By Jenn Smith. 



"What had happened was that Gloria walked in the front door of Synanon [for drug counselling] and they had gamed her right off. Someone, on purpose, had walked past her as she sat waiting to be interviewed and had remarked on how ugly she was. The next person to parade past had informed her that her hair looked like something a rat slept in.

Gloria had always been sensitive about her curly hair. She wished it was long … What the third Synanon member would have said was moot, because by then Gloria had gone upstairs to the tenth floor [to kill herself].

“Is that how Synanon works?” Fat asked.

Bob said, “It’s a technique to break down the personality. It’s a fascist therapy that makes the person totally outer-directed and dependent on the group. Then they can build up a new personality that isn’t drug oriented.”

from Philip K. Dick, VALIS."

"The above quote is from Philip K. Dick’s pseudo-autobiographical novel VALIS and was based on his experience in the 1970s with what was once called the “most dangerous and violent cult America had ever seen,” Synanon. At first glance the quotation from VALIS would seem unrelated to the modern transgender (trans) movement, however, my experience with opposing trans-activism has led me to the conclusion that the activist element in the trans community has become and uses (knowingly or unknowingly) the techniques of cults such as Synanon.

Certainly those that constitute the more radical activists in the transgender movement behave just like cult members and are just as willing to ignore reality as any member of even the most bizarre religious cult.

There are a great deal of questions regarding just who is behind the international trans agenda and what their end game is, or why almost every organ of power is supporting the mass delusion that is the new transgender movement. Investigation has revealed several billionaires at work (notably Martine Rothblatt and Jennifer Pritzker), as well as funding and promotion from the pharmaceutical industry and even the highly lucrative cosmetic giants. But just who is promoting this and why is not the primary subject of this essay; the methodology of recruitment is. With that being clarified, there are of course both macro and micro levels of the trans agenda, and the macro level will be addressed in the conclusion.

It should be noted from the outset that the goal of this essay is not to draw exact equivalencies between Synanon and transgender activists, only to illustrate similarities in the basic psychological processes or agencies that facilitate transgender youths becoming part of radical transgender activism, which is typically centered on various online social media forums. It is difficult to address this issue without investigating and speculating on the reasons why governments all over the western world are pushing this so hard. It appears as if the creation and promotion of trans cult activism and ideology is part of a larger social engineering agenda, and one that requires everybody’s attention. Governments that engage in social engineering using deception and propaganda do not tell people why they are doing it. As was the case with the “incubator baby slaughter” fraud that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq by President George Bush Sr., we the people only find out after the fact, and in that case after hundreds of thousands of lives were lost. It thus becomes incumbent upon freedom loving citizens to speculate on the reasons why our leaders are supporting the mass delusion that is transgender activism, and this will be addressed in the final section of this essay.

Synanon and “The Game.”

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.
From George Orwell, 1984

In August of 1957, Charles E. Dederich was just one of many alcoholic test subjects at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) that were given the drug LSD in order to see if chemical mind alteration could modify extreme addictive behavior. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) founder Bill Wilson was a subject of the same study, which was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The project involved giving alcoholics large doses of LSD in an effort to break down and reform the personality of the subject. Dederich described the experience as critical in his own break from addiction and subsequent development. He was so powerfully affected by the experience that he “cried uncontrollably for days.” He reported experiencing a total self-surrender or destruction of his ego, and he emerged from the experiment with “feelings of omnipotence and omniscience.”

One of the most typical effects of LSD was the exact kind of self-surrender Dederich reported. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) focused many of its MK Ultra LSD experiments on the drug’s ability to clear the mind, and thus allow for the programming or brainwashing of a subject. Most of the MK Ultra documents were deliberately destroyed in 1973 under orders of CIA Director Richard Helms to avoid public scrutiny, but it appears from the documents that survived as if one of the goals was the creation of so-called “Robot Agents”, or sleeper agents brainwashed by the agency to serve its goals. Dederich realized, apparently on his own, that it was this destruction of the self or ego that allowed him to break from his bad habits and begin shaping a newer more powerful self. This loss of ego thus became a focus not only for Dederich’s later theories on drug rehabilitation, but Bill Wilson also came to the conclusion that the “ego has to be crushed” in order to reform or control an individual’s behavior.

After his experiences at UCLA, Dederich himself joined AA, and quickly became a fanatical member and a popular speaker. He also became obsessed with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s brilliant essay “Self Reliance,” and apparently took to heart literally Emerson’s suggestion that he should “be wholly his own man, and in turn the founder of a sect,” which is exactly what he did in 1958 when he founded Synanon.

Synanon (originally named the “Tender Loving Care Club”) was designed initially just for the treatment of drug addicts, using techniques developed in AA, but with a more intense focus on breaking down personalities/egos. While he recognized the power of LSD to induce the required state of total ego surrender, Dederich concluded that drugs could not be used to reform drug addicts and were ultimately too unpredictable in terms of outcomes (as the UCLA LSD experiments concluded as well), thus he turned to what he called the “ego-crushing [power of] peer pressure” as the best way to break down the individual’s former drug-oriented personality and force them to utterly reject their previous lives. Dederich coined the now popular expression, “today is the first day of the rest of your life,” as a kind of comment on the fact that the initiate’s former self and life had to be totally abandoned. His drug rehabilitation rates were very high – it was the first private institution to actually cure heroin addiction – largely as a result of one particularly effective tactic.

The center piece of Dederich’s drug rehabilitation program was a confrontational technique he called “The Game,” which involved hurling insults and profanity at an individual, and picking apart every aspect of their being until they felt totally worthless and unable to resist. Hence the insults directed at Gloria in the Philip K. Dick quote, but in an actual focused “game” session a “Synanist,” or experienced former addict, would lead an all-out group assault on the person. The technique, which could last for days or weeks, eventually led to an emotional breakdown and complete psychological exhaustion in which the person disavowed their former selves and ways completely. Once the former self has been rejected the group can work to “build up a new personality not drug oriented.” This kind of intense and prolonged assault had much in common with some of the “psychic driving” techniques employed by Doctor Ewen Cameron in his ghoulish MK Ultra experiments conducted in Canada.

“The Game” was recognized by Dederich and others as a form of highly effective brainwashing. Its ability to break down drug addicts and reshape them garnered Synanon the attention and financial support of Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood stars, and an endorsement from LSD guru Tim Leary. Eventually Synanon expanded its focus to include prostitutes and other troubled personalities, and courts began sending Synanon young offenders to reform. Prostitutes were subjected to intense shaming, some had their hair shaved, and were made to admit their “wretched lives,” which of course tended to throw them into complete emotional breakdowns, after which it was all love, group hugs and promises that today was indeed the first day of a brand new life.  Synanon graduates became so dedicated that they eventually began giving up their outside lives and living with the group full time, and formed radical recruitment teams to seek out and bring in new members. The hair shaving technique became a common practise used on all troublesome members, thus society at large began associating followers with shaved heads and confusing them with religious cults such as the Hare Krishnas. Synanon’s success resulted in countless cult-like copycat rehab organizations that used the same “game” tactics, including another well-known group named Straight Inc.

Straight Inc. was founded by a good friend of the Bush family, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy Melvin (Mel) Sembler. After creating Straight, Sembler also created several spin-off groups, all modelled loosely on Synanon’s tactics (The Seed was one of those spin-offs). Sembler, interestingly enough, was friends with Robert Pritzker and sat with him on the board of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research – the Pritzker family has been heavily involved in funding transgender activism today, particularly via Jennifer (formerly James) Pritzker. More recently Sembler was appointed vice chairman of the Trump Victory Committee and remains one of the most influential men in Washington.

Straight became almost as popular as Synanon and was endorsed by former Drug Czar (for Richard Nixon) Robert L. DuPont and later by Nancy Reagan, who made regular high profile visits to Straight offices. Dupont oversaw a federal grant of almost two million dollars to start Sembler’s spin-off group The Seed. In conjunction with CIA subcontractor and mind control specialist Ruth Fox, Straight expanded and refined Synanon’s “Game” by creating something they called “Rap Groups,” which were comprised of nothing but peer group members, all graduates, who were all of the same age and would be locked in a room with new members all day. The “Rap Group” would also bombard the person with insults and questions designed to totally break them down. They called this tactic “tough love,” which has been in the popular lexicon ever since. The Straight operators discovered that age-specific peer pressure was more effective than just the general group pressure Synanon used. Fox stated that the goal was to change behavior in such a way that addictive personalities would become addicted to people (the group) instead of drugs.

The average age of Straight recruits was 17, with members as young as 12 and 13. The “therapy” thus was conducted initially almost exclusively by teens who were schooled in emotional bullying techniques, with the smartest and most effective leading. Both Straight and Synanon were eventually forced to close their doors due to allegations of abuse of members and violence against opponents, which led to crippling lawsuits; although Straight would be reborn in the guise of the Drug Free America Foundation (still operating, and which, coincidentally, gets much of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry that is also funding and supporting transgender research and activism).

The Transgender “Game” and those that support it.

Whether it is deliberate or not Synanon’s “Game” can be seen at work both directly and indirectly in the more extreme elements of the transgender community. For those familiar with the trans community, they will know that the vast majority of trans identified people fall under the category of “fragile, emotionally vulnerable, and confused.” I have certainly observed this in my many years in the community, and younger trans suffer from the same personality traits. Thus a young de-transitioning woman I communicated with (@gnc_centric on Twitter) told me that among the young trans she has known, almost every one “had depression and/or anxiety. A significant number of them also seem to have PTSD or BPD too.” We are thus dealing with troubled minds.

Many, perhaps most, young trans are social outcasts, as I myself was when I was young. As social outcasts, many of these individuals have been subjected to non-stop insults and profanity from their peers in their daily lives (in some cases for years), thus that part of the transgender “Game” has already been completed by proxy. Transgender leaders and activists can thus just parachute into the lives of these troubled, wounded minds and start rebuilding them with their new “trans identity,” and they tend to become as dedicated to the trans cult as any Synanon member ever was. Although it should be noted that with all of the non-stop propaganda and pro-trans coverage in the media and Hollywood, “parachuting in” is not even required, because brainwashing and suggestion are constantly being broadcast on almost every TV channel. The rebuilding of the personality thus can be done by a form of electronic correspondence, without ever coming into physical contact with an actual recruiter. The use of incredibly slick multi-media presentations, the likes of which Dederich et al. could only dream of, makes this kind of programming even more effective.

It should be noted that some people have personalities that make it quite possible for them to “Game” themselves without any outside intervention needed. Some people are obsessively self-critical. When I was young nobody was harder on me than I was on myself. My experiences with female born transgenders (FBT) has suggested girls that do not fit the “Barbie Doll” image of femininity are highly prone to attacking themselves in this way. In these cases outside intervention is not necessary to break down the ego, the person has already attacked and broken down their own sense of worth. Synanon expert Paul Morantz spoke to this in his essay “The Devil and John Walker”: “Those who already had a negative self-image or identity confusion, plus inclinations toward all-or-nothing emotional alignments, were most susceptible [to the influence of cult brainwashing]. And the most vulnerable, often, were teens and young adults whose identities were still taking shape, who were still idealistic and emotionally polarized, and who were dissatisfied with” society at large. All of these characteristics of course are ubiquitous in trans identified individuals.

While much of the gaming has been performed either externally by society at large or internally by the individuals attacking themselves, there are also what appears to be more overt attempts at using Game-like tactics, specifically against opposition from less radical elements in the community. When I, as a transgender person opposed to child indoctrination and the destruction of women’s safe spaces and programs, began speaking out, I was immediately attacked quite viciously by numerous trans activists, who engaged either knowingly or unknowingly in a textbook example of “The Game”. They hurled non-stop insults at me, insulted every aspect of my appearance and identity. They said I was fake, pathetic, just a dirty old man, and pounded me relentlessly with one personal insult after another – classic gaming. When it became clear to them they had finally upset me emotionally and that I did not appear to be resisting anymore, they then suddenly changed tone and assured me that if I just came to a realization that I was wrong and they were right, that I too could be a real, beautiful, genuine trans and we could all triumph against trans oppression together. This latter stage of rebuilding is standard in Synanon-styled behavior modifying cults. It was when they began rebuilding me after tearing me down, that I realized that I was in fact being “gamed” by these people. When my tone changed, the insults came at me fast and furious again. This type of temporary break-through was common in Synanon when “gaming” somebody. A person might initially be broken down but then get a second wind of defiance and reassert themselves. Thus many days or weeks of gaming attacks and surrenders might be necessary to finally break a particular individual down.

Whereas Synanon would break down the recruit and then “build up a new personality not drug oriented,” trans activists break down potential recruits and then “build up a new personality not traditionally gender (or what they call “cis gender”) oriented.”

Miranda Yardley is a transsexual male who has been researching and critiquing radical trans activism for several years now, and is probably one of the foremost experts on the topic. In a private communication Miranda noted:

There are [clearly] aspects of cultish behavior [in modern trans activism]. There are some core tenets which everyone is required to believe, for example, that gender identity is innate and takes precedence over biological sex, and that “trans women are [real] women”. It has its own language or redefines existing language to suit its purpose, generally emptying established words like “woman” and even “transgender” of meaning. Those who break the key rules are punished severely, excommunicated. There is no debate, no discussion of ideas. Heretics and critics are dehumanized, branded “TERF” and “transphobe” with little consideration to what these words actually mean.

Yardley’s observation on the brutalization of language is important here and worth an essay on its own. In his book Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Ralston Martin observed a similar attack on language by Christian cults; Martin noted it seemed as if there was a deliberate attempt to confuse language and rewrite the meaning of words, making communication either difficult or impossible. If you can distort language you can distort reality itself. As propaganda expert and journalist Stella Morabito has observed, the current trans propaganda “requires more than ever that the bystander reject physical reality in order to accommodate ever-shifting perceptions of others. This is huge.  It … require[s] us to reject our own physical reality and question our own ‘gender identity.’”

 Trans activism today is largely connected and organized via various online social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Ken Zucker, head of the Gender Identity Service at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on gender identity issues in children and adolescents, has said “The No. 1 factor [driving the current transgender explosion] is the Internet.” “If you’re struggling to find out where you fit, the Internet is filled with things about gender dysphoria.” The internet has become the primary engine for non-clinical programming of confused young minds, not just via mind warping gender politics, but also via exposure to new and increasingly debauched “tranny pornography.”  The “Gender Identity Clinics” are a new phenomenon that are busy indoctrinating and conditioning children as young as three, thus we can expect a totally new and totally different generation of trans to emerge in the near future, all chemically dependent for life, all likely to seek out surgery to alter their bodies, and all likely to be all-in members of the radical trans cult."

While Synanon utilized a brainwashing technique called the “Think Table” in which daily messages and support would be broadcast each morning to the breakfast table (People’s Temple founder Jim Jones used a similar system), social media sites now serve as a kind of “Think Table” for trans activism, broadcasting daily brainwashing messages from trans extremists such as Riley J. Dennis and Zinnia Jones, who spew non-sense about how sexual orientation and preference are really just thinly disguised transphobia. Trans dogma that suggests men are “real women,” that a man’s penis can actually be a female sex organ if he believes it to be, and similar nonsense is being apologized for and even parroted by politicians and academics (although I suspect many politicians and academics supporting this are well aware of its absurdity; they are not idiots).

Dr. Robert Lifton, an expert on brainwashing and author of The Nazi Doctors, noted that all cult behavior modification and indoctrination systems involve an “excessive emotional experience demanding total self surrender.” Taking the “candidate” to the point of “total self surrender” was found to be a prerequisite of all effective brainwashing, and in this sense pre-trans youths are already blank slates awaiting a new identity, because there can be no greater a rejection of self than to reject one’s own body and biological self.

 As the cult model would predict, we can see transgender activists encouraging youths to break away from their families if they are not supportive of their new transgender identity. A good example of this can be found in the guise of Charleston College philosophy professor Rachel McKinnon (4thWaveNow has chronicled McKinnon’s antics). McKinnon was born male, is still male (sex change is not possible; even genital surgery does not change sex), but dresses and expresses in a feminine way, much like the author of this essay. Nevertheless, McKinnon released a video on Mothers Day of all days, encouraging kids to walk away from unsupportive mothers. “I want you to know,” McKinnon said to kids watching, “that’s it’s ok to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful or even abusive parents.” You will note here that the first reason to walk away is not “abusive” parents (which is last on the list of reasons), but parents that are merely “unsupportive” of their desire to transition. From a propaganda perspective the order of the words is very important. McKinnon went on to say, “it’s ok to walk away … and I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your glitter family. Your queer family” (video here). This is a classic cult tactic and it is highly unlikely a professor of philosophy would not know that, thus one must be extraordinarily suspicious of McKinnon’s motives.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing attempts to undermine families can be seen in a slick video produced by LGBT in the City, a multi-media organization that produces talk shows and videos related to LGBT issues and is sponsored by such monster corporations as Telus and TD Bank. To say LGBT in the City has a hedonistic focus would be a grotesque understatement and it might be argued that at least one of their videos encourages the sexualization of children, specifically in the form of an eight year old boy mockingly named “Lactacia.”

In a slick video released on Facebook with over one million views so far, a hyper-feminized/sexualized 8 year old boy (who some have compared to a drag version of JonBenét Ramsey) is featured partying in a hypersexual adult LGBT environment and telling kids watching that if their parents or friends do not support their desire to be drag (or trans), they need to get new parents and friends. Professional quality video and editing made this call to young children to the queer lifestyle all the more appealing. As “Lactatia” speaks to his peers, while an all too happy host leers, bold text leaps out at the viewer saying “YOU NEED NEW PARENTS! YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS!” You too can be a drag queen or transgender superstar and perhaps head out on the town to party with the wild LGBT boys and “Lactatia.” If your parents won’t get on board, they can simply be replaced with a new “glitter family.”

 More disturbingly, what we see in extreme transgender activism is what in previous generations would have been considered unthinkable: modern social outcasts, instead of being turned into the government and pop culture-abhorring Goths or punk rockers of the past, are instead now being repurposed to actually support official government lines and agendas regarding gender, the breakdown of families, and the erasure of sexual distinctions and associated protections. The aggression of the outcasts, which used to be turned against the state, is now being turned against enemies of the state and anybody that opposes its new reality warping transgender theories and laws. Trans-cultists are quickly beginning to resemble the brainwashed children in George Orwell’s 1984.

As mentioned earlier, it would be easy to laugh this stuff off if it were not for the fact that government, Hollywood, mainstream media, and almost every institution of power is promoting this insanity. This fact should be a red flag for everybody. Why, when trans persons comprise such a tiny minority, is there such a sudden and urgent rush across most of the Western world to push the trans agenda?

At a macro-level, if we assume the “masters of mankind” (as Noam Chomsky has called elite political figures), are trying to create a brainwashed totalitarian state, it would need to work to cause general chaos. “We need chaos before things can get better,” said Joseph Goebbels about the confusion reigning in Germany following World War I. “The dollar is climbing like an acrobat. I’m secretly delighted.” What Goebbels was hoping for, the betterment he expected, was the creation of a murderous control state the likes of which the world had never seen. Fascists have always sought to control the interpretation of reality, and the break down of social structures facilitates that. Thus anti-authoritarian scholar Hannah Arendt, commenting on the seizure of power by megalomaniacal leaders, wrote:

"Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of the man who can fabricate it."






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