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Memories of the Soulless Hu-Man's


- And what % of the Narrative Programs are for them and for the ensouled people?

This soulless drone topic is really picking up in the minds of the ensouled. I am hearing about it on many topics as time commences. I just got an email from one person who I consider to be a highly astute and aware young man after he experienced memory augments from people close to him, retelling stories of big events in their shared experience that he says absolutely never happened to him. One from a life long family friend, and the other is his own mother. 

I believe this to be a quickly unfolding topic worldwide and one that the mainstream media was already shown to be quite reactionary against. As I peer into this topic it grows more massive the more we consider it.  

The following was in part my answer to him and an additional query on this topic to Randy Maugans:  

“So far, with what you explained I can go either way. Mis-remembering completely or a Mandela shift. Problem is, we may also be forced to add and consider yet another wrinkle in all this.

 Add to that the updating of the drone hive mind which causes cross-over of old data, which could also be what you just experienced.


  • Is it that the controllers are adding new, revised data into them to mess with our perception of our personal reality? OR:

  • Is the revised memory data not actually a planned revision, but the accidental outcome of their process? Like, their version of mis-remembering?  OR:

  • Are the original "downloaded" memories tweaked just enough to cause the “effect” of mis-remembering due to age or time or both?

As I have said since becoming convinced of this soulless drone reality, and as I have witnessed near countless times in my life before even coming to the understanding of their presence; but always knowing something was up with most people; that they have a VERY narrow bandwidth of personality and emotion. To me, it appears to be just enough personality script and emotion in most cases to get by as “Hu-Man”, with others of the kind able to slowly add to their emotional bandwidth by mimicking others who are either slightly more advanced Drones (advanced in mimicking), and or, also mimicking us - The ensouled.


All the time, keep in mind that these soulless drones DO NOT KNOW they are soulless! And THAT is a HUGE issue in all of this because having them “believe” that they are ensouled people and the very same as all other ensouled people, and under the same rules, and of the same Creator source, is ALSO at the same time mimicking the Free Will system!!! (For them).

  So then, now rope in all of the Hollywood soul transference narratives and the emerging science touting that same false narrative, and with the majority of “hu-man’oids” on this flat earth being soulless drones, with far fewer ensouled people- (a remnant of a remnant) just as the ancient texts tend to give it; this now may give us some insight on why the controllers, both here in this realm and outside of it in the “outer-space” realm beyond our Ice-Containment-Ring, have worked so diligently using mass media and entertainment of all kinds to convince that majority of all the alien and soul transference narratives via “science.”


Because, “belief” is a powerful elixir even within the Soulless controlled minds of the drone population. Thus, a bit of “mind” control is definitely required within them to quell the raging torrents of Psychopathy that is them.

  • So, on one hand the controllers need to update them in-mass or regionally, or individually as they require to project pressure or force against the worlds systems as a whole, or regionally, or on one ensouled person that may be more of a threat to them than they are willing to allow, etc. (Remember Job and others).

Thus, all of that media driven science and Hollywood malarkey may actually be more for the drone population than for the ensouled people. But, in all likelihood, given what I have come to know about the evil ones, it is for the sake of both.

Based on history and personal experience I would have to say that they are more apt to be trying to make all of the ensouled people assimilate all that which is evil – (Against the Creators original law) – by causing a much larger population to assimilate that evil in mass to cause all of the ensouled people around them to assimilate the same via social pressure. Which as we can all see, has worked wonderfully up until late.

  SO, we become AWAKE and remain awake to their multitudes of nefarious plots while daily reaching out wherever possible to hopefully reach the other ensouled.

Here, I adjusted parts of Shakespeare’s St Crispin's Day speech for the occasion.  😉


“This day is called the feast of AHEEYEH. He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand tip-toe with angels when this day is named, and rouse everyone at the name of AHEEYEH! He that shall live this day, and see old age, will yearly, on the Memorial feasts commune with his neighbors, and say "To-morrow is AHEEYEH’s day!" Then will they all strip their sleeves and show their scars, and say "These wounds I received for the Creator’s Law in my days!" Then shall our names be familiar in HIS mouth as household words, freshly remembered! This story shall good souls teach their children; From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered— We few, we happy few, we band of Souls; For he today that sheds no blood shall be my brother!  And this day shall gentle his condition be!

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