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Eating From Satan's Hand!


Satan’s spawn, Bill Gates and his elitist, troglodyte, sycophants say only the poor nations should eat red meat, while the rich nations like the USA need to eat his lab created artificial meat:

AKA - "Cultured Meat"



  Because, whether people like it or not, what my family has been teaching for over 22 generations now is true about killing, and eating animals. BUT!... ....That is only the half that separates you from a direct connection to the Eternal Creator, and constantly in need of an alternate, "intermediate" entity for keeping the soul viable until that later, "salvation", date.  

NOTE: It should be understood that the Hebrew prophets clearly, although never taught clearly, told us where the later masses of peoples known as "the sons of Jacob", would eventually come to rest. Certain other expert researchers have reported on the physical and textual findings surrounding that last statement, so I wont belabor it here. Suffices to say, the following commentary is based on the understanding and knowledge of the main countries that these spiritual, and even literal, tribal bloodlines landed in for the end-days events that we must surely find ourselves in, today. This is not to say that many other countries other than the USA do not also have these souls in them, they do. However, the prophets were specific as to where the majority of them would end up. Thus, there should be no confusion about why the USA has been so specifically targeted by the evil entities from its inception, and on every single front.

  The OTHER half of this story, which I believe I verified in my books, but can also be heard on one of Freeman Fly's TV shows with me and Randy Maugan, (Part 1 & 2), is, soul-death through cannibalism! This "DNA mark" is the final straw. This understanding was shown to be the case by various Hebrew prophets, although again, mis-taught, which I have also shown in my books, and most clearly depicted in Enoch as I went on to prove during Freeman's show. 

  A few years back when the first blurbs about lab grown meat from "animal cells", came out, I watched closely because I already knew where it would go, and sure as I sit here now, only a few months ago what I knew was coming, was finally admitted. And not so amazingly, starting about 2 years ago, this went from a scientific possibility to full blown production by several labs shipping product to restaurants, within months - NOT years!

  Why so fast? Because, what you are witnessing with this, is, the implementation of a more Free-Will-friendly, Soylent Green operation. An Op by entities who know as well as I do what it takes to utterly separate a soul from its creator! This will be the final iteration of harvesting and recycling, humans. With the final soul'ution of segregating those souls by their free will choice to consume animals, and by culling those souls out completely for capture and redeployment, somewhere else - Eternally!

The willingness to kill and eat the animals is only the first step, like a gateway drug.

  We have to wonder, why else would the likes of this elitist demon scum even consider eating real animals when the perfectly manufactured, and very real flesh can be available to them as well without all the ozone killing flatulence? All of the taste testing and real-life testimonials of these new meat products have been glowing so far, so why not also eat it?

On top of that, why is it that the non-white countries have to eat real thing?

  Well, for one, animals can be polluted with anything, even dead humans if they want contaminate them that way, or mRNA, etc., which they may choose to spread into those less desirable countries to weed down the population while still affording the satanic cult with the needed plausible deniability. Really, their new, Soylent Green operation using their "Cultured Meat" products will be very expensive to expand so quickly as to have all the countries eating it as soon as they need us to. So, it would make sense that they will begin with the countries most populated with the specific souls they wish to seize first. And at the moment, the world is all set up to raise and distribute animal meat. 

We always have to remember that we are literally dealing with next-gen-Nazi's; Shelanite-Amalekite-Babylonian-Judean-Khazarian Nazi's, to be historically specific. And Nazi's don't want or need all of those populations. Nor do they want or need those types of people around or alive in the USA, or in other elitist lands. So, they will continue to have their animal flesh raised on small, controlled, organic, farms, because the fact is, having made their free will choice, they are all already cut off from the Creator, and already have plans to remain here in their new, satanic utopia, while as many Living, but stupid souls, are captured and relocated somewhere else, a place of their making - (The fallen ones) - for use as living-soul-batteries to keep them eternally alive, or so they still believe. Even if they were also to eat only the "Cultured Meat", their labs would either not be adding the human ingredients, or, their labs will be producing their meat from 100% human ingredients. I am guessing the latter. 

   I also now believe that the new CV-One-Niner jabs are a mechanism to speed up that process among the many people/souls, who are unaware that many of the other products that they have been consuming, have human ingredients in them. The list of these products is long, and I have reported on that topic as well for some years now. (Senomyx-HEK293 is the original, but since is being marketed under various names)  In most cases now, and unlike a few years ago when it first came into use by big brands such as Nestle, now all of the reported data on this product appears to be whitewashed a bit, leaving out most all info about human fetal cells. 

  I keep telling people that none of what we have ever seen in life, throughout history, has been solely about world domination, power or money, etc., but, that it has always been about their final solution of soul capture. The world domination and power thing will come to them organically if allowed to proceed unabated, because the majority of people/souls will be gone, never to return here. And those who are left, the real remnant, will be here. And if the prophets can be relied on, that remnant will be hidden from them, and provided for. Then, finally, the evil scum will be utterly destroyed, and there will be a Renewed heavens, and Renewed earth. 

No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale          for first time around the world...

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