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Eden's Crystal Trees


The Essene Books of Peace, and the Crystal Trees, felled by the Nephilim!

"Now the path leading to the tree of life is hidden from the eyes of men, and sorrow fills the empty sky where once their long branches soared. Now into their hot sands go the children of light, to labor in the garden of the brotherhood..."

"The beaches & deserts are the remnants of these trees!" 

"He who does destroy a tree has cut off his own limbs." 

Following are some text excerpts and commentaries from my long over due re-translation of the Essene books of Peace, books 1-4 with Corrected Names, Titles, Context, Syntax & Commentary Study. This new version, which is available now, is vastly different than the original translation due to the many corrections, and should be far more understandable to anyone who reads it. Above all, and specific to today's "Yehshurim" people, i.e. "The children of light", as presented specifically by the translation of this book; this book will be their literal, Torah. 


"My prayer goes forth for the tall trees; that their branches reaching skyward will carry my voice to the Heavenly Father. For each child you will plant a tree, as the womb of your earthly mother brings forth life, and as the womb of woman brings forth life. He who does destroy a tree has cut off his own limbs. Thus, will the children of light sing when the earths garden is restored:..."

"Upright trees, a divine gift of the Everlasting Agreement! Your majesty reunifies all who have strayed from their true home, [The prodigal souls] which is the garden of the brotherhood. All men will become brothers once again under your spreading branches."

Commentary excerpt from the book:

" I have wondered many times through my life of studies why all the ancients built everything with stones and clay, and nearly never using wood. Obviously not for the ease of doing so, and thus, they must have known something that we have long lost. Could it be as I theorized earlier, that trees, among all the plants, are sentient in some yet unknown way? If you search for it, you will find many people who believe that what we have on the planet today as “trees” are not trees at all, but more like mere grass compared to the ancient trees these texts refer to. They point to such flat-top mountain anomalies as not being organically created mountain formations at all, but the stumps of these great, ancient trees. I must admit, I have visited such sites which can be found worldwide, and their existence has made no sense to me at all based on the natural patterns of tectonic plate movements, and mountain geology as we believe we know it. Devils Tower in Wyoming, which is not too far from me, has a formation that looks to be more like crystal growth than any natural rock strata. If Devils Tower, and others like it do not look like the stumps of beyond-gigantic trees, then I don’t know what could. As humans we only tend to envision things as we already “believe” we know them to be, and so easily dismiss such a notion as this because we have not seen it. But evidently we are seeing it. In addition to this, and considering the previous Essene text paragraph which goes on about safe guarding all trees; The text is definitely referring to our current state of tree growth, which on its face seems a bit, over the top, Arbor Day Foundation gone wild, as far as Essene spiritual traditions might go, but is that really the intention? No. I believe, given the context of the entire Essene tradition, that what may appear to us as yet another extreme religious machination, is most likely rooted in their knowledge of what happened to the great crystal trees, and, is their way of showing good faith going forward. As in, coming from the standpoint of - If we cannot be trusted to safeguard the little we do have, why would the Father ever believe we would safeguard the power of the Crystal trees if given another chance? If He cannot trust us with a little, don’t expect to be in charge of much."

Commentary excerpt from the book:

"If you are yet unaware, this is speaking directly to the lost knowledge of the epic, and giant, crystal trees that connected the flat earth’s ground to the crystalline dome. Through these trees flowed the eternal energies which surrounded our creation-space, Above & Below, "the waters", which made possible eternal life for everyone within it. The remnant stumps of these trees are all over the earth, under the oceans, and even times believed to be Islands. Everyone has seen them, but the “controllers” of this usurped creation-space long created the false narratives which made us all see something else called, flat top mountains. The ancient lore suggests that others, allegedly the Nephilim, mined all of the trees for the power and memory data that they held. Evidently our predecessors were also complicit in some way. Regardless how we parse this, or what you would like to believe, these are NOT organically derived mountains. 

Is this next thing mere happenstance? The actual crystal that all of these alleged, “flat top mountains” are comprised of is called – Nepheline crystal!

Nepheline, also called nephelite, (from the Greek: νεφέλη, meaning -"cloud"), it is a feldspathoid: a silica-undersaturated aluminosilicate, Na3KAl4Si4O16, that occurs in intrusive, and in volcanic rocks with low silica, and in their associated pegmatites. 

From the Greek word that means “CLOUD?” Another coincidence?

Do you not see a tree stump here? 

 Devils Mountain - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tree Stump 

NEXT: Nepheline Crystals from top & side view of tree stump:

Does this look like wood grain to you?

 Why do we believe that any actual mountain would be flat?

 Remnant of a crystal tree in Ireland:


Arial view of Devil’s Tower tree:

Along with the ridiculous explanation they gave us for “Petrified wood”, which are actually small remnants of their branches, there are other current sources that delve more into this topic than I can here.


THE ESSENE 1st LAW OF THE EVERLASTING AGREEMENT - BOOKS 1- 4 as re-translated by Dr. S. Asher


Buy The Essene Law HERE:


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