Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

Dr. Asher - Freeman & Randy Maugan Interviews


A show on Non-Player-Characters - AKA - Soulless-drone-humanoids, animated and controlled by the Fallen angels/archon's. All at war with the Eternal Creators 1st law of the Everlasting-Agreement. Their Control-Narratives gain control of the minds of all Ensouled people, depleting their spiritual power.  

The Narrative has control of most minds and we feel powerless. Ancient hidden secrets are not to be revealed to the masses. What would happen if they were? Once the false narrative is identified, how do we know which direction to go? Is it best to attack what we dislike or head in an entirely different direction?

The Lone Gunman Show - Soulless Drones w/Freeman, Randy Maugan & Dr Asher:


Freeman show - Everlasting Agreement


Randy Maugans - Tri-Unity Series w/ Dr. Asher



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