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Nefilim Name and the Crystal Trees



Years ago when I first went to Devils tower, the first thing I said was that no way that was just some natural mountain (tectonic plate) formation, and that it looked to me to be a felled tree; and damn if my original assessment wasn't right.

  So, very possibly the whole (Tree of Life) story may be seriously askew, but at the same time named appropriately. Since those trees are alleged to have been the conduit for eternal power from outside the Crystalline-dome/sphere, maybe my revised "Dome" hypothesis would be appropriate to explore.

Follow me here; If there are the "waters" above and below, which we can be certain do exist in some form, which can also be perceived as such via the many real-time, high resolution video's from astronomers who clearly show us that when you REALLY look at the so-called "stars" with that specialized equipment, that all the images look like you are looking at a light source THROUGH water. I have some, it's an accurate description for sure. 

  So then, on a relatively flat earth, which I am sure is not simply shaped like a coin - flat under as it is on top - then of course, the single sided Dome idea may be a bit lacking. So, one day I doodled a picture of the flat earth with the dome, and extended the dome below in equal proportion, and it hit me!  THAT is exactly where these evil lying scum got their circumference math for their version of the SPHERE EARTH model! 

Most who have followed my teaching may recall how I always teach concerning their lies, that it is ALWAYS about semantics with them.

  • Are they talking about "Outer space" and other ROUND planets with alien life forms on them throughout the "vacuum" of "space?" 

  • OR, are they using all those "words/descriptions" to tell the truth; while at the same time leaving the long established Sci-Fi programming within everyone to paint the picture OF THEIR WORDS/descriptions, for them? Which of course keeps all the stupid humans who totally disregard the natural proofs they see daily, believing the lies. 

So, who named this place "earth?"

And who taught everyone that "Earth" was specifically depicting the physical hard ground, and everything in between?  Which, by the way, in most cases is taught to also include all their descriptions of atmosphere. All contained and restrained by their other half truth, the Van Allen Radiation Belt. That idea and half baked theory is so stupid its laughable, even for a child. But again, Semantics!  The Van Allen "Belt" is of course shaped like a SPHERE, which of course surrounds our SPHERE shaped earth, right?  So, to make the obviously required separation between Church & State - Space & Earth, they had to design the narrative because they can't control all scientists, only those AstroNuts required controlling. Additionally, as we have also seen first hand since the advent of Green-Screen technology, they have been creating that false reality indoors with far less expenditure. So, now where are all those stolen tax dollars going? Hmmm! SPACE-FARCE maybe? 

 Thus, my revised hypothesis has been, that the DOME is not a DOME, but a perfectly circular, plasma-based crystalline barrier that is also self healing. Most likely self healing via electro-magnetics' of some sort.  In fact, there are people, and scientists who believe small chunks of this blueish crystal barrier have been found on the ground. I recall they were shown and tested, and found to have one or more elements that are not even found on earth at all.  So, there's that. 

Therefore, being a fully circular shield that encompasses the entire flat'ish earth, THE SIZE of that shield, being the same ABOVE as BELOW, is exactly where they got their Meridian circumference of 24, 860 miles, or thereabout.  So, our shield is approx 25,000 miles around.

The sun-source (red) is outside the sphere, w/the "perceived" sun (yellow) inside the sphere which is only refracted light energy focused into a point which creates heat. Exactly like the sun shining through a magnifying glass to a point which also creates light & heat. The exact size of the crystal sphere then, must be perfectly calculated and perfectly positioned from the sun-source in order to create the perfect interior sun energy. 

This model then, completely negates all of the global warming or cooling pseudo science arguments. Whoever is in control of the main sun-source, controls every aspect of the atmosphere within the sphere. NOT man!

My attempt at a rendering of how the sun works

Moreover, between 2014 & 2017, and most likely because of the extensive outgrowth of Flat Earth proof from people worldwide, including some great scientists and engineers from South America, and most likely also due to the massively growing interest by far too many people, NASA must have felt pressured to somehow get ahead of the DOME issue, and began releasing information about its existence - and NOT in the form of an radiation belt - , as proven below in the links provided via MIT, Colorado University, and other scientific journals who also picked up the NASA, quiet disclosure story, which they depict as an "Impenetrable Shield." 

FE rendering by Mr. Matt H.

  WHY? Why all the generational lies? Because a mass conscious understanding that the earth/ground under their feet is flat, and encompassed fully by and impenetrable shield, with liquid surrounding that for literally, GOD only knows how far, is absolute PROOF of a Creator and HIS Creation. And their ain't no arguing your pseudo-scientific ass out of that one. 

NOW, THINK about the massive funding and economic repercussions of that mass consciousness upgrade.  All forced by a RAGING humanity all speaking one pissed off voice at that time. And THAT my friends is NOT the ONE WORLD ORDER these evil scum are looking for. THAT is some Kum-ba-yah shit right there that will end them all, overnight, and they know it.

Virtually every single institution, scientific and military, both known and yet unknown, would be instantly de-funded and have their facilities burned. This would lead to other related cascading failures of systems and the entire world would have to find a way to rebuild based on a totally opposite system.  Which in my mind, would HAVE to be based on the 1st and original Law of the Eternal Creator. But alas, our prophets do not tell us it will happen that way. Not at first, anyway. Not prior to - AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH....... 

I tend to believe that the Plasma-Sphere is totally impenetrable, and evidently NASA also concurs. Also, long ago, and by my literal, mechanical translation of the Genesis Babel story, I showed that what the text specifically depicts there, is that they were building a weapon, or, a devise to break through the Sphere, or to transport through it, to get out. Easy to grasp that potential since many of the souls stuck here with us are from the ancient giants, offspring of women and Malakim, (angels); souls clearly depicted by the prophet Enoch, who tells us that the fate of their souls is to NEVER be returned to the original Heaven, and also never to be let out of this captivity. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they have constantly been working towards breaking out, while at the same time reformatting this place in THEIR IMAGE as Genesis 2 explains, but continues to be misunderstood. They did this along with those 200 fallen brother-souls who came here and started all this against the Creator's Living-Souls who already existed here - aka-most of humanity; making us all into the Prodigal sons/souls who are in need of RETURN - Teshuvah; as explained to us clearly throughout the Eternal Creators many Hebrew prophets, among other ancient cultures, human spiritual leaders. 

  And what about those ancient crystal trees? Nearly unimaginable trees that are said to have connected the top of the DOME-SPHERE, down through the ground and into the lower DOME-SPHERE section, translating energy. It appears that they may have been the main conduits for transmitting the Creator's eternal force into this place, much like an incandescent light bulb filament if it extended from the top of the glass bulb, to the bottom; But the same basic principle. (EDEN) It could also be that this power was came in from both sides - AS ABOVE, so BELOW. Possibly one end was Positive, and one end was negative, Yin-Yang, etc. Meeting in the middle much like the depiction of a Dual Toroidal Vortex.


 Which then leads us back to all of the sudden reemergence of conjecture of late, about the "returning" Annunaki forces, and their Nefilim tree felling friends.

Adjacent Rabbit Hole:

While doing some research on the ancient giant crystal trees that no one believes existed, and while researching the make-up of Devil's tower, and other's like it,  

Devil's tower, of which this next picture of its top proves that it's made up of giant, vertical standing, hexagonal crystals, which can also be seen from the side of the tree as well, I found that those giant crystals are actually made up of a mixture of a small variety of crystals, BUT, that the main crystal and most prevalent of them all, is called Nefilin! 

  So, my revised hypothesis begins concerning the biblical understanding of those called- The Nefilim - (Nephileem), is, that since our ancient tale eludes that it was the Nefil'im - (Nef-IL-eem) who cut down all the ancient crystal trees, then we have to ask WHY?  My first educated guesses, is that this was either a major resource for them which they strip out from every creation space that the Creator put these trees in; OR, possibly this race was used to kill the power source transmission which then killed "Eden" and allowed them to usurp the creation for their masters. Which takes us back to Genesis 2 and their reformatting of this place in their image. Which is NOT the image or character of the Prime, Eternal Creator.

 Therefore, it could be, given the liquid nature of language etymology, that THIS act of destruction is where these ancient interlopers from outside our Edenic "Crystal Sphere" actually got their nickname - The Nefilim!  AND, most likely then, the ancient etymology of that word/name NEFIL'IM, was a haphazard slang "handle" given by those souls who lived in "Eden" at that time, which are the same souls here today at any given time, and those who knew the name for the crystal which made up those trees. They gave that same crystal name to that intruding population of alien locust types from outside of our ice containment ring, and crystalline containment sphere which surrounds the entirety of out flat earth. (End of rabbit hole).

(For a deeper dive into the understanding of Gen 1 & 2, see Soul Revolution)

Maybe the Nefilim had a way in and out of here, who knows, but my guess and bet is rooted in those so-called "StarGates."   Pictures of which can be found on my Flat earth blog article below. But I tend to believe that the so-called Anuke, or Annunaki never left here. And the Hebrew prophecies, as well as other Tanak sources tend to uphold that idea, and based on the "gods" that live "in" the "high places/mountains." i.e. Using all of the ancient pyramid structures as some of their ways in and out. While, as I have also shown, the prophecies of the end of days specifically depict this horrific enemy emerging OUT of the mountains. So all this does clock. 

Are they the fallen ones? I tend to believe these so-called Annunaki to be the intermediary Cut-Outs used by the fallen, or for the fallen, to carry out the reformatting of this place in their image, while also trying to escape. And, that, 100% of all of the alleged "Alien" encounters throughout all time have merely been them, as well as our own forces who glean tech from them. Of course, I also leave room for the "StarGate program" after 1935 when the first gate was found and documented in Egypt. With at least 2 more gates alleged to have been uncovered after that, allowing us and them to travel out of here; BUT, possibly ONLY allowing that traffic to go back and forth from inside here, to other land masses which are believed to exist OUTSIDE of our Plasma-Sphere and beyond our Ice-Containment-Ring / Antarctica. This is also depicted in my Flat Earth article linked below. 

 AND THAT brings us back to the semantics of their Words/Speech, which created humanities "false reality" via many false control narratives. I got into this topic using scientific and ancient texts detail in my book - Soul Revolution.  

OUTER-SPACE!  Again, they created the entire false control narrative of "The vacuum of cold, dark space", and allowed or encouraged Hollywood to run off the rails with that genre as their passive, narrative-building program to reinforce all of their pseudo science, which in turn makes it much easier to slowly create and have an "Ancient-Alien-gods" - creators of mankind narrative, assimilated. Like I said previously, that is 100% impossible to do if humanity realizes the truth. 

  So, the OUTERSPACE they speak of is NOT actually a total lie, again, it's semantics. There is an OUTER-SPACE that resides beyond our Ice-Containment-Ring, but, also one must pass through the Plasma-Sphere to get there. Therefore, given the massive distance one would have to travel across Antarctica, which is a RING around the edge of the flat earth, and NOT a freakin Pangaea / continent, and then only to run smack into the side wall of the Sphere, it makes sense that the so-called StarGate devices, regardless how they actually work, would be required to travel such distances, much less pass through the Plasma-Sphere barrier.

TO GET WHERE?  To get over to one of the many other massive continents that exist in those other areas of the, OUTER - SPACE. It has also been alleged that all of the major planets we were taught about, are in actuality the suns at very great distances for those many other land masses which all reside in various concentric ocean rings. It is alleged that past our ice barrier, there are 4 other ocean rings - 360 degrees, all having many other large and smaller continents.  Each having its own sun and so-called stars, etc.

We can see all of their stars as they can see ours, but only 12 Constellations above our section of the overall greater creation space are for our use, and specific to our original calendar system. Which of course has been substituted by various, highly inaccurate, pagan calendar systems.  Therefore, MARS is NOT a "place" you can go to, it is a sun, as are others.  I know, it does NOT look like a sun. That is because you have been lied to and have never seen one single ACTUAL picture of anything alleged to be out there. Not one! And Guess what, NASA totally admitted that as well.

 So, it would be easy to assume that there are other "alien" people and animals out there, aliens to us, anyway. All possibly in different stages of technological evolution. But for now, in this time, whatever "time" actually is or is not, this secluded place appears to be the center of attention, for now. 

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Awesome rendering by Matt H

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