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Lost History Of The Flat Earth

Lost History Of The Flat Earth

The 1840 Mud-Flood, and The Alien, Wraith Culling!

The Great Reset, Forced Rapture of the World!

This long documentary is a MUST, MUST, MUST see, and all at one time if at all possible. And more than once if possible. Everyone in the world should be made to watch this, and comprehend it all. This, in my estimation, is a life changing film. Even for myself, a person who has been searching and researching almost everything notable for nearly 40 yrs now, had my mind blown, and my heart rent. As amazing as all the proof is, it is only eclipsed by how epic and enormous the satanic controllers absolute control over dismantling it all is, and then writing new history for almost every single point, even down to the smallest things. They truly have an epic level of control over every single aspect of this realm. And, if, after seeing ALL of this, while NOT missing one single word or picture in it, you are not on your knees begging the Father for absolute relief from this realm, and from the satanic hold over it, then you did not pay attention at all.  All I can say, is, that if you thought you had a clue, or a handle on the depth, and breadth of the evil, and the false narratives of this world so far, if anything, you were maybe 30% of the way there. Maybe!

Ok, let me bullet point the high points for you:

  1. This is NOT just about Flat earth.
  2. If you want to know and SEE actual pics of the so-called Mud-flood catastrophe, this is off the hook.
  3. If you want to know when the last "Great Reset" was, and how that Reset is exactly what I have been saying it is, NOT about $$ or gold or NESARA and GESARA, or precious metals, or economies, etc.
  4. If you wonder why we had millions of homeless children during the 1800's, and why all the old children's books are about orphaned children, and why we had all the spontaneous orphanages? This is it.
  5. If you want to know where all the adults went, well, this guy does not say, because he does not know. However, I believe via our Hebrew prophets, that we know exactly. (The Culling - aka - Reset).
  6. This shows film proof of how the few adults, or "Controllers" used all those remaining children to repopulate the totally abandoned cities.
  7. If you want to see film proof of totally abandoned major cities worldwide, this is it. (Question: Who was taking all the pics? Sick shit)
  8. If you ever wondered who built all of the major architectural structures worldwide, which many of us have questioned, WHO built them, knowing they could not have done that in the time we have been told they were built, then this film shows us.
  9. If you ever wondered why all of the major architectural structures worldwide have almost identical design attributes, this shows why.
  10. If you ever wondered how the worlds major religions and their icons (Cross, Star, Moon, etc.) came to be, this shows it.
  11. If you ever saw and wondered why Star shaped "Revolutionary Forts" are found worldwide, and many times where no wars were fought. This will blow your mind. (Even more amazing, is wondering how the controllers dismantled is all so quickly, and repurposed it to change history)
  12.  Evidently, Nick Tesla - Circa: 1856 – 7 Jan 1943, figured out the free energy segment of this lost, and hidden history.(Same controllers shut him down. This movie proof sheds a ton of light on why Tesla just walked away, and died in poverty.)
  13. This movie shows most of the technical proof of how that civilization made, and distributed the free energy.
  14.  War, and all war history were purposely instigated, with details fabricated to "re-purpose" the use of, and reason for why so many castles and other massive structures which we all "believe" to be govt and religious buildings, exist still, and why they all share the same designs features.
  15. If you want a better explanation for how the sun and moon exist, this is it.
  16. If you know all the maps of the earth are fake, then this will blow your mind.
  17. If you want to see something about the moon that is more than mind blowing, this is it.
  18. If you want to see what the real world map looks like, this guy has it.
  19. If you want to see where all those other continents exist, which I have believed to be outside of our ice ring, this new map shows them. (Could these places be where AHYH takes us in the prophesied, Greater, 2nd Exodus to come?)
  20. If you want to see lighting technology that lights up whole cites as you have yet to ever see? This shows that. (They had real technology)
  21. If you are interested in Primary water, or "Living water", this shows it.
  22. If you ever had your doubts about the 1st law -(Everlasting Agreement), and it being the only sure way out of this satanic prison before their satanic controller game ends, then I think this film also proves that - By showing all of the worlds major religions as being mere creations, after the fact, and after the controllers "reformatted" this world in their image for the sole purpose of giving all of the massive structures a reason for being here. Not one of the buildings around this world were ever created as - churches, Mosques, Sin-a-gogues, or temples. All of it has been usurped, and historically repurposed to provide a new historical narrative, and revised time lines.
  23. If you ever wondered why the sky is blue, and sunsets change colors, this proves why.

The only questions I still have after watching this all day, yesterday, are;

  • Is he correct about the much smaller Antarctic ice ring?  My question is, if that ice is not holding back our oceans, then what is?
  • I have to rethink my understanding about WHO added the moon projection. There is still no doubt it was added, and not part of the original creation design, a major point which I have long proven via the Hebrew Genesis texts, but who added it? My immediate thinking is that the controllers added it, because they needed a way, through generations, for their initiates to have access to THE map, without having to make actual maps which could be found by the uninitiated. You will see what I mean.
  • As the NT prophecies talk about the 1000 yrs reign of Satan, which if memory serves, comes AFTER 1000 yrs of Yehshua's world peace on earth; then I now have to question if we are not living on the other side of that, and directly within Satan's 1000 year reign.
  • So then, my next question has to be, does Satan get the entire 1000 yrs? Or, is it, THOSE days that will be shortened? How shortened? Because if this is accurate, then it's only been 180 yrs since they took over total control in 1840. Which now makes knowing and keeping the 1st law, and getting our souls the frack out of here ASAP, more important than anything.
  • How did they dismantle it all so fast?  My thinking at this moment is, the ones who came for the great culling, did most of that via their super-tech.
  • So, where did all the adults go? He has pics and film of them being there the years prior, but then, suddenly, they are all gone.

My belief on where they all went is based on the end-days scenarios of the prophets. And although they are in-depth, I will only touch on their more pronounced warnings here. If this is all true, and from what I watched in this documentary; and from what I already knew about portions of this lost history; and especially from growing up there, and having personal experiences inside many old building basements in NYC , and seeing how they were NOT basements at all, but definitely first floors still partially filled with mud, and with the tops of the windows protruding out of the new sidewalks which makes absolutely no sense at all; and from the known population numbers of these cities prior to 1840, it is my belief that all of the adults were culled by some other, satanic race of beings. Which if you know the prophets as I do, you would clearly see this is exactly the picture they all paint. ****That an enemy, so great in number and power, who arrives everywhere at once with such overwhelming speed, and, comes from OUT of the mountains, (via Star-Gates is my guess), and overwhelms mankind (accept for His righteous elect) so quickly and utterly that many just die from fright, faces red, inflamed, instant plague takes them over, etc. I have long understood these prophecies to be speaking about our time now, or soon to come, and they still may be, mainly because there is no rule depicting that they only happen once. That said, after seeing the proof in this documentary I now believe that this culling occurred in 1840, leaving only younger children behind. Also, another guess would be that most of the children had their memories of it all, wiped in an instant by this same enemy. Which is exactly why we have no details afterward. No children's books about an alien attack, etc.

  But, why leave only younger children who were all under the biblical age of CONSENT?  Well, obviously because they could not yet CONSENT to some evil in their time which would have ALLOWED for them to be culled in that way. Evidently, most all of the others above that age, did. Just as many people today are CONSENTING to another evil, or maybe the same type of evil as in 1840 - The CV poison jab!

  I have a theory on how this culling works. Just as in the Garden of Eden, the enemy slithers in and gets a certain amount of the population to slowly, by many false narratives, to shift their way, slowly, towards various evils which eventually drive the masses into CONSENTING to something that allows the satanic side to have direct access to them. As with Job, who was a righteous man that clearly, via the Hebrew texts, kept the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, BUT, his family did not.  And because of that, the so-called, "sons of god" were given all access to Job's family, but NOT to Job. See how this works?  So, obviously, prior to the year 1840 the majority of the people alive, and regardless of how awesome their technology and world was, they eventually gave themselves over to the dark side in some way. Regardless of what that was, their CONSENT was, and always will be the ultimate key which gives the dark side access.

  Now, back to the HOW?  Was the culling procedure indiscriminate? Or targeted?

  I believe, clearly, that it was, and soon will be again, specifically targeted...but how?  Good question. Well, the HOW will take a definite shape for the majority. Like in our own time now, I believe the HOW to be directly connected to ones CONSENT to take the the govt's CV-Jab. I especially believe this to be the culling-mechanism then, and soon to come, based on the known facts for how the jab turns the jabbee into a literal, full-time radio beacon, complete with their own personal Beacon-Identity-Number. I have written about a little known or understood biblical tenet, that throughout all time there has always existed a special, righteous, "Beacon-Seed" crop of souls/people - (See The Beacon-Seed). However, as with all things of the Father, the anti-father also has his anti-beacon-seed. And we have been watching it all happen in real time for the last 18 months!  Yes, there may have been, and will continue to be deaths from their poison jab, but I am sure a certain amount of "crop spoilage" was expected. Which may also be why the controllers and their many psycho-phants are so apoplectic about getting more and more jabbees. It has become clear even to the casual onlooker that these controllers require a certain, high percentage of jabbees. And I also believe we can all agree that their escalating insanity on the topic appears to be due to some soon to come dead-line - Event. (The Great Reset!) (The Great Culling!)

 Therefore, given what we now know, it may be that all the jabbees are beacons for the Wraith attack, and culling. People who are now radio beacons who get detected, and sucked off the earth during some mock alien invasion seems to be an easy thing to parse out of all this, but will others who did NOT consent to having been MARKED by a beacon signal, also be taken? Yes, I believe there was in 1840, and will again be collateral damage, but, why, you ask?

 Easy, "My people perish for their lack of knowledge.."  You can also substitute the word knowledge, for obedience. Although first you must have some certain knowledge in order to be obedient to it. But, what specific knowledge was he speaking of?  Well, I have also written on this point extensively. It is the knowledge of the true, Torah - 1st law. Problem is, most people are always looking for the law to be written out like they do with all modern laws, but, the controllers shit all over the texts during their historical rewrite program. Thus, most people have never seen the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement specifically codified. In fact, it has been well hidden, which in and of itself should be proof enough concerning it's true origin, and authority.  However, many details can also be parsed from some of the biblical stories, such as chapter 16 of Exodus where they were given the Sabbath, it's rules, and also some very specific instructions about the Sabbath day, more specifically, where to be on that day. This was all instruction that is spoken LAW from the mouth of the mighty one who the Eternal Father sent to give it. This mostly unknown or recognized law is a legal detail that has never, ever, been rescinded by the Father, or His legions, but a law that few know about, or care about. Nor has it been my experience that they would keep it without question even once they were shown it; but, more importantly, it was a law given for the ultimate PROTECTION of His people! And WHO are His people? Simply, anyone who seeks to truly know Him, and what He expects from His people - Obedience to His 1st law!  Therefore, on that culling day, which is a day that the Elect one known as Yehshua told you it would all happen, will be the very day that so many will also be taken as collateral damage. Better hope that day does not come in the winter, or on the Sabbath day!  Problem is, our corrected Enoch calendar shows that day as happening in the winter, and,on the 7th day.

  So, some will CONSENT to evil directly as they are now, and be culled out for it, and even more will be taken because of shear lack of knowledge, their care-less attitudes, and disobedience to it. BUT, luckily, The Father's law, unlike mans law which states that ignorance of it is no excuse, nor reprieve from their punishment; appears to have appointed His ELECT one to stand between that death-slavery-culling, and certain other people. Not all of them, but many of those still ignorant of His true law, but who also seek Him as best they can given the epic levels of absolute deception. Wheat & Tares!

  The bottom line is, be ready to sequester yourselves inside regardless when we see the signs of their coming. It appears, as with Jonah, we will remain inside, and in that darkness for 3 days. My best educated guess is, that if we take the timing of the three days that Yehshua was physically dead, alleged to be from the (4th day - Wednesday), though the (7th day - Sabbath), we could safely emerge from that darkness on the (1st day - Sun-day).

  And just as it happened after 1840, where those people, mostly children, and a remnant of adults who were saved through it, they, as we will, also fulfill the prophesy which states that HIS people will then travel the empty lands, and occupy the empty cities. But hopefully, this time around all of the evil controllers, and their fallen fathers will be gone, forever!


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