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Creator Origin Calendar


Corrected 2018

So far this is only my preliminary notes on this revised topic. More to come.

 I suggest everyone begin becoming familiar with the constellations, what they LOOK like for identification, but ONLY those for the calendar, and maybe be able to find Orion’s belt. Because I am told that our (12) related constellations each month will always fall in between the moon and Orion’s belt.  Either way, my son and I have had a hard time finding Virgo for Asher this past month which in the Roman calendar ends on Sept 8. Additionally, everyone should study this pic of the phases of the moon because they are used only on the “solstice-quarters” of the year to prove which year we are in of the 7-year cycle - SHMITAH. Search for pics of the constellations listed below and start memorizing them. You can correlate their names to the Hebrew names later. 

FYI: The order of the months was never supposed to be based on the order of birth of the 12 sons as most have taught it, but based on the MEANINGS of their names. And when one reads the meanings of their Hebrew names from Neftali to Zebulun it provides a positive message, and in the opposite direction, it becomes a negative message. Barry Usher’s corrected, printed calendar has all the names and meanings on each months page. I will provide the printing companies sales link to buy this calendar at cost soon. This Creator Origin calendar does NOT end or need to be revised, nor do the days shift or change like all others, nor do we need to add a 13th month every 7 years like others.

  Right to left Sliver, then ½, then ¾, then full, then ¾, then ½, then sliver – THEN, back to the right again and so on for 7 years. The guarantee is that you WILL SEE ONE of those moon phases and ONLY one of them on each quarter of a given year. MEANING, if this year we see the ¾ moon on the 1st Renewal memorial night, then we will see that identical phase on all of the other 3 memorial nights, absolutely! That alone proves to me that this calendar is more correct than any other. It either CLOCKS or it does not. So, this moon phase count not only tells you what YEAR we are in within any 7-year Shmitah cycle, but 49 of them tells us when the Jubilee 50th year is.

But, if we are NOT growing at least some of our food, we cannot receive those blessings as promised. YET another reason why they have forced America and others away from family farming. To counter our blessings.  THE MOON HAS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER USE IN THIS SYSTEM, AND IN MY MIND IS NOT EVEN TRULY REQUIRED IF YOU KEEP A RELIGIOUS AND ACCURATE 91-DAY COUNT, FOUR TIMES - between quarters - THROUGHOUT ALL YEARS. But using the moon does sure make it easier and more foolproof if we lose our place. 

What I am seeing now is, that the Essene Grand Master, Yehshua, was explaining the calendar system to them, and NOT as the Christians believe, feeding them fish! The AGE always influences the people in it. Yehshua was teaching them ABOUT the fish = Pisces and the AGE they were in at that time and would remain in for a 2600-year cycle. And when they asked him WHEN this time of trouble would come – a portion of Jacob’s trouble - he tells them to LOOK for the MAN carrying the WATER!  Men didn’t carry water back then, Women did that!  The man carrying the water is Aquarius -THE AGE OF! 

So, we have Yehshua explaining that the AGE of Pisces will rule from then, through a 2600-year period, and THEN, the AGE of the water-bearer will come in.  Have you seen me use this pic of the water-bearer in my books and websites.

EVER wonder why I always use that?  Because the original, unredacted blessing to Asher, which was later usurped by Judah, was that Asher would be the water bearer of - Original Torah. Even the Rabbi’s know this. 

AND THEN they asked Yehshua for a sign, and what did he say? - He said that the ONLY sign they would get would be the sign of JONAH!!  WHAT?   Jonah didn’t have any sign!  They must have been clueless.

But Aheeyeh showed me long ago about Jonah, which people may recall I wrote a chapter on in the Asher codex. And years later Aheeyeh began updating me in 2015 with the 4 warnings, and 3 more since – SEVEN! 

AND WHEN did we change from Pisces to Aquarius? In August 21st/2017

And WHEN did we get the sign of Jonah? – “The Great” Solar Eclipse - On August 21st/2017! 

FYI: There is a lot of dis-info out there about when this all-important Aquarius age started. Most say 2012, but that appears to be based on using Regulus which I believe to be totally wrong. Most sources also tend to say that an AGE is around 2170 years, which is again totally inconsistent with pretty much all ancient writings. If I know one thing, an age in every writing, even in the Talmud and other ancient texts is 2600 years.  We are able to find other sources that agree that an age is 2600-years and that Aquarius [Passed-Over] from Pisces in Aug of 2017. And having the sign of Jonah in there creating darkness over the entire land for 3 hours as it was written?  I’m going with August 2017. 

The MONTH that corresponds to August in the corrected Creation calendar is ASHER! 

And what day does the 1260-day count come to (based on a start count day that I will explain later) – Yes! – August 8th - or, Asher 8/2018 

And what son was Asher to Jacob? The 8th son! 

2600 years ago from 2018 to 583 BCE is interesting, because 3-years later, specifically counted by Ezekiel using the original Creator calendar as being (3)-PASS-OVERS later, the land was invaded, and Solomon’s temple was destroyed in 586 BCE. Ezekiel appears to have used two separate calendar systems while in captivity; he used the Babylonian civil calendar to keep a record of their captivity. That calendar years begins in Tishri and is the same Babylonian system Jews use today. The second calendar he used was known as “the sacred” system, and given that this calendar started and ended on a PASS-OVER day, this most certainly had to have been the original Creator given [Enochian] system. Because in ancient times, even more ancient than those Hebrews and Jews, the original PASS-OVER day was understood to be what we now call the “Intercalary” day. This is but one of the 4 days that are “watched” as PASS-OVER points from either one year to the next, like we see Ezekiel doing here, or from seasonal quarter to the next quarter. It was the later Jews who moved it to the end of the 14th day – i.e. 15th day – Babylonian style - and intermingled it with the day of freedom from their Egyptian slavery. THIS IS NOT to say that there are now 4 Passover celebration days during all years! The Yehshurun Renewal Memorials come a day later after the intercalary days hit. (1st day of the 1st month – 1st day of the 4th month – 1st day of the 7th month and 1st of the 10th month). Intercalary days are NOT counted as “a DAY” within the 91-day count from quarter to quarter.

588 BCE - Nebuchadnezzar attacks Jerusalem in the tenth month - (Ezek. 24:1) in January. 

587 BCE – Siege is on. 

586 BCE - Nebuchadnezzar’s nineteenth year - Nisan (March/April) - Temple destroyed in month of Ab (August) 

585 BCE – Ezekiel’s 1st Passover after the destruction of Solomon’s Capital city – [By invasion]. By that time Ezekiel has been in Babylonian hands for 13 years.

584 BCE – Ezekiel counts 2nd Passover since temple destroyed.

583 BCE – Ezekiel counts 3rd Passover since temple destroyed - Ezekiel’s 15th year in captivity.

583 BCE - Signifies a 2600-year PASSING OVER from the age of the Bull (Aaron’s golden calf and Ba’al worship) into the AGE of the Fish – Pisces for 2600-years until August-21st/2017. 

August – Month of Asher 21st 2017 Passes Over to the Age of Aquarius. 

HERE ARE THE CORRECTED MONTHS W/corresponding constellations to become familiar with: 

NAFTALI – ARIES – MARCH >  (Intercalary day = Passover – no sign in sky at all) Next day is 4th day of week and 1st day of the new year – First Renewal Memorial - (look for the sign that night)-(Day to plant seeds) – 15th day is when seeds germinate and come up. The 15th day is the day of leaving Egypt – Looking for the GE! Neftali is ruled by the White horse of Revelation.


SHIMEON – GEMINI – MAY > (15th day is 60-day Harvest gathering day)- Shavu’ot. The Intercalary day is at the end after the 30th day – No sign in the sky)

YOSEF – CANCER – JUNE >  (4th day = 1st day of next quarter = 91 days from Neftali-1 – Change to summer – Second Renewal Memorial) Shimeon is ruled by the Red Horse of Revelation)


ASHER – VIRGO – AUGUST > (15th day is Daniel’s 1260th day - The Intercalary day is at the end after the 30th day – No sign in the sky – ALSO is the 1275th day of Daniel

LEVI – LIBRA – SEPTEMBER > (4th day = 1st day of next quarter = 91 days from Shimeon-1 – Change to Fall – Third Renewal Memorial) – ALSO – 15th day is Daniel’s 1290th day, which is also the agricultural Ingathering day. Levi is Ruled by the Black horse of Revelation.

DAN – SCORPIO – OCT > (The 30th day of Dan is Daniel’s 1335th day and also a Sabbath day and, in the winter in much of the world.)

GAD – SAGITTARIUS – NOV > (The Intercalary day is at the end after the 30th day – No sign in the sky)

BENYAMIN – CAPRICORN – DEC > (4th day = 1st day of next quarter = 91 days from Asher-1 – Change to Winter – Fourth Renewal Memorial) Benyamin is Ruled by the pale horse of Revelation.


ZEBULUN – PISCES – FEB > (Intercalary day – no sign in the sky at all) – Next day is the 4th day of Neftali again and the 1st day of the new year - First Renewal Memorial again. Moon will show a different phase for the next 4-quarters.) 

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