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Plot To Steal Your Soul and DNA


The New World Order and Operation 'Corpus Vile'.

"Global Conspiracy (Business Plan) to enslave you via your DNA..."

"When a plane crashes or is about to – they don’t say ‘people’ they say ‘souls’ (we have 22 souls on board) regardless of your beliefs, your DNA is who you are."

"Manufacturing Consent (via the Media), and even direct mind control via Television (TV) and non-lethal weapons such as beam weapons, genetically modified foods, aerial spraying, HAARP and HAARP v2.0, and finally what we are faced with now – a complete grid of your DNA which is who you are."

"Not only the government is using this DNA grid without your permission that is just one bright example, but there are also many others.  Corporations are now using this data and developing products which are genetically designed just for you.  Unlike genetically modified foods which are benign compared to this – we are talking about something very personal!  And the fact is that no one forces you to eat GM crap (which is by the way illegal in the European Union) – there are many organic stores that sell healthy alternatives even in rural America.  But the DNA fraud is forced down your throat, such as the case when you are either:"

  1. Accused by a stranger of being the father of a child that’s not yours .. OR

  2. Being randomly accused of a crime that you didn’t commit. OR

  3. A political ‘soft’ assassination such as was tried with Julian Assange and Brett Kavanaugh

"And of course, it doesn’t end there.  Even if you don’t submit your DNA – according to their flawed methodology – they don’t need it.  They have a ‘statistically sufficient’ sample of the Global population because enough of your cousins and 2nd cousins have already submitted."

Well, my readers cannot say they didn't see this coming. And the only point I will add to this article and greater understanding of the issue is that it is far more about the 'Living-Soul' and the trapping and control of all souls than it is about mere DNA and the use or tracking of it. 

This article is long but well worth reading.


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