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Dr. Bruce Lipton - "Your Body is an Illusion"


THIS mans information is absolute proof of what I was saying in the Soul Rev book. However, this video presentation breaks it down quicker and more simply than the book. He, however, is very close to the absolute truth, but from certain language he is using, as most all scientists I found also use, he makes himself less accurate. I will point this out so you know what to loo for. 

1. When he uses the word MIND - Understand that to actually be the Living-Soul doing all the interacting and work of both; providing all of the bodies cells with the energy they have and use, AND, that which creates and projects all of the "frequency-waves" he is speaking of. 

2.  At the 1:15 minute mark he begins talking about how we, which can only equal (ensouled people) were meant to use these frequency waves that emit from every living thing whether they be sentient on our level or not, but that somehow, (which he does not elaborate on of course) something is or was used to stop us (ensouled people) from remaining in tune with this ability. AND, that because of this we cause daily problems for ourselves and of course, for the world around us collectively - i.e-Becoming unequally yoked and choked and all that.

Of course, he is fully correct on all this concerning our personal and collective ability to CREATE the love or the hate by constant projection of them, BUT AGAIN, by his not attributing this "power" to the Living-eternal-soul entity, also completely limits how anyone can fully understand what is actually happening here, WHY, and most importantly, HOW it can, and always has been used against all souls in this place. And to me, these are the MOST important points to understand.   Yes, to only understand the dumbed-down version is still helpful because it may, and I stress "may" keep some people cognizant of their feelings and thus, their minute by minute emotional projections; but, knowing all of the rest of the deeper and very nefarious details as the Soul Revolution book presents, THAT gives each person real power. Why? Because, just in that same way through their evil, false narrative system they conjure up an enemy for people to focus on, and be fearful about so that the evil ones running this place can yet again have their way with everyone, by using fear to keep that mortal enemy in the front of your mind as much as possible, so does this work as well in that way. Meaning, by knowing that there are literally evil fallen entities out there, along with very evil people working for them, and against you, that having someone show you how the details, and proving those details by various sources that most people still continue to believe in various degrees to be legit and authoritative, gives you a greater power. NOT through fear specifically, like they do it via their many false narratives, but through knowledge and the wisdom to know how to apply that knowledge daily. But unfortunately this gentleman does not take it that far. 

3. By scientists using the term "Mind", as Dr. Lipton does,Again, which literally, means nothing to anyone that I am aware of, and then also stipulating that the "brain", is there to "perceive" the incoming wave-form frequencies, is as far as I have come to understand in my vast research, and again, as I show via some very accomplished biological physicists and theoretical physicists in the SR book,  that yes, this separation (of terms) of the so-called "Mind" and the "Brain" is in fact correct, however, I do not believe this video presenters understanding of certain details are accurate. Again, from all of my study on these topics over many years now, "both the science and the ancient data", I believe it was best stated in the SR book this way; 

  • That the (mind) is their politically correct term for the (Living-Soul), but, the brain is nothing more than a biological interface which I termed, in that book, as the (Soul-Reader-Interface). Meaning, those waves coming in are "absorbed" into that biological brain mass, by some means as Dr. Lipton put it, but that no science has yet to understand even in the slightest way, so they use the term - (perception) to describe it. AND, as I see it, that the brain, which is literally "wrapped" in "soul-energy" - which is that "perception" they speak of, with that soul energy being the conduit for all incoming and outgoing frequencies. 

Although Dr. Lipton tells you that all of the bodies cells are electrified w/1.4 volts of energy each, he never tells us HOW and WHERE that energy comes from. THE SOUL is the energy emitter, as well as the frequency-wave energy catcher, which then fully absorbs all life frequency energies and stores them, eternally. This stored memory has been proven by several scientists to literally be transmitted to the soul via the majority of our DNA. Those facts are provided in my Soul Revolution book. And those memories are exactly the stuff that has been somehow caged and restrained from our internal, soul awareness. (i.e, Past life memories, or conscious memories in the present, etc.)

All of these "terminology" details and more have been purposely removed from the mass consciousness, which is why they are utterly vital for anyone searching out this highly important topic, to know of. Just as this video presenter so correctly stated; that collectively we are so utterly powerful. I have stated this many times myself and fully believe that this idea, and understanding of collectively, even if the percentages of people applying this is under 50%, remains to be the literal key to wiping out the evil fallen controllers, nearly instantly, and freeing us all from this prison, and the prison of this physicality.      But, without all of these little details as I present herein, and in the SR book in far greater detail, the long awaited collective wave function will not happen quicker than the fallen ones can get ahead of it, and stay ahead of it, which they are trying to do right now, this very minute.

So, in the end, and as Dr. Lipton also stated to a small degree; that with this knowledge each person can LEARN it - LIVE it - and - TEACH it in their own personal lives, which then expands it to a greater collective of ensouled people who do the same, which then has the great potential of literally and quickly changing this world back. MAKE THE WORLD GREAT AGAIN! ;-)

Most important to this change actually taking root, however, is, as always, the understanding and assimilation of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement!  Because as many reading this now know, making that change and RETURNING to the original law of the Eternal Creator, which can be found in the two books listed below, has re-created in them a CLEAN condition which has slowly, and even quickly in some, caused them to become far more in tune with all frequencies. It has and will literally change a person, and few can even believe the depth of those changes as they happen. Although those changes also carry with them a finer and increasingly more powerful sensitivity to the world around them, and to those in it, which as I have personally found, can be very trying and down right exhausting at times. BUT, then, THESE are THOSE times when we must, as individual creators of the frequency waves, shake it off, and double down on the positive.

AND FOR MANY OF YOU who truly do not understand what that last statement means in "practice;" It does NOT mean that when you start feeling down, that you should then force yourself to be happy or positive. We call this "pretending", and that is NOT a real emotion.

In fact, I'm betting that may even make matters worse. Now, I am NOT a new age guru or any expert on positivism, but logically, to me it seems that removing yourself from the negative zone in any way possible, even if that means only walking to a south facing window on the 80th floor in a NYC office building at work, and just filling your eyes and senses with the beauty of the ocean and sunlight for several minutes to recenter your emotions. Whatever it takes, I believe it will take an actual, physical action on your part to get back there. And if we don't do this continually, minute by minute until we just BECOME this way as a natural course of assimilation of a thing over time, then we will not be helpful to ourselves, this prison, or to the Eternal Creator who awaits our return from it. We will only be serving the evil ones, and their agenda.

Either way, knowing only what is presented in this video, which is good, and more than anything I have seen from anyone else, or, also knowing the entire picture for better and worse as I presented in the SR book, will be more helpful than not knowing or believing it at all.

And remember, the big picture is, you are not only saving yourself by applying this knowledge, you are also helping to save countless other souls who will never come to this level of understanding, much less apply it. There is only one way out of this place, and YOU'RE it!

Feel free to send this link to anyone you think may be ready to hear on this level.


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