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Luciferian MK-DNA-Soul Control


Satanic Bloodlines Target Certain DNA

This female Pathology doctor has a fantastic testimonial that should be listened to before listening to this show or reading its transcript. (Link here to listen before reading this) 

  • She traced and connected that the luciferin bloodlines find and abduct certain people to inflict MK-Ultra sessions on them, usually as children (who do not know to UN-consent) to fracture their physical psyche. And that of course as we all know, these children are later used in life for other nefarious deeds, and that when they are used, they usually END PROGRAM by committing suicide on the spot. However, the doctor's research on these topics ends there, missing the most important point of it all, which is the soul. 

  • As you may have read from my book Soul Revolution, several top surgeons and scientists showed that the DNA is, in fact, a recording and uploading system that records and transmits life experience memories to the living soul where it is housed, forever. And what this Pathology doctor is missing, is that these lucy-fairyians are NOT doing these things to children and adults in order to ONLY break their psyche down to enable further programming for use in this world. What they are ACTUALLY doing is using that DNA recording system to upload horrific trauma experiences to the soul so that those experiences can be tapped later, after their death and rebirth cycle in the future. This could also be looked upon as a crude way of time travel as well. 

  • Generational damage control – Yes, what this doctor is missing is that via their DNA trauma infliction they are creating people who, in later generations can be used to inflict damage on targets or even larger populations, etc. Take all of the despotic dictators of our own ancient and modern histories for instance. Mind-controlled, returned into service and replayed over and over again to perpetuate their dynamic false narratives of fear and death to continue creating greater and greater negative (food/energy) frequencies for the Fallen ones to feed on. 

  • Specific - Chosen people – The Pathology doctor seems to have noticed that the same people are targeted throughout their lifetimes, but again, she did not seem to find the greater prognosis here yet. I do not believe these people are “chosen” because they themselves have some special bloodline lineage or Mojo, they are taken because they have access to the adult or child, and they are retaken again and again because they have already been worked on in this life, or in a past life or lives. 

  • Catch & Release – A Misnomer because none of them will be released by these evil entities or their earth-bound acolytes. Any soul/person living outside of the 1st law – Everlasting Agreement – is fair game to them. And person/soul captured by them, not under that 1st law will be used, killed, recycled, found and used again. And as the scientists in my Soul Revolution book show very clearly by their fantastic research, these people, as we all are, will be recycled back into that same DNA line, in the same geographic region on earth, each time. 

  • The Catchers – Ah! This is where we get to the important part of this. Who are the Catchers? Well, those entities are most generally misidentified as “space aliens.” However, as I have shown many times through my own work, these are NOT space aliens from other, alleged planets and star systems like some Holly-Weird movie. These are the Fallen ones “other” physical creations that they use to intervene and work between them and mankind. For many reasons, most still unknown to most of us, they abduct certain people many times in their lives. Some are activated and used for direct contact missions, like assassinations or school shootings, etc., and some are used for nefarious medical experimentations, while others say many are taken somewhere else, programmed and sent out to help fight other wars outside of our realm here. Either way, these poor souls are taken, traumatized, used, killed, reborn, taken again, provided various new traumatic events, used, rinse and repeat. With most of the work being done directly against those souls known as the Beacon-Seed. 


  • Although the evil men and women in our realm throughout all walks of life, usually politicians and major corporate heads, believe that they are working with a higher force in order to gain total control and power over this entire realm and all the people in it, what they do not understand is that those “higher” dark forces are also working to capture and control their living souls, if they have one, into eternity. Everything has always been and always will be about the living soul, and literally, nothing else. 

  • These entities appear to be seeking to replace something that they say they lost a long time ago. Which now leads me into the next odd and interesting section of this story. The following is a point by point account of what this American Indian man felt he needed to tell me after he read Soul Revolution, and concerning what his tribal ancestors passed down to them all. I believe he said they were Cheyenne. 

  1. Aliens=Sky People – Not actually Aliens but created go-betweens for the fallen ones – Archons.

  2. Aliens told the Indian elders that they were an offshoot of humans in the future.

  3. Aliens said they abduct certain people over & over seeking something. [Why then the same people over and over if you did not find it the first time?]

  4. They were told long ago that the “aliens” were seeking something that they lost.

  5. They were told that the aliens were trying to replace what they lost. [Again I asked, what did they lose? For a minute I got the impression that he didn’t want to answer that question.]

  6. He finally answered – “They are looking for their souls!” [I flipped on that one. So many reasons why that is an issue for us, but in the end, I believe as always that it comes down to semantics. They are not looking for THEIR souls, they have been created, designed and charged with the mission to find a better way to remove, capture and totally control our living souls.]

  7. He said they were originally told that they are trying to understand LOVE or the power of it.

  8. And the best of it – He said that his ancestors were told that they became (UN-Tethered) long ago!

  9. He said his tribe made a deal long ago with them to stop taking their people.

  10. He said that they have a ritual and prayers to stop the Sky People from taking a person. [Both of these things rang in my ears like CONSENT issues. A deal they made means they UN-Consented, and the ritual and prayers are for updating their UN-consensual status in newborn. And or to be used to aid some other person at removing their consent. 

In the end this is pretty much all he told me, and continued to reiterate how much my Soul Revolution book helped him confirm his personal conclusions that his ancestors were wrong and lied to and that these were NOT aliens from other star systems, etc., but physical demonic entities with high technology here to steal men’s souls. 

Crazy days all the way around.

S. Asher             ©2019 


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