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'Fallen' the link to their immortality


Their Souls are Perishable!

Good question Ben. You can't be the only one wondering these things.

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Subject: Question regarding the higher dimensional 'Fallen' linked to their 'immortality' 

Dear Dr. Asher, 

I am listening to your latest podcast right now and suddenly it hit me, when you were talking about ‘the Fallen’, that you told in your book ‘Soul Revolution’ that time is equal to death and that time only exists in the physical realm for the lack of a better word. But if these entities live in a higher dimension, how can death (and thus time) still be an issue to them as well? I know they are trapped ‘here’ with us, but they can’t interact with us because they are from another frequency spectrum within this (their) creation space, right? Just a thought. Thanks as always. 

All the best,



My Answer:

So, yes, for sure time appears to be the key to any death cycle. And yes, everyone's best guess is that the fallen are outside of this system and in another dimension possibly, and not here with us; but, then again, they could be locked here as you say, but dimensionally hidden. THAT said, I tend to believe that when they lost their eternal tethers, that they also changed from that eternally living light-body, to something less eternal. Which of course, they are trying to sustain by other means. So, some mechanism of "time-death" was imparted on them. Because - The devil knows his TIME is short...etc. 

Another intuition I have had is this; that at that time, with Enoch, when they finally got their tether cut; it was already LONG after the betrayal of Adam - the “Adamah Light-body people.”   Meaning, it took a while before the Eternal One went that far, allowing their choices to become real. 

What was He waiting for? 

We must assume, based on the evidence we have, and as I depicted it in the SR book concerning their adverse possession of this place by our (souls consent) at the time of the Adamah 1st law rebellion; that their continued rebellion (the fallen one's) on the higher level, along with their continued Reformatting of this creation-space which was further rebellion ongoing – (Think of the Mt. Hermon story of them taking physical wives and teaching all of the newly minted physicalized souls here all manner of illegal things as it is written, was all bridge too far.) Basically, the Eternal One decided not to let them off the hook that they baited, and jammed in all of us. He decided, that they too should live and experience their own re-creation as all the rest of the captured souls who they enticed, must experience.

   THINK about this scene as I re-described it in the Soul Revolution book – These “fallen” were higher dimension souls, in light bodies – (And there seems to be various levels of light bodies to bear in mind). So, tell me, exactly how would these light-body beings be physically attracted to, much less mating with physical souled people?  Obviously, they liked what they made. They must have been watching the activities of those male and female people, and they must have decided to, periodically, temporarily, take on-  (inhabit) - their own physical bodies for such interactions to be at all possible. Like I said, a bridge to far.  (The Muslim culture believes exactly that by the way, which is the original reason for why they made laws to have their women totally covered outside of the home). As for the fallen ones ongoing ventures, it appears the Creator must have thought – ‘Oh really? You like the feelings in that physical death cycle you all reformatted so much? Then stay like that, and die! 

Big-BIG difference being, is, we can't die out, they can, and will. So, hang on like the little cat, they do! 

As always, it’s ALL about CONSENT!  The Eternal One didn’t hurt them. The Eternal One did not choose the condition or punishment for them, THEY CHOSE! 

As I always depict The Eternal’s actions – The Eternal One…ALLOWS what you/they so obviously wish to be. That is how I described the entirety of this or any other creation-space; that the creation-space itself is designed to “create” and REFLECT everything that you/we/they are conjuring within us. Which is then loosed into the system by our soul’s ability to interact with the system by PROJECTING those thoughts, wants, emotions, outwards into that creative field. It’s simply the design parameter of the creation-space itself. It’s not the Eternal One sitting up there monitoring every thought and emotion and then creating those things to toss back at us. It’s the design functionality of the system itself. Which is why the false control narrative operations work so well against us – Remaking us in THEIR image! The whole thing is quite simple actually. 

So, they got exactly what they lusted for. And the rest of us got caught behind the lines due to poor decision making skills. And when I look around still, I see those same deficiencies in most people/souls. 

Think of the whole thing like this; They, (the fallen), really crossed some serious lines. Do they, or have they eaten the flesh of the innocent, ever?  No, I really don’t believe so. BUT, they were totally UN-tethered! Wow! Even they have always know never to cross that 1st law line. Why? Because they chose to make this a game of free will. Two sides. Those who willingly CHOOSE to break that law continually after choosing to believe the many false narratives, and those who conjure ways to get others to break that law. They do all the conjuring and influence peddling, so they cannot also break that law directly. I don’t think.  As for the rest of the souls, the game has been allowed for some allotted time.

   Maybe it’s the dome that reflects everything back in on itself in order for each individual soul to see and feel the reaction of their personal desires and also those of every other soul. So that all souls, after some time, begin to catch a clue. Like, ‘why does this place suck so bad?’ ‘But, my life around me seems to get better and easier when I do this, or don’t do that…hmmm….. Maybe I should do that more often!

  Of course, we have all seen how this procedure is slow and arduous, and the actual change is even slower. But, is that because all of the “actual” souled people are just so slow on the uptake?  Or, may there be some other influencing issues lurking? 

We keep coming back to the Soulless-Drone-project! As I have mentioned many times of late, the drones were instituted and gradually expanded for that very purpose; to cause and control an ongoing retarded state of enlightenment. No, I do not believe that Souled people are so slow on the uptake where it directly affects their daily well-being. I believe that we can prove this by just looking at the animals. How fast are they to change what they do and where they do it when some highly negative influence exists around them? REAL fast! Big difference between us and most of them is, that they do not have near as many negative control narratives set and working against them all the time. This, I believe in most cases with the lives of the animals, allows for them to have and live a less convoluted life day to day, and thus, leaves them more open and intuitive than most ensouled people. 

   Exactly as I laid it out in the last podcast; If you remove ALL of the false control narratives from this place, and all of the soulless dronoids, the negativity and destructiveness would disappear relatively quickly. And be 100% gone by the next generation. Because at that point the preponderance of positive frequencies would expand leaps and bounds, and those would overcome any of the previously assimilated bad frequencies in most people who were hanging on to them. Much in the same way that the preponderance of negativity narratives are now supported daily and even expanded by a larger population of soulless drones. This point alone is a large circumstantial proof; not only for the existence of said soulless entities, but also concerning the question of their actual population numbers. Most people into this conversation, from what I have seen so far, tend to side on the low end of the population count - 25 to 50%. I believe their numbers to be closer to 75 - 90%. 

I believe this based on my knowledge of the past in varied human topics, and my observations in this life. Their drone numbers must be coordinated with the level and intensity of the mass soul enlightenment forces. Now, I have been telling people that I believed I was seeing a growing, albeit it gradual and mostly hidden in those years, new enlightenment happening. I was saying this before 2011 and literally no one I said it to believed it existed. I even mentioned it in my Land of Meat & Honey book in 2010.

 Well, by now everyone knows how much I love to be correct, and of course I was.  At that time, and as I mentioned in the LMH book, few vegetarian food product companies even existed. With even fewer products. Back when the LMH book finally published in 2010, the few veggy products we could find, Bocca Burgers comes to mind, were ALWAYS available at the few places that carried them at all, and few did, but I knew I was seeing an uptick.

  As a side note, a few of you “originals” may remember that I did NOT want to write, much less publish that LMH book. But, then, after seeing how that book took off in peoples’ hearts and minds, and equally with the absolute absence of the negativity that I believed I was sure to endure, much less from the academic religious community, THAT is when I knew. The shear amount of emails and calls I received in the first 5 yrs of that books publication, and still, all touting such highly positive claims of life changes on various levels after reading it, I knew. I knew I was 100% correct that the enlightenment period I believed I was watching being born, was real. Because until the publication of that book, I have 30 years of highly negative results memories whenever that 1st law subject was broached by me to anyone but a VERY select few, over that many years. 

Do you believe I was the only one that knew this enlightenment expansion was churning? Or could have the fallen ones also known?  Yeah, they knew, they always know. They knew it before anyone else did in the 60’s when it tried to launch then, but they were able to get ahead of it via their earthbound drone minions. But from the start I believed, for some unknown reason, that they could not stop it this time. And since 2011, it has been picking up steam over many sectors of this worlds communities. People of all walks deciding, for all different reasons, to stop allowing the murder of innocents so that they could eat.  But the fallen knew long ago when this next uptick would come, so what did they do? They laid in more and more soulless drones to get ahead of it. But, as of today in 2019, I think they continue to lose ground.

  Additionally, now there are many new Vegan based food, clothing ,and shoe companies with more and more coming online all the time. And from my experience over at least the last 3 years, their products, which are now sold in many places, are increasingly difficult to get when we want them. The demand is quickly exceeding their production. THAT is a major sign of soul awareness expansion, and equally, the increasing loss of Archon food/energy supply, and their eventual death. 

Will they go out with a whimper? Not likely!  As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be soon enough, again. 

This would make one hell of a blockbuster movie.

LAST NOTE: Not all Vegan/Veggi manufacturing companies are real. With the greatness of those that are real, and 100% 1st law compliant, I and others now believe that some will be using animal and even human based additives, unmarked! Tyson chicken with their new Vegan chicken products, and that new “Clean meat” come to mind. The dark side will stop at nothing to keep as many as possible outside of even the very basics of the Eternal One’s Everlasting Agreement, especially if most of them don’t even know of the Agreement, or that their lifestyle change was the beginning of saving their imminent physical experience, and their souls from what comes next. The fallen will do this, as doing so it the epitome of their fight, and their existence.



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