in one way or another. They all seem to have that same story about the "Archons", the "Controllers", the "fallen ones", etc. 

In short, I already understood how and why the fallen ones got cut off from the Creator's eternal force , the "Eternal Tether", as I call it, others refer to it as the silver cord which they see attached to each living soul. As I show, via the Enochian and other prophetic texts, when the fallen were cut-off, they had a very adverse reaction to it. I believe it is clear that the adverse reaction was them becoming mortal for the first time. Their life expectancy counting down from that moment for the very first time. One can only imagine how a being with eternal life, who has lived for countless time, would feel having that eternal shroud suddenly removed.  And the real war of worlds began at that moment. 

 Striving to Survive

That would be their motivation in a nutshell, no different than us or any other living creature. Most will fight and do anything to continue living. Why should we think of them being any different. BUT HOW?  The tether was cut. Well, I believe that circumstantially, many, many times the Tanak gives is some clues, but I also think that other cultures ancient stories of the "gods" who need to be "fed" constantly, and by various means, although most times was and continues to be through the tortured death of women and children in most cases. It all may have gone underground for the most part, but they still do it in great numbers.  So, we have established WHY the fallen "gods"of this realm need to be fed, so they can continue to exist, and continue to  fight to be "as the Eternal One." But how?....

Loosh Farming

The ancients, as many are already aware, called it "Loosh", which is simply, the powerful energy emitted from each Living-Soul, person, as well as most animals. As I have explained this in much greater detail in my books, how the fallen required a new source of eternal energy to remain living, which they hope to continue, eternally, by abducting, and fully capturing as many of the actual, living-souls that currently reside in this creation-space. I won't get into all the ways this has been done through the many false-narrative systems they have set up throughout time, as all of that is also covered in my books, and in some of the Podcasts. If you are not yet a member of the Members Zone to hear the podcasts, go here:

So, from Enoch, which, along with Job is our most ancient of Hebrew books, to the many other cultures who show the same story line, the fallen have somehow, by their super-tech, set up a system to "Pirate" the soul energy from the fewer living souls who inhabit this place, at any time. It is apparent to me for some time that we, the "ensoulled" are NOT the majority here. I have thrown out educated guesses for their numbers from a minimum of 50%, up to 90%, and other researches that I and others have found in recent past appear to agree with my drone population assessment. And, I believe the following article, below this video, is further proof of that. 

Additionally, this may be a good video to watch which relates directly to HOW their new Tower of Babel weapon will be used to move certain CONSENTING souls away from here, and to their new, reality to be used as their eternal life force. This, in my estimation, is based on their belief that the Eternal Creator will NOT disconnect from those souls regardless. However, I believe they are seriously miscalculating on that point. 


So, how does all that pertain to the Soulless Drones?

Some years back, when contemplating HOW any hu-man'oid can possibly be animated, alive as we think we know it, but void of the living-soul which I am absolutely convinced is required to make the physical body functional, and sentient; and as I stated earlier, it hit me. With the fallen's apparent technologies having many amazing abilities, not the least of which has to do with recycling the souls back into their false heaven matrix base after physical death occurs, where they are memory wiped and returned into the general soul population by a new birth, to be used again, and again for Loosh harvesting, I thought, why am I limiting their "Loosh routing" ability on this topic?  Surely if they can take life giving forces, they can also give it back. 

Again, by Enoch, and the ancient lore of many cultures, over many thousands of years, we know as a fact, that most people who ever lived also believed that these entities, in various forms, and by many names, were able to pirate this eternal signal like vampires. Additionally, as I also explain in my books, that even though data may be circumstantial at first, the academic world has long held to the measure that if any "thing, belief or data" can be found in the same form four times, then that thing, belief, or data, will, from that point forward, NOT be considered as circumstantial by implication or inference, but as "Direct Evidence."  And, personally, given all the information that I have found and compiled from the Hebrew Tanak to an eclectic maze of ancient cultures where such explicit proof of feeding the gods has been found in their codified sources, lore, and direct practices of human, and animal sacrifice, I know we are way past mere implications or inference on all points.

Greater Loosh by Emotional Distress

In my work I have shown the science of how the human soul energy is emitted in very low amounts when the soul is at peace. Scientists have also shown how the soul is expanded out when agitated. Many have shown these  results via Kirlian photography.  

So then, if their super-tech is able to pirate the soul energy signals, and those signals are far greater when the soul, each individual soul, is agitated, or better yet, in fear, then now we know why the many controllers of this realm have continued, and expanded, over thousands of years, their many false-control-narrative systems upon all people.  Endless war on many levels, and by all means against the ensoulled population for the consistent generation of energy. And once you begin to start contemplating the many major world systems, and their even more numerous sub-systems, the list of fear generating mechanisms seems endless, and with good reason. Because fear, and even low level but constant anxiety creates a higher output of soul energy to be harvested. And the more Soulless Drones they add into this world realm, the more soul energy they need, for both the drones, and for them. 

 Re-routing the Loosh

It is my personal hypothesis, which is based on far more information than posed herein, that the fallen ones have the technology to pirate, and also store excess soul energy for later use, or, possibly for other unknown uses. I also believe that they have the ability to transmit that stored soul energy back.  I believe that this is how they have been able to animate humanoid bodies without those extra bodies having an actual, completed, living soul within them.  I also believe this affords them better control. I believe the many evidences show that these drone hu-mans are not only animated by some external force, but that they are also programmable when some result is needed. 

Results Driven Programming & WHY

I have also written on this idea several times now, and expanded on in podcasts, so I will give the redacted version here.  If the original law of the Eternal Creator was and remains as I have shown it, "The Everlasting Agreement" and all that pertains to it, then surely that law is the only law that governed the first community, aka, Eden. Now expand that thinking, because even by the ancient Hebrew texts of Genesis I have shown conclusively that there were far more than only two people there. Based on that understanding, and coupled with the knowledge that all of them knew and kept only one law, i.e, aka - The Golden Rule... and knew no evil, meaning, they didn't even understand what evil was, or how to break that law, which is exactly what ALL evil is based on; then, I submit that without the "introduction", of some contaminating source, that not one single light-bodied soul at that time, or ever, would have, on their own, decided to go against the entirety of the law as encoded in them by the Prime, Eternal Creator. No way! 

Most all Living-souls are naive, gullible, trusting, caring, and dependent on the greater collective of Living-Souls, which is exactly what makes them easily manipulated. And left all alone, on their own, even in this physical form, and void of any and all outside contaminating forces, I absolutely know that most souls would just continue along within the Creator's simple law of love, and free will. I firmly believe that totally void of any outside influences, no ensoulled person would stray from the path of just being good. Because without any other outside influences, whether you deem them today as being good or bad, very little change would ever occur in the day to day life of any soul. What I am referring to here is the total absence of evil, and or controlling influences as we have always had here. 

On a much smaller scale, I will provide an example. Since the CV attack last May, I have several good friends here with us now, all of whom know and live the path of the Creator's original law. They all learned it, and lived it for years before coming here, and I am certain that none of them would leave this path regardless of the worldly or personal situation. So, in this somewhat secluded situation here, where we have several like minded individuals who are all sold out to the Father's 1st law, how could anyone here be influenced to make an about-face when the only souls around them, are exactly like them? I'm not saying that everyone around me is a robot, or that personalities don't exist, and even clash at times, they surely do, but that is the growth part after being contaminated by this worlds control-narrative systems from birth. However, regardless of the many personality types, the core strength of this pillar in each person (Yehshurun), is the greater power of the Creator's original law, and what HE gives to each soul AFTER they make "Teshuvah" = RETURN, back to the original path of the Eternal One. 

So again, I ask the question; without any external evil to contaminate those within the garden, HOW could the evil forces gain a controlling influence over the souls in the secluded place? THEY CANNOT! That's how! 

The evil ones had to find a way in, which I do explain in more detail in my books, but infiltrate they must do. Because short of an infiltration, and by knowing their enemy (our souls), and our strengths, which for them are weaknesses, they would never be able to turn any souls away from the Creator, and His law. THERE MUST BE SOME WAY TO ADD PRESSURE! So, we know how they did it in that first garden area, but how can so few fallen souls as they are, able to keep that game going for so long, and over so many souls, or as many as they allow to be alive (recycled) in to this realm at any given time where ultimately mass-manipulation must be applied worldwide? 

March of the Drones

Now you have guessed it! However, many who have not read and studied my works will undoubtedly be missing many main points in all this. Again, without getting into all the biblical proof and details which I have written about, the short answer is, they can literally create the physical, drone bodies as required, because they are actually the ones who fabricated all of these physical bodies. The Eternal Creator, contrary to all of the incorrect biblical understanding on this, and far too many other relatable topics, was NOT the one who actually made these physical forms. HE created all Living-Souls, including those of the fallen ones, and yes, HE allowed them to be used to animate their physical bodies ongoing, but that is all. The bottom line to it all is, that we, all living-souls who were originally here, CHOSE, and CONSENTED, without knowing the full weight of the fine print, to be here, and under the "influences" of those fallen controllers. 

Thus, in summation, they can and have been making physical bodies that are most likely born to drone mothers, and at higher volumes as time goes on. Why? Because the drone army has always been used as their peer pressure weapon. And as we all know, peer pressure comes in many forms, and from various places. From strangers, to lovers, and loved ones, they are everywhere. And the worst part of it all, is that all of the ensoulled people are energizing them as they all work against us. Same way we all pay taxes that are always used to undermine us in too many ways. As above, so below! 

Remember in the bible where the messenger of the Eternal One is constantly reminding us through generations to NOT allow our sons and daughter to marry their sons or daughters? Because then they/we will become just like them? THAT is it in a nutshell! If we allow the drone hordes to have direct access to us, then eventually those souls younger in their physical form than we are, will be adversely influenced by the drones, causing each soul to CONSENT to ever deepening evil.  One thing about the souls that HE created is, most of them have that - Go along to get along - tendency. And the dark side knows this, and they definitely use it to influence as many unsuspecting souls as possible to confirm to their anti-laws. Just look at how many seemingly sheepish people totally went along with so many detrimental suggestions that were given without one bit of scientific or medical proof. 

  • Wear a mask and re-breath your contaminated exhaust

  • Stop going to work & school

  • Allow your local and national economies to implode

  • Allow your family economic situation to implode

  • Stay fearful of everyone

  • Stay fearful of the air around us

  • Make all youth fearful and manic

  • Turn family, neighbors and strangers into confrontational belligerents

  • And too much more to list here

Yes, some of us, the few, the remnants, remnant called total BS on all of this on day-1, and everything else going forward as it continues to unfold. The only way you would ever find a mask on this face, would be on my cold, dead, face. BUT, how do you all think that happened so damn fast, with such overwhelming, cow-like compliance?  And who exactly do you think those UN-consenting voices were and have become more and more as this has gone on? 

Exactly!  The mass-soulless-drone populations were instantly receiving download instructions to not only be complaint, and exude as much fearful speech and manipulation tactics as possible, but we can now see them gearing up to become the CV-Compliance Police; and they are not nearly done yet. The Hebrew prophets, and I believe also Yehshua had allot to say about how they will act towards the UN-compliant in these times. Again, the vast majority of ensoulled people here are not so naturally fearful, lacking in critical thinking skills, or, so quickly compliant void of any and all of the most basic medical, or other related proofs that should accompany any such situation, much less requests for mass sequestering and new social orders.  

The bottom line here so far is, that yes, there are still many of the good, but adversely influenced ensoulled people during this time who have been roped into some level of compliance by those peer pressure, weaponized soulless drones around them. Not all souls are created equal, evidently. So, unless this worldwide abomination, and attack is not stopped soon, which I do not believe can or will be done by the few ensoulled people who are totally awake, then I think many souls will be lost to the other side. 

And for those in the know; the reason why their demonic "Vack-seen" has only be seen evicting a small portion of the souls from the allegedly "known" 6.5 billion hu-man entities on this world, is most likely because there are so few BEACON-SEED (souls) here compared to drones. And sure, many physical deaths may be occurring among the many drones who are obviously complying in mass, but the dark side doesn't care about them in the least anyway. Nor do they matter, because their death is only physical, having no soul to move on, or capture. That sounds harsh because you have a soul that enables you to commiserate, but you fool yourself believing that they are just like you, when they are not.  


The Covidian Cult Exposed: Six Conditions Of Mind Control

Back in October of 2020, I wrote an essay called The Covidian Cult, in which I described the so-called “New Normal” as a global totalitarian ideological movement.
Developments over the last six months have borne out the accuracy of that analogy.
A full year after the initial roll-out of the utterly horrifying and completely fictional photos of people dropping dead in the streets, the projected 3.4% death rate, and all the rest of the official propaganda, despite the absence of any actual scientific evidence of an apocalyptic plague (and the abundance of evidence to the contrary), millions of people continue to behave like members of an enormous death cult, walking around in public with medical-looking masks, robotically repeating vacuous platitudes, torturing children, the elderly, the disabled, demanding that everyone submit to being injected with dangerous experimental “vaccines,” and just generally acting delusional and psychotic.
How did we ever get to this point … to the point where, as I put it in The Covidian Cult“instead of the cult existing as an island within the dominant culture, the cult has become the dominant culture, and those of us who have not joined the cult have become the isolated islands within it?”
To understand this, one needs to understand how cults control the minds of their members, because totalitarian ideological movements operate more or less the same way, just on a much larger, societal scale. There is a wealth of research and knowledge on this subject (I mentioned Robert J. Lifton in my earlier essay), but, to keep things simple, I’ll just use Margaret Singer’s “Six Conditions of Mind Control” from her 1995 book, Cults in Our Midst, as a lens to view the Covidian Cult through. (The italics are Singer. The commentary is mine.)

Six Conditions of Mind Control

1. Keep the person unaware of what is going on and how she or he is being changed a step at a time. Potential new members are led, step by step, through a behavioral-change program without being aware of the final agenda or full content of the group.
Looking back, it is easy to see how people were conditioned, step by step, to accept the “New Normal” ideology. They were bombarded with terrifying propaganda, locked down, stripped of their civil rights, forced to wear medical-looking masks in public, to act out absurd “social-distancing” rituals, submit to constant “testing,” and all the rest of it. Anyone not complying with this behavioral-change program or challenging the veracity and rationality of the new ideology was demonized as a “conspiracy theorist,” a “Covid denier,” an “anti-vaxxer,” in essence, an enemy of the cult, like a “suppresive person” in the Church of Scientology.
2. Control the person’s social and/or physical environment; especially control the person’s time.
For over a year now, the “New Normal” authorities have controlled the social/physical environment, and how New Normals spend their time, with lockdowns, social-distancing rituals, closure of “non-essential” businesses, omnipresent propaganda, isolation of the elderly, travel restrictions, mandatory mask-rules, protest bans, and now the segregation of the “Unvaccinated.” Basically, society has been transformed into something resembling an infectious disease ward, or an enormous hospital from which there is no escape. You’ve seen the photos of the happy New Normals dining out at restaurants, relaxing at the beach, jogging, attending school, and so on, going about their “normal” lives with their medical-looking masks and prophylactic face shields. What you’re looking at is the pathologization of society, the pathologization of everyday life, the physical (social) manifestation of a morbid obsession with disease and death.
3. Systematically create a sense of powerlessness in the person.
What kind of person could feel more powerless than an obedient New Normal sitting at home, obsessively logging the “Covid death” count, sharing photos of his medical-looking mask and post-“vaccination” bandage on Facebook, as he waits for permission from the authorities to go outdoors, visit his family, kiss his lover, or shake hands with a colleague? The fact that in the Covidian Cult the traditional charismatic cult leader has been replaced by a menagerie of medical experts and government officials does not change the utter dependency and abject powerlessness of its members, who have been reduced to a state approaching infancy. This abject powerlessness is not experienced as a negative; on the contrary, it is proudly celebrated. Thus the mantra-like repetition of the “New Normal” platitude “Trust the Science!” by people who, if you try to show them the science, melt down completely and start jabbering aggressive nonsense at you to shut you up.
4. Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments and experiences in such a way as to inhibit behavior that reflects the person’s former social identity.
The point here is the transformation of the formerly basically rational person into an entirely different cult-approved person, in our case, an obedient “New Normal” person. Singer gets into this in greater detail, but her discussion applies mostly to subcultural cults, not to large-scale totalitarian movements. For our purposes, we can fold this into Condition 5.
5. Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments, and experiences in order to promote learning the group’s ideology or belief system and group-approved behaviors. Good behavior, demonstrating an understanding and acceptance of the group’s beliefs, and compliance are rewarded, while questioning, expressing doubts or criticizing are met with disapproval, redress and possible rejection. If one expresses a question, they are made to feel that there is something inherently wrong with them to be questioning.
OK, I’m going to tell you a little story. It’s a story about a personal experience, which I’m pretty sure you’ve also experienced. It’s a story about a certain New Normal who has been harassing me for several months. I’ll call him Brian Parks, because, well, that’s his name, and I no longer feel any compunction about sharing it.
Brian is a former friend/colleague from the theater world who has gone full “New Normal” and is absolutely furious that I have not. So outraged is Brian that I have not joined the cult that he has been going around on the Internet referring to me as a “conspiracy theorist” and suggesting that I’ve had some kind of nervous breakdown and require immediate psychiatric treatment because I do not believe the official “New Normal” narrative. Now, this would not be a very big deal, except that Brian is impugning my character and attempting to damage my reputation on the Facebook pages of other theater colleagues, which Brian feels entitled to do, given that I am a “Covid denier,” a “conspiracy theorist,” and an “anti-vaxxer,” or whatever, and given the fact that he has the power of the state, the media, etc., on his side.
This is how it works in cults, and in larger totalitarian societies. It isn’t usually the Gestapo that comes for you. It’s usually your friends and colleagues. What Brian is doing is working that system of rewards and punishments to enforce his ideology, because he knows that most of my other colleagues in the theater world have also gone full “New Normal,” or at least are looking the other way and staying silent while it is being implemented.
This tactic, obviously, has backfired on Brian, primarily because I do not give a fuck what any New Normals think of me, whether they work in the theater world or anywhere else, but I am in a rather privileged position, because I have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in the theater, and would rather stick my hand in a blender than submit my novels to corporate publishers for review by “sensitivity readers,” so there isn’t much to threaten me with. That, and I have no children to support, or administrations to answer to (unlike, for example, Mark Crispin Miller, who is currently being persecuted by the “New Normal” administration at NYU).
The point is, this kind of ideological conditioning is happening everywhere, every day, on the job, among friends, even among families. The pressure to conform is intense, because nothing is more threatening to devoted cultists, or members of totalitarian ideological movements, than those who challenge their fundamental beliefs, confront them with facts, or otherwise demonstrate that their “reality” isn’t reality at all, but, rather, a delusional, paranoid fiction.
The key difference between how this works in cults and totalitarian ideological movements is that, usually, a cult is a subcultural group, and thus non-cult-members have the power of the ideology of the dominant society to draw on when resisting the mind-control tactics of the cult, and attempting to deprogram its members … whereas, in our case, this balance of power is inverted. Totalitarian ideological movements have the power of governments, the media, the police, the culture industry, academia, and the compliant masses on their side. And, thus, they do not need to persuade anyone. They have the power to dictate “reality.” Only cults operating in total isolation, like Jim Jones’ People’s Temple in Guyana, enjoy this level of control over their members.
This pressure to conform, this ideological conditioning, must be fiercely resisted, regardless of the consequences, both publicly and in our private lives, or the “New Normal” will certainly become our “reality.” Despite the fact that we “Covid deniers” are currently outnumbered by the Covidian cultists, we need to behave as if we are not, and hold to reality, facts, and real science, and treat the New Normals as exactly what they are, members of a new totalitarian movement, delusional cultists run amok. If we do not, we will get to Singer’s Condition 6 …
6. Put forth a closed system of logic and an authoritarian structure that permits no feedback and refuses to be modified except by leadership approval or executive order. The group has a top-down, pyramid structure. The leaders must have verbal ways of never losing.
We’re not there yet, but that is where we’re headed … global pathologized totalitarianism. So, please, speak up. Call things what they are. Confront the Brians in your life. Despite the fact that they tell themselves that they’re trying to help you “come to your senses” or “see the truth,” or “trust the Science,” they are not. They are cultists, desperately trying to get you to conform to their paranoid beliefs, pressuring you, manipulating you, bullying you, threatening you. Do not engage them on their terms, or let them goad you into accepting their premises. (Once they’ve sucked you into their narrative, they’ve won.) Expose them, confront them with their tactics and their motives. You will probably not change their minds in the least, but your example might help other New Normals whose faith is slipping to begin to recognize what has been done to their minds and break with the cult.


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