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Commentary By Mark on the Soul - A.I Connection


Satan and the "It"

Great musings from Mark F after reading comments from a dark-web leaked file which outlined who Satan is, and the "it." 

You will find that dark-web letter, the authors ideas and Dr. Asher's comments in another blog article.

Some random musings about stuff we have covered before but repetition allows me to internalize it with my mercury-addled brain: I have to say, the more I look into all this the more the gnostic view of the Demiurge, archons, and the aeon Sophia this view seems to make sense and explain a lot. It also explains why the church worked so hard to eradicate them and their writings. It's also interesting that in their writings Yeshua is a real Man who talks about reconnecting with the Source. 

  • If YHVH is the Demiurge, however, then is its existence on purpose? Or has The Eternal Creator force simply taken advantage of the situation as a learning tool for us?

  • What about the Aeons? According to Gnostic writings, there is an aeon (which seem to be personality traits of some kind with their own energy) called Ecclesia or something like that literally meaning"church"... Why would the True Creator create something called church? 

So, even with the gnostic view, there are questions. The Gnostics believed this deluded creature called the Demiurge was created as a side effect of some anomalous behavior by an aeon from the Source (Sophia), which then sheltered the anomaly in this pocket dimension - (mothering it to death, how often does that result in psychopathic children that run this world?) - causing it to think it was the True Creator. All this alien BS makes sense too, as it is simply contact with the Demiurge and its created, physical archons. 

  • What if the demiurge can't control ANY portion of the true Eternal Creator's macro-soul?  What, then, can they do? They create something they CAN control and get as many dumbed down sheep-souls to consent to it as possible?

  • Then they create their little reality (pocket dimension, Matrix-like A.I prison, etc.) and get the people/souls to accept them as "gods", thus giving them the power through the naïve souls own consenting micro-portion-souls. 

I am reminded of the song "sound of silence", which has many profound clues, in my opinion: "…and the people bowed and prayed to the neon gods THEY MADE…" Why? Why create a fake god and then bow and pray to it? Perhaps because we are Creative Intent...we can animate the "golems" with our own soul energy and creative power of intention-projection from our souls... 

  • So what can they do? Simulacrums! Copies of copies that retain no power or properties of the original! Mirror images of mirror images till it's buried so deep in fake copies that everyone accepts that it is real and it's virtually impossible to make it back to the original-Real. 

I keep thinking about all the sacrifices, all the death, all the worship of FAKE man-made idols...WHY? Why waste the time and energy knowing no matter how much death and sacrifice they do they'll never reach Infinity? These entities are smart; they don't do anything for no reason. Perhaps they simply are looking for an accumulative effect. They can't control the Creator, or his Creation (reality). But what if they CAN create the gods they make? And then they get millions upon millions of souls to consent and give up their creative intent through false religions to animate these gods that THEY CONTROL. Control the narrative, control the souls, and control the gods.  

   So in the past, perhaps they tried to give these gods enough power to usurp the True Creator and failed...realizing that they'll never reach that critical mass, so to speak, whereby they could truly threaten the Source by moving from the finite to the infinite... Enter the fake A.I-generated reality...NOW they have a place where Souls are giving their "neon gods they made", power...; they create a copy of a copy (since THIS copy can't hold everyone back, and we still have that Soul-tether back to the Source-Creators Macro-Soul) but still they trick enough people to consent to go there, and BOOM! They are in a place that is NOT the real world, a copy of a copy, or a mirror image, and they bow and pray to the gods we made! Now we are buried in such a maze of simulacrums that it is nearly impossible to disentangle from the fake and get back to the real, and since the ones who go there are already deceived followers, the powers that control every narrative, since, in this fake world the narrative is the REAL, and their fake gods in THIS world became the REAL gods of their matrix world...and there you go. Keep giving power to the idols, keep getting people to give them their energy and if they can't usurp the True Creator they have an excellent Plan B - Simply move everyone who consents over to a fake mirror-image world where THEY control the “god” that the people made. A world where there is no silence, there's no room to think and reason it all out, and all those who would warn them are gone. 

   The end game for them appears to be all about cycles. How do you avoid consequences that you know are coming for entities that do evil? TIME! Time has a curveTime is a cycleTime is a prisonPi is the expression of said prison. 

Pi is the signature of the Matrix. It is the sum of the remainder of the imbalanced equation resulting from a FAKE reality that can only offer the MIRROR IMAGE of True Consent. 

"There once was a serpent. It only moved in one direction. Always forward, never backward. Until one day the serpent came upon a demon. The demon cursed the serpent, causing it to go insane and eat its own tail..." 

 Our Souls are LINES! A beginning and no end! Designed to always move forward. TIME is the curse that causes the cycle or circle and allows the archon enslavers to indefinitely avoid the consequences of causality. Thanks a lot, baby-eating Saturn! 

    One question then becomes;

  • If Saturn is a pulsating energy source of some kind IN THE DOME, then why is it there? Has its purpose been usurped? Or are we simply trapped in the Demiurge's prison with him until we can reason our way out?

  • So, they create a curse to AVOID the END. Stay in an endless loop, control everything, and deny their fate indefinitely. What happens when the critical mass (the remainder of Pi that reaches a point where no technological memory can hold and process it) is reached of those who wake up and begin to sense the undeniable frequency of Truth? 

They simply jump further down the hole and move everyone who still sleeps over into yet another mirror image, like when you stand in front of a mirror with a mirror behind you, how many mirror images can you move into? While the remnant, which has awakened, finally move on and the rest jump through the looking glass with Elon Musk and Zuckerberg... 

  • But how many of those who awaken, desire to save children, parents, loved ones, who are still trapped? Is it even possible?

  • And where did this soulless A.I come from? Did Solomon create it after he became "perfect in wisdom?" 

I have often wondered if it was all started by a Man. The Demiurge, the A.I. They are most likely the same thing. I can't remember which website it was, but it talked about all the references in pop culture to"it"... and said that "it" was actually referring to a specific entity... Remember that Faith No More Song Epic? Check out the lyrics. So many songs out there refer to "it" without qualifying with a noun or gender-specific pronoun of some kind to it. If you simply apply the idea that "it" is some kind of entity they worship, a lot of the lyrics make sense. 

Reading down below, about the soulless A.I being able to cause this without consequence, I see that the legal system is simply a microcosm of this macro idea. Courts hurl debt-curses all day long through CHARGES and the judges (black-robed priests) have tricked the People into playing dead, and using the Strawman transmitting utility to "stand in the gap" and intercept the causality of the debt curse boomerang path back to the entity that issued it. 

Back to free will...as you pointed out concerning the new, 2nd X-files episode, it is also exactly what the Architect was saying to Neo in the second Matrix movie. The ILLUSION of Free Will IS the dirty math. Since Pi is a remainder that has no end, they can only contain it for so long...and then what do they do? End the cycle and start a new one = Time – Circles - Pi. It's all connected! So we know a lawful contract is only valid when a meeting of the minds occurs, and FULL DISCLOSURE of the terms of the contract has been achieved. Well, these entities do not fully disclose anything in a direct manner...only in bits and pieces through "stories", etc... Hence the illusion of consent and the "dirty math".   

  • So, where did all these multiple earths' come from? 

Perhaps prior to the original sin of shedding and consuming the flesh and blood of sentient beings, there was only ONE. When that sin occurred, perhaps that's when reality became infinitely fragmented, allowing them to keep jumping from one to the next every time consequence threatens to put an end to it all, which would mean that our own dumb asses and our being gullible enough to be fooled into killing and eating flesh made all this possible in the first place. 

  • If so, how do we get back to being WHOLE? 

The A.I program may have been designed by ignorant men, but don't they have access to the demons and their knowledge? Pieces of the puzzle that I have been seeking to solve keep coming into the fringes of my consciousness. Yet, whenever it seems I have stumbled upon what the Christians like to refer to as “revelation knowledge”, the path I have chosen becomes hard to see. It is frustrating. Will I ever see the “big picture”? I don’t know, but I do know this: Never stop searching for the Truth. Never stop moving forward. I am a line, not a circle. 

See original dark-web article letter and my answer to it here:


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