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Breaking the Free Will System


Or is it still CONSENT?

Concerning this first story below. This is not the first time we are hearing this. In fact, we just saw the 3rd article that I know of telling us that they will or have begun somehow adding/spraying the contents of the CV-viles onto certain vegetables in CA.  Do I believe that? Well, I won't rule anything out, that is for sure. I can go two ways on this:

1. They are adding it all over the place, and not only on crops, and they are not worried about being infected, because they have all already been filled to the brim w/their fathers satanic goo.

2. It is yet another lie to cause the next level of weak minded and defeated souls to just give in and take the shots. Because they assume they will get it either way, and it is now inevitable, etc.

My personal opinion at this moment is based on the same protocol I advised to take as soon as we heard people were receiving the death shots, to which, since, we have found out it was far worse than even I believed it might be; my initial advice, which was rooted in military protocols for dealing with such an unknown threat, was to break contact with society as much as possible, and to watch the results of the Mark-Jab to see where it all went.

Now we need to do our best not to purchase or eat any more of the foods stated as being added to. Which to this point has only been salad veggies. However, is that the whole truth? It never is with them. What they TELL you is only ever the most obvious part of their truth. In this case, veggies categorized as "salad" crops; therefore, by using their semantic system of communication, we should understand that by being reported in that way several times now, it is done so in order to manipulate minds into thinking "salad", and not canned or all other boxed foods. WHICH also means pet foods, people!  Without thinking, you can be as safe and separated from their food system as much as possible, but if you forget about it concerning your pet, then your pet will easily contaminate you, and everyone in your circle.

So what is the answer? Because now this all sounds like everyone is utterly screwed. And if we go by the prophets alone, is that not exactly what they tell us? That the vast majority are screwed, utterly? YES!-WHY? "Because my people perish for their lack of knowledge...."  Do all Christians, Jews and others look like the Essene's? NO! Why not? Because they have long lost the ability for critical thinking. And that loss has removed them from the Fathers direct view and hearing, which is why a large % must be covered by the Elect one, if not, almost 100% of souls would be lost forever. Which is why the Hebrew prophets bleat on and on about the - Remnant...Remnant...Remnant...Remnant...Remnant...Remnant...Remnant..............  And obviously, NOT because a majority will be left over. 

Remember when the prophets told you how, when this end-time comes, that ONLY those who are WITH the Father, KNEW His name, and called by His name, (which also means keeping His 1st Law), in that time will be saved through it? "1000 fall by your right hand and 10,000 by your left, but it won't touch you...."  And all that!  This means that those who are covered by Him, are literally, physically, covered, especially so when the circumstances are so far out of our control, as well as our ability to CONSENT to them in the first place.  A covering as in a DOME of protection over you and yours.

No black-goo rain in your ground or rain water for the crops you grow, etc. Not to mention that by adding this demonic shit to the open air, "appears" to BREAK the Fathers law of Free Will, and for them, breaking it even once ends this game - But, has this game ended yet? 

So, it may be that this is all dis-info for the fear factor of it; or, if not, then all of this will be over very, very soon. OR - The third answer might be - That, like the Essene's who absolutely walked the complete path of righteousness, with a large part of that being that they toiled in the dirt and grew their own crops!  Doing so out of obedience to the 1st law! And because of THAT obedience, their crops were protected, and even magnified by the Father through His earth. "My people will eat, yours will starve; my people will drink, yours will thirst..."  He never says how much we will be eating... ;) But regardless, He can magnify the result in our bodies with even the little bit we do eat. And THAT my friends is the train we all needed to be on by this time.

I recall someone telling you many times in the last few years how everyone NEEDED to start growing as much of their own food as possible regardless of where they are, OR, to get to some other location where this was possible.  I also recall saying it was NOT only a function of growing food to survive, but more a function of proving ones belief and obedience to the 1st law. I also recall quoting from the Tanak, stories to remind people how the Eternal One, and His Malakim could replenish, or even outright supply oil and foods, and even Mannah if required. And, that all we had to do was to make ourselves OPPOSITE to this world. Well, all I can say to those who did nothing because of their circumstances, or could only do a little; NOW you better prepare yourselves to be moved to some new location where all that is possible. Word of advice: The more you prepare for moving out now, the more comfortable you will be during it. (Packing very light)

On another note concerning the words we use, which either promote good understanding, or diminish it:

Everyone really needs to stop calling this horrifically demonic compound -  Graphene.  Graphene has industrial uses and it is either NOT what is in this jab at all, or, at least NOT the part that matters most, and more likely, if it is in there, it was used as a cover for the other black substance in there. The demonic, black, sentient-goo is the real concern, but they needed to call it something. I am guessing that they chose the graphene for the plausibility of it.  However, not to escape the ridicule of it being dangerous, but because it is easier to explain away somehow to the masses of morons.  Can you imagine them trying to explain away the Alien-Demon goo?  Graphene, like many substances may be bad for most humans, but it sure as shit is NOT demon, alien, soul disconnecting sentient goo that MARKS people like cattle... 

Graphine snowing up in puddles of rain water:



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